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Free, unbiased, public information on translation agencies is hard to come by nowadays. Here are links to reports written by independent and professional translators who have dealt with these translation companies, gathered all over the Internet. This will hopefully contribute to simplifying this search and make you save a bit of time. The aim behind this is also to publicly name and shame those unwanted and unethical business practises which are threatening our profession.
This free blacklist is public and visible to everyone but addressed specifically to both translators and translation buyers, and it focuses on more than 200 translation agencies or brokers with poor practices. It is subject to changes and you can subscribe to this blog by e-mail/google+ to view the regular updates.
To access a list of scammers (CV theft and translators' impersonation) please visit this excellent website, now maintained by the Translator Scammers Intelligence Group:
The opinions expressed here are my own and those of fellow translators. If you wish to add yours, please provide documentation (emails) to back up your allegations. I will not be held responsible for other persons opinions. If your organisation is listed here please contact me with evidence that the situation has been solved and I will take off your name. Please note that in order to access some of the links you might need to sign in to LinkedIn.

The author and publisher of the above mentioned site make no warranties of any kind with regard to the accuracy of the site content and accept no liability of any kind including but not limited to performance, fitness for any particular purpose, or any losses or damages of any kind caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the use of or inability to use this list. No liability will be accepted by the author and publisher of the site for the way in which subscribers or other entities interpret and/or use the site's content. This work is the property of and cannot be reproduced or modified without permission from the authors.

Who qualifies as a translation agency?
> Anyone employing translators for profit.
Who qualifies for this list?
> Any agency paying unfair retribution, failing to pay, mistreating translators, using bad practices and spreading misconceptions threatening the profession.
What is an unfair retribution/low rate ?
> Freelancers should be able to decide of their own rates since they are not employees. A very low rate is anything under 5 or 6 cents for a regular text and for something a bit specialised, this is clearly unacceptable. A minimum rate for someone living in Europe should be 0.10 euro or 0.12 dollars per word. In reality it is difficult to obtain that rate from most agencies (looks like it is more likely to be comprised between 6 and 9 eurocents per word), so only agencies offering under 6 cents are listed here.
The idea of a price per word is absurd in itself but exists because it simplifies the transactions and contributes to spread the misconception that translations are commodities. All the companies blacklisted here offer way less than 10 cents per word, and make great margins adding no value whatsoever to the translations they sell. They prosper and get away with anything including, for some of them, horrendous communication skills to say the least;)
These practises are truly disgraceful, but they will not disappear as long as translators continue to accept them and put themselves in a victim position. Good translators should be more conscious of their value and bad ones should not be allowed in this business in the first place. Buyers should also be aware that paying an agency about 10 cent per word means the translators are not getting paid enough and will rush through the translation. The result will often be useless and embarrassing for the buyer's company.
God knows how language brokers with horrific reputation such as TransPerfect, The Big Word, Red Bee, Travod and such STILL manage to prosper in this industry. I guess the explanation has been lost in translation. I suggest this article about the importance for newcomers of staying away from "the big guys".


345 companies I wouldn't work for

Last update : 7/4/2015

New additions this week:

Gengo, Andovar, Translation Deals, Presto, Loquo, Words Voice, TTG

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2B Translated, Belgium - Non-payers

"I've seen your website and I think it can be very useful! Thanks for making it!
I would like to ask you to add translation agency "2B Translated" (Belgium). Be aware they (afterwards) say they have big cash flow problems but they still employ freelance translators!!! Be aware!!! They owe me about 4000 euro!
Please don't work for them because you'll never see your money.
Thanks for taking this message in account."
(Celine M, email 04/12/13) (insulting rates + CV theft + scammers network)

Please  note that this is NOT or, based in Hamburg
Read reports on LinkedIn
Type of emails sent out by their PMs:
"Dear XXX,
I am Reham from 24 Translate Agency, I hope you are well and available for my offer. Please confirm availability to translate and send the attached with in 15 hours.
Rate 0.02 USD/SW.
Language: EN-DE
Programme: Trados
Unique Words: 4879 (100 %)
Repetitions: 7776 (10 %) Format: Clean/Unclean files+TM NOTE: THE FIRST 3500 WORDS are ready Please confirm you can do this.
Many thanks in advance, Reham"
"About 24 Translate Agency / Reham (in fact, Reham Abu Ghali): besides their insulting rates, these people belong to the Language Met / Translation Secrets / MuchDo scamming ring, which base their "operation" on the stealing and hijacking to translators CVs. More info on my TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS DIRECTORY (see Note 52):"

AAT (see ASCO below)



A Propos, France (Non payers)

Email 11/06/14
"They don’t answer my emails to pay me for a project! Name of contact person/ Gaetan Chretiennot et Delphine Lemonnier. I did a translation for À Propos last April and they were happy with the result. It was an urgent project and I did it without problems. However, I didn’t work for them anymore and once I sent my invoice, they didn’t answer me at all. The most impressive is that it’s a tiny amount of money in comparison with my regular projects." G.S.
A propos Langues SARL
Parc d’innovation – Bâtiment Euclide
Jean Sapidus Street
F-67400 Strasbourg-Illkirch
Tel. : +33 (0)3 88 79 89 00 E-mail:



A & B Servizi Linguistici Srl Padova, Italy

"AVVERTENZA!ATTENZIONE! Questi non pagano i loro traduttori. In sospeso dall'anno scorso una mia ricevuta per oltre €250..NON LAVORATE PER LORO. Non appena capiscono che devono pagare affidano il lavoro al prossimo e così via. Sono bannati anche da PROZ.
Sorry guys, I'd like to warn you about this company. They paid one invoice of €200 (a series of many jobs) two years ago and I stupidly went on to do more adding up to €280 which I have not been paid for. I have been waiting a year now. Banned from Proz from posting jobs they are serial offenders by not paying they then go on assigning jobs to naive new translators. That's a lot of work for free."


ABCTRAD, Germany (non-payer)

Multiple non payment records on Proz' Blue Board.
WPPF, 7608: non payment case
Their address:
ABCTRAD Technisches Übersetzungsbüro
Kirchplatz 22, 35447 Reiskirchen



ABC translations Russia - Unprofessional, poor practices  

Not to be confused with ABC Language Solutions Inc.,  Vancouver, nor with ABC translations based in the UK
"Last week (in a weak moment) I accepted a project from this agency without checking them first. Big mistake. It was quite a large project to do in a couple of days, so I only accepted to do half of it as I thought the delivery time was too tight. On Monday morning the PM calls me and says that the other translator didn't do the job and does not reply to calls or e-mails. Unfortunately, I had not yet done my homework and foolishly accepted to do a few more files, but not all of them. The PM wanted me to do 3500-4000 words in 3 hours. I'm not capable to do that in just 3 hours. So I picked a few files, which I knew I could handle within the given time frame. The PM called me many times and tried to push me to work faster. He even asked me to have the remainder of the project ready in half an hour!!"
Read rest of report : ABC-translations, Russia

Email 24/02/14:
"Just wanted to report to you my experience of ABC Translation in Russia:
Appallingly rude man named Ivan harassed me by telephone (home and mobile) and then skype, to do a translation of 3700 words.  I should have checked them out, but didn’t, lesson learned there.  I started the work, and within 24 hours, rude Ivan was again phoning and phoning to find out how it was going.  At that point I was near the end so thought I would be able to get rid of him soon.  Submitted job on Friday night, and then had him again phoning and emailing asking me to go online, he wanted another urgent job done very quickly.  It was a Saturday, I wasn’t pleased as I had plans but I accepted and changed my plans and submitted later that day.  Soon after he started the ridiculous phone calls, and emails, accusing me of not doing it properly, machine translation etc etc.  I was upset, I had bent over backwards to please this man and this was how I was repaid.  The next morning I googled his agency and found all the reviews, that he is banned from a number of sites for non-payment etc.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to pay me." (Debbie M.)

Email 14/10/14: "Hi, I am emailing about ABC Translation Russia, unfortunately didn't read the reviews on your site previously :-(

I have just send an invoice to the ABC translations for the jobe done 45 days ago, and also would like to share that I also had stressful experience with Ivan, same as the persons writing here. Such as phone calls, skype email's and similar in no time, at night or early morning , and just wanted to write that they are NOT AT ALL professional, hope to get payed as i have made 3 translations until moment. Will see " (Ivona Trifunov) (Payment issues)

Bad Payer



Able Translations Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada (Late payer)

Email 28/10/14 
The firm was very slow to pay my invoices (up to 5 months), but it has now finally paid everything - only after I had threatened to contact its clients and after my professional association (ATIO) sent them a letter. In the beginning (after 3 months), the firm almost never replied to my reminders by telephone and email, and then they named several payment dates which were not kept. My biggest concern was that the company might go out of business and I would lose everything (they owed me quite a large amount). 

Peter Hessel

"Hello. I would like to draw your attention to a non-paying interpretation and translation agency, Able Translations
I did interpretation assignments for them from September to December 2014 and haven't been paid yet.
Here is a review I added on another site. Please find it here:
My review is entitled: Fraud Company Ripping Off...
I can provide more details if requested.

Thank you
Nadia El Sherbini


Abroadlink, Granada, Spain (late payment after 3!!! months)



AccessOnTime, Florida, USA (non payers)




Accordium associates (non-payer)

"Dear colleagues, 
This February I performed several translation jobs for Accordium Associates Oy and its owner, Denis Bullat ( The amount was not so big - only $40, however the company didn't pay me at all. I was surprised a bit but as I had positive experience of collaboration with them I decided to wait. However, the payment was not received neither this spring nor this summer. I started emailing Denis wondering when I can get my money and heard common excuses that they lost their database "and please send us your records so we could pay you". This was done and I was promised to be paid next week, then in a couple of days, and then my emails and skype messages were ignored.
I'm writing this to warn all of you about working with this company!
See LinkedIn report, USA (non-payer)

Email 23/10/14: 
Hi, my name is Irina and I would like to add a US-based translation company to your black list.

I have been working for this company as a freelance translator for several years and they have always paid when the amount was small for a short translation.

But the last 2 translations were long and the amounts were larger. Well, I managed to pull out my payment from them for the first translation in 2 months after I submitted it, but I still can't pull it out for my second translation. I provided it back in June, 2014 and no matter how many times I called them or sent them the messages with my invoice and the request first and now demand to pay, they never did it. Please blacklist them, please. Their name is Accuworld Translation."

Ad Hoc Translations, Denmark (low standards and non-payer)

Sender: S. Agarwal 22-07-2014 09:06
"This company AdHoc Translations from Denmark rushed us to deliver the translation of 150,000 words in 8 days at very low price (0.027 E per word, TE). They asked to make daily partial deliveries to check quality on daily basis. Once we completed all daily deliveries and full translation, they refused to pay EURO 4187.48 by making petty false accusation and unsubstantiated statements to use it as excuse not to pay."



AD-CON- München (non payer)

10/10/14 :
"This Company owes me since June last year almost $2,000.00.
their excuse the bank details were wrong, bank never changed still the same as 5 years ago, they got several times the information sent over and over again.
Get invoiced every two weeks but simply ignores me.
I am looking for an Attorney in München who can go after them even if I pay the Attorney all money owed to me."


Ad Litteram (Irvin Brown, Sarah Thiry)- Belgium (Non-payers, scammers!!)

Email from a translator (Oct 2013):
"Agree with high rates for tight deadlines but at the end of story the don't pay. I had to go to my lawyer and just before it went for the judge, they have paid. I have heard from other translators they had the same problem. I have done three big projects for them (in total around 2000 euro). It was about construction, everything what I proposed was OK (0,09€/source word for very technical construction part). But after several mails and promises for paying, they didn't answer any more so my lawyer has taken them to court and just before the trial they paid."
Email (09/05/2014): 
Just to mention that all translators must avoid working with Ad Litteram (contact person: Irvin Brown). He is very nice at the beginning, proposing you several translation jobs but when it comes to paying, he simply does not answer anymore! I sent my invoice end of February with a delay of 30 days. At the beginning of April, not seeing the paiement, I sent him a email. He answered that his accountant has made a mistake in the date. Until now and after several emails, I have not yet received my paiement and no answer to my email."
Email (17/09/14):
"I accepted a very tight deadline from this agency, from Irwin Brown and his colleague, Sarah Thiry and I made a big effort to get the job done on time for them. I submitted my invoice in May and when I asked for payment in August, they told me it would be settled that afternoon. That was a month ago (August) and since then they have not answered a single one of my emails. I am intending to take them to the small claims court in Belgium to try and get payment. Really shameful behaviour."
Email (28/10/14):
"These people just live a grand life on our backs (as you can see for yourself on Facebook). They did not even bother to pay a job of 550 euro I did for them. I hired a lawyer, but even a court order did not get me anywhere as the bailiff never finds anyone present at their fictitious business address! This malpractice has been going on for years now, as I found out only later in old translators’ group on Yahoo."
Met vriendelijke groeten.

Agencia GMCA, Barcelona, Spain

"I want to add a translation agency in Barcelona : AGENCIA GMCA, the man is called Mauricio Fuertes ( He asked me a short translation but he didn't pay me and never answered my e-mails. Others translators had the same bad experience."



Akademia kwk, Gerol (late?non? payer)

"Hello, above mentioned agency owes me more than 200 euro..
They also say they would pay soon but never do so.
I think, I will ahve to give this case to my lawyer." source: WPPF

All Languages Ltd, Canada (false allegations in order not to pay some translator)

"Hi, the following outsourcer has broken our agreement and has not paid me on time:
All Languages LTD (
Best regards,"
Dear Nataly, well done for your efforts in exposing them, it is pretty clear to me that they are in the wrong. They recruited you, tested you extensively (8 assignements) therefore they have to pay you no matter what. Also, they need to back up their allegations with proof: expenses "fixing" your mistakes, proof of all the fixing work. Without proof, their argument is not valid.
Proz should investigate this. It should not force you to give a 1 either. Best strategy now is to find other translators victims of this company and sue them. Good luck.
TE Blog

Alba produzioni, Italy (non-payers)

Email 10/12/14 
"ALBA PRODUZIONI in Rome, Italy do not pay their translators.
I am chasing up a 2,000 euro job done this summer.
They also owe 40,000 euros to a subtitle company in Rome.
They claim to have gone bust but they are filming in the USA.
These are the people who I dealt with Sandro Frezza, Sandra Cristofanilli, Rosanna Seregni, Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
who have sinced disappeared.

These are their details:

ALBA PRODUZIONI srl Via degli Olmetti, 46 00060 Formello (RM) Tel.: +39 06.45428920 Fax: +39 06.45428927


Alpha CRC Ltd  Cambridge, UK (non-payers)

    "It is like trying to squeeze milk from stone to squeeze payment out of Alpha CRC. That was at least my experience three years ago when I stopped working with them because at the time there were three months worth of heavy work overdue and they shamelessly told me they were short of cash and would maybe pay me in two months' time. And then they didn't until I contacted a person on the top level and told him I would very soon tell the whole internet about their payment practices. Needless to say, they have only once contacted me since, but that contact (request to work on a small file) was withdrawn an hour later, after I had asked the PM if it had really been his intention to contact me for this job, or if it had been a slip of a finger when choosing email address. I was a little sad, because they had very interesting jobs to offer, and quite good rates too. But it is not enough to have good rates if the practice is to pay very late or not to pay."


Alpha Translation based in Melbourne, Florida (unprofessional practices, no contact details)

15/11/2013: "I would also like to add The Transcription Agency based in Hythe, Kent U.K. as unprofessional opportunists who are hiding behind anonymity, prey on misunderstandings and become incommunicado when you pin them down. Another unprofessional agency is Alpha Translation based in Melbourne, Florida. I've noticed they changed their website since I had dealings with them and they do not provide contact details. Congratulations on your efforts."


ALS (UK) based in Birmingham, now Convocco

Unpaid translators angry as owner of firm which went bust sets up new linguistic firm

"Angry translators have hit out after being left out of pocket when a Birmingham business went bust - only to see the firm's director set up another translation firm. They are furious that ALS (UK) director Hayder Al-Ani bought..." See discussion


Andovar (long unpaid tests (jobs?))

Even though there is nothing illegal about that, it gives a pretty good idea of how they treat their translators. 2 things that should be a golden rule for tests: - Either they pay you and can get a deadline, - or  they don't and cannot ask for more than 300 words free of charge. Apply this rule and your issues are over...

In this case Andovar asks for too much (more than 1000w) and a deadline on top, which is a good hint that they are bypassing the good business practises and perhaps using the translation. They might be charging the end client for it too. Beware!! 

PS: asking for free tests is not a crime, but accepting them is!

Email 09/03/15: "Thank you so much for creating a black list for translation agencies.   I applied for translation jobs via craglist and I received several feedback that asked me to do translation test.  I finished the first test which took me a few hours and the agency emailed me back says good job and nothing else.  Lately, I received another translation test from the agency below, it seems to me that they are just asking me to do translation for free but call it test.  Do you know if this agency if legit?  I just don't want to do work for free.

Cereinya Saensit from asked me to translate more than 1000 words for free and proofread for them additional 1000 words.  According to your advice, I think it is probably worthwhile to put them on the blacklist too."
Thank you

You have been selected to submit a sample test in consideration for a high-volume translation and machine-translation post editing project for travel website. Your test will be evaluated by our client, and our client will select the linguists they prefer for the work. Applicants who pass the test will receive work from Andovar.

Test is now available online at the link:    

Test Submission Deadline:   Monday, 9th March by 5.00 p.m. (your local time)

Ansh Intertrade, India

Email 30/04/14:

Read this thread at Translation Directory to get the picture:
This company bids for jobs from Europe and the USA and then tries to find European or American translators for less than 0.04 USD per word (although they advertise that the rate is higher - not very honest, eh?).
Take a look at the translations on their website. To be honest, the quality is worse than Google Translate!!!
Note that this company only deals with translation companies and not direct clients. For example, a European company outsources a project to India, then the Indian company tries to re-outsource the work back to Europe at ridiculous rates (probably because professional Indians refuse to accept such rates).
As an outsourcer for a translation agency, I once sent a translation test to the top ten  Indian translation agencies that advertise on the TC website. The results were worse than Google translate!
If a translation agency wants to be a cheapskate, then it is far better for them to hire local students than outsource the work to India. "


Appen Butler Hill (very low rates, hire amateurs instead of translators)

Appen Butler Hill: are their rates always this low?


Appletrans/APPLENCOMPANY Co., Ltd/

"Beware of this agency: They stopped answering emails when I asked why they are not paying." Click here to read the rest on this report., location unknown (bad rates)


We are pleased to announce a new translation project, now open for quoting at Aquarius:
Subject: EN<>French_Technical_Translation_0.04$
Source language: French
Target language: English
They also say that they have recently received a lot of scammers with fake CVs they had to ban. Hem. I wonder why that is. Perhaps because the website screams "fast and cheap translation services, serious folks go away, we pay peanuts here."


Araxi traductions, France (non-payers!)

Translator's report: "Thank you. I would add Another black agency: Araxi Traductions. It is based in France, but their phone number is fake and they didn't pay me for a translation."
I confirm position of ARAXI TRADUCTIONS - FRANCE. They owe me almost € 1600 and have totally disappeared from the internet! I am presently asking a lawyer to get information about them...
VTM TRADUCE di Valeria Maria Tafel - Pisa (Italy)
Hello dear colleagues (un)fortunately I'm not the only translator in that case: Araxi owes me almost 1,800€, Valeria you summarized it all... Do they still exist... I'm still sending emails almost everyday and posting bad comments and complaints on every useful website. Thinking of getting a lawyer too but I've never done this before, if you have any advice, we could help each other maybe! All the best. Eva Delacoute



AAT/ASCO International (Unprofessional and disrespectful)

Read report here

Email 15/01/2015

"Good morning!

I first want to thank you for the service you're providing with this list. I've just learned a lesson about its reliability. I also want to provide additional support for a previous entry previously about a specific agency.

Yesterday I was contacted by AAT (which also trades as ASCO) seeking information about my services. I researched the company, and did find the entry on your list - but decided to take the time to reply and provide them with my rates/full CV. The response was a curt little message that simply said "Sorry but we get cheaper offers."

Nice. I admit that I poked the bear in the cage, and wrote back "I'm sure you do. I hope that the quality you get is commensurate with your cheap rates." Which wasn't the nicest thing to do, but I was annoyed.

I received the predictable defensive reply. I suggested that while it's perfectly ok to politely decline someone's services based on price, courtesy among professionals is much appreciated.

In his reply, he invoked the doctrine of lese majesty - to justify his rudeness? Not sure... maybe because I'm not royalty, it was OK to be impolite to me? Regardless, this guy is a pompous jerk. Any translator who doesn't want to be treated like a servant shouldn't bother with these agencies.





ATP Lingua E.U., located in Graz., Austria 

or ATP Herfort, Christine Herfort, Austria (non payer) 

I have been working with this highly dramatic person for about 3 months now. Her first invoice was due on March 30 and she supposedly paid on April 2, via bank transfer. To date, the money has not arrived in my account. As she owes me a total of close to $ 4000 and is responding very irrationally (upset) about my requests to provide details/assistance with the payment (even transfers from India get to my account based on the same instructions within 3 business days). It has now been 5 business days and the money is still nowhere in sight. 

Do you have any experiences with this company? I urgently need her payment to pay bills and have no time for her super emotional behavior (same with orders - extreme demands, but no cooperation on her part). I have all of my other clients "trained" to use paypal as this gives me control over their payment behavior and is much faster, but she insists on using old fashioned bank transfers for "security reasons."



AXXIA (Fraudulent company, non-payers)

2500 City W Blvd #2400 Houston, Texas USA
To read reports : Ripoff Report Other reports


Banu translators, India (Low rates)

Check this thread : Banu translators 


Barinas Translation


BASARI Language Services, Istanbul, Turkey (Late payers)

"Today, December 24th, the invoice is still unpaid.
I was used to working with them approx. once a year. Never met such problems.
I'll never understand why some companies make it so hard for translators to be paid when so small amounts are involved. Don't they realize that this is even more deleterious for their reputation than paying late a big amount?
Who can trust a business who cannot even pay €60??
"To be fair, let me add that today, Wednesday December 26th, I received the full payment of my invoice from Basari- via PayPal -, i.e. 68 days post-invoice date and 38 days overdue.
A coincidence, isn't it?!! :-) "
Read more on LinkedIn


Batitercume (lowest bottom feeder, 0.005 USD per word)

Translator's email: "Hi, here is another company sending translators extremely low-paying "offers" which should be added to your list of low-rate companies. They are most likely sending all translators on with English listed as their native language this anonymous message. My profile doesn't say that I work with Turkish to English translations.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bahar Demirci [] 
Sent: November-01-13 11:58 AM
To: Member
Subject: About Proofreading Services

"Dear English Native Speaker Colleague,
We are running a translation Office in Ankara / Turkey and we need a proofreader for already translated files from Turkish by a English Native Speaker. The files are mostly  “Academic Articles, Essays, Thesis, Dissertations…”
We are ready to pay 1 USD per each 200 words which is the standard rate in Turkey for proofreading. And the payment will be prompt, to your PayPal account given to me.  
If you are interested about the offer can you please write me an email  explaining your education and past experiences regarding to this job.
Thank you very much. 
Best Regards,
Batı Tercüme Dil Hizmetleri
Dr. Mediha Eldem Sk.
No: 55/2, Kızılay / Ankara
Tel: (0312) 430 61 33
Faks: (0312) 430 61 33
GSM: +90 555 222 85 58
Çankaya VD, No: 7170211165
This message was sent to you via the directory.
Sender: Bahar Demirci



Belazaruze (Leila), non-payer: see Sare translations


Ben's World / Europa dubbing subtitles (disrespectful, unprofessional, low rates)

From WPPF:
"Dear all,
I've been working for this company since two years, and i did provide them a good quality service, but always they wait 3 to 4months to pay, and when the payment is over due, they start making up excuses, lying about many things, finding strange errors, sometimes they sent me scripts that were having errors made by them...
Other times they made me cancel a translation project we worked in for 3days, and of course they didn't pay for the work done, but i said ok,...
Now again after we past their sample test for the second time, we translated 11 films, and after two months when i reminded them the payment, they complained about 2 scripts, without showing any details or corrections made, we still deducted the two scripts from the payment, and we emailed them many times, we sent them plenty of reminders,
The manager keeps insulting me in everyway, and he doesn't respect me at all, and now he didn't pay, and said to me three days ago, he can pay anytime he feels like paying... He's so bossy and rude...
I'm still waiting, and i gave him my last warning, but he doesn't seem to care much about it. Thank you"



BEOIMPIGRA or IMPIGRA, Serbia (non-payer)

"I would like to add BEOIMPIGRA or IMPIGRA owned by Svetlana Vraneš from Serbia - a major non-payer (owes many sworn translators thousands of Euros) - I have been contacted by some of the mentioned agencies, but, fortunately, saw their rating as non-payers and refused to work with them. I can heartily advise all colleagues to accept the practice of checking all new job offers against such lists & directories before accepting any jobs - not to be afraid that they'll loose it for a bit later reply. However, be careful with auto-refusal: not all the listed are scammers or non-payers - some of them just offer lower rates which they pay regularly (though a bit later, sometimes)."



Biag Group (Low rates)

"I've had an email approach (via Proz) from Biag Group ( recently, offering US$0.04 per word. They didn't ask for a sample translation or anything, and at least were up-front with what they proposed to pay, but it's still a ridiculously low rate." Excerpt from a discussion on LinkedIn


TheBigWord, UK  (very unprofessional, poor reputation, low rates and put pressure on translators to lower prices)

Reason number 1 not to work for them, they are blatant liars who say one thing to someone and another to others, without even supposing people are just as moronic as they are and will never connect the dots:

1) They are poor, so should you be!! 
Reason number 1 not to work for them, they are blatant liars who say one thing to someone and another to others, without even supposing people will connect the dots:
They had the amazing idea to write the email below and address it to everyone of their collaborators. They have done it for several months, or even years, taking everyone for total fools. The thing is, the rate was always differents (country, or translator). So this generic mail was just an easy way to get the parrot project managers to bargain down without having to struggle too much. 
But poor, that is something they are not, and a little googling can back up this. Profits in 2012 : 65 M USD
By the way this translator has written much more eloquently on the matter than me: 
SO here is the infamous email I mentioned to you, in which only 2 details (date and rate) are interchangeable, that every good PM at the pig turd seems to know by heart. It's in bold too for convenience, so they can modify the sentence in a jiffi when needed.
"However, having said all of this, never before has our industry experienced such huge pressure from both the private and public sector to drive down prices. This, of course, is not necessarily for their own profit but simply a reaction to the state of world economies. At thebigword we have endeavoured to keep our rates to the highest possible level whilst enabling us to keep the work flowing to you but at the present time, those rates are not viable in the competitive marketplace. Therefore, with effect from Thursday 18th July, thebigword will change its payment per word rate to 0.038 GBP. These rate changes are not retrospective but will apply to any new work received from Thursday 18th July 2013."
Here an example of a different price: The Big Word - The Small Pay
 2/ Reason 2: they have no clue about translation (only greed) Also, their recruitment process could be complete bullshit:
"I only did a test for them (the same text was on a website), I noticed that the text in Internet was a bad translation and I sent them my translation wit comments, links and explanations and told them to review the website (it was something official, Europe niveau) and since then I´ve got no answer.
Unprofessional... "
3/ Unreliable amateurs
And besides the fact their rates are insulting, they don't STICK to the arranged price (if that's not dishonest what is??)

"Be very careful with them. They have cheap rates and when payment comes around they pay less than the agreed upon rate. I stopped working with them after a month"
Conclusion: Run away from the pig turd. Only newbies work for them, because they don't know better. Now you're warned and you're better off.

Blue Elephant, India (non-payers)

"Hello, Please add this agency with those details :
"Don't work for this agency, they do not pay : BLUE ELEPHANT -INDIA- They have just posted a huge project of several hundred thousand words.....Here what this translator's report on that agency:"

Barýþ or Baris Cagri Borucu, Turkey (non-payer)

His profile in TC (still there!) :
Address : acun sok marti apt 8-12 Suadiye, Istanbul,  34740, Turkey
Email 18/06/2014 :
"Thank you for your brilliant blog. It just saved me from collaborating with another non-payer.
I'd like to contribute one more name. It's not an agency, but rather a person. I don't know if you would add an individual to your list. Barýþ Borucu,

Short version: I did a rush job for him. He was very responsive and quick until I delivered. Afterwards, he ignored my e-mails for days then came up with multiple excuses. Finally, after many months, he stopped responding. He's now banned from posting jobs on TC and still no response. (The idea he might be dead actually crossed my mind.)

Long version: On Nov 23, 2012, I saw this post: I applied. The poster, Barýþ Borucu, e-mail, responded to me attaching the file and informing me of the deadline, no further questions, although I offered to do an unpaid sample upfront. I reviewed the file and informed him that I'm not specialized in the subject matter. He told me to proceed anyway and that they will proofread it. He emphasized that speed is crucial. I sent the file in batches, as per his instructions. After I was done, I asked for his feedback. Two days later, I e-mailed him again asking for feedback. One day after that, I e-mailed him again asking for feedback and payment. He responded and told me that they were closed and he would let me know the next day. The next day, he e-mailed me saying that he would pay me through PayPal within 30 days, yet he didn't ask for my ID. I told him that it's blocked in my country and asked if he would use Skrill. He said that they don't use Skrill and that he mentioned that in the ad. I copied the ad, which didn't mention anything about the matter. He apologized and asked me for my Skrill ID. He said he'd pay "from another account then when it is due". That was on Nov 30, 2012. On Jan 1, 2013, and then again on Jan 9, I e-mailed him asking for updates. He responded on Jan 9 saying that he was away for a month for an interpretation job and that he'd pay me on Friday (Jan 11). On Jan 14, then again on Jan 16, I reminded him that I wasn't paid. He said that he was still waiting for confirmation from Skrill. I e-mailed him again on Feb 9, Feb 21, Mar 6 and Mar 23. I never heard of him. I reported him to the website (TC), he was banned from posting jobs and still didn't respond to anything. Keep up the good work, folks."
Other complaint on TC:
"He was paying for the game translation conducted by me in installments He paid for the first 4 parts then after I delivered the project he disappeared suddenly does not respond my mails. He even deleted me from skype. And he still owes me 442 USD"
Date of feedback: 18/11/2012  19:56 "



Bostico, Andreea Boston  (Low rates, unprofessional practices)


BQT, Spain (formerly TEK) Non payer

BQT Inc.
Shared Services Center
Velázquez 94, 1ª planta
28006 - Madrid - Spain

BQT Inc.
Newark DE19711
284 East Main Street

T +34 91 086 1647
E ap@...

"I did two jobs for them last year and my invoices have not yet been paid.
Each was for 20 euros (of 29 August and of 31 October respectively). I
already sent several reminders."
"There are two recent reports on the Blue Board that state they have not been paid. One of them states a new policy "rule: no payment under 100 euros!"



Bzzy Beez, Romania (non pros, non-native=crap + non payers!!!)

Email 15/07/14:
"They did not pay me a small project and they do not reply to my msgs."

Contact: Anca Ciuteanu

Senior Project Manager

Bzzy Beez Translations

Phone: 0040-0766 055 785
"Our concept
Most translation agencies pride themselves on the quality provided
by the work from native speakers. Although Bzzy Beez agrees
with the need for native speakers, we know it's not needed for all
parts of a questionnaire.

Every questionnaire has a number of questions that are too basic
or too easy for you as a client to waste a lot of money on
expensive translations by native speakers
. Anyone who studied French, can translate "What's your age?" into French."


Burravoe Translation Services (non payer)

"Does or did anybody work with Burravoe Translation Services?
They didn't pay freelance translators like myself and some others, so blueboard at

Full address is Burravoe Translations Services Inkerman House 4 Elwick Road Ashford Kent TN23 1PF
Telephone +44 (0) 1233 647744 Fax: + 44 (0) 1233 646840 Email : translations@... DX: 30206, ASHFORD, KENT
I wonder anybody out there can share their experiences please." Source: WPPF



Business Translation Agency, Romania (just way too generous and cannot spell properly)

Email 22/09/14:

"Here is another specimen (Business Translation Agency - for the list:

"We have an ongoing project, translation and proofreading, EN-DE, technical, of aproximately 80.000 words that needs to be finished - translation and proofreading by the 26 of September. SDL Trados is a must.
We can offer 0,03 - 0,04 euro/word for translation and 0,01 - 0,015 euro/word for proffeading and the payment will be made at 60 days after we receive your invoice.

Please send us your best rate, delivery time, cv and email address and let us know how many words do you translate of proofread a day. Must be willing to do a small test translation.

We require a translator that can handle his/her deadlines.

Payment terms: €0.03 EUR to €0.04 EUR per word
Further payment details: 0.015 euro/word proofreading
Payment 60 days after date of invoice."



Business Voice, Buttrio, Italy (low rates, very late payments, rude)

Email 12/12/14: 
"I would like to propose a translation agency for blacklisting. It is an agency called Business Voice, with registered office in Buttrio (Udine), Italy. This is their website:
Apart from the appalling rates they pay, they have consistently been late with payments and downright rude in dealings with the translator.
I worked with them for the best part of a year, and they have consistently been late in payment, lowered rates, argued about any issue, and generally been very rude.​
​ I have stopped working for them now. But I have had to contact a collection agency, past clients and the Chamber of Commerce where they are registered as a company, just to get them to respond to my request for prompt payment of amounts due.
I am currently waiting for them to pay the amounts outstanding and payable several months ago."

Capita Translation and Interpreting (UK), greedy irresponsible company, now collapsing due to a BOYCOTT from interpreters

News 26/11/2013
It looks like this company is finally getting the backlash they deserve for its unprofessional practises and greediness. The boycott (due their decision to cut transport cost and low rates of 20 pounds an hour) of Interpreters has had a serious effect on their reputation and they are on the verge of collapsing. 
Their history so far: "Capita is the company that acquired Applied Language Solutions in Dec 2011.They subsequently were granted the exclusive interpreting contract for British criminal courts, and then bungled the job to a fair-the-well through poor decisions (cut interpreter rates, refusing to pay travel) and management, resulting in the current mess in court interpreting in the UK. I refuse to work with them on those grounds alone.They also have a poor payment record (to be fair, some of which was inherited from ALS) but there have also been several negative reports on Payment Practices and other forums since the takeover. Subscribers can see details on:
    June 2014: Crapita rates:
"I was recently contacted by Capita for ongoing translation work for the Ministry of Justice at a fairly offensive rate of:
"These projects are paid at £50 per thousand words of translation and £2/4 per minute of audio for gist/full transcription"
I still wanted to give it a try, so I translated the test piece, passed, and was then asked to submit a (non-refundable) £75 Enhanced Criminal Bureau Check. Has any of you ever worked for this agency and do you think it is worth the investment?"  Link to discussion


CD Translations UK (Payment delays)

Report on LinkedIn: "I did my first job for this agency in May. Communication seemed really efficient and professional. They had no track record on The BlueBoard, nor on Translator's Café so I went a head, confident that no news is good news.
The invoice was sent a few days later and reception of said invoice confirmed.
In July, the invoice was 2 weeks overdue, so I sent them a reminder. Again the response was reassuring.
Yesterday, much to my dismay I find that the invoice still hasn't been paid. I send a new reminder threatening legal action, and get a prompt answer accusing me of not having responded to an e-mail sent from the accountant in July (an e-mail that never reached me). I do want to believe them, but being 2 months behind on a payment of 1300 Euros is not reassuring."
    Payment issued 2 months 10 days late. Read this discussion on Linkedin


Century (UK) - Low rates (3 euro cents)

The translation was highly technical and these people had a "budget" of 3 cents per word (which, should work out at about 3 euros an hour). When this translator refused the job, so they granted her a generous 4 cts instead, which she again refused. It is not an unusual story but at least now you know what to expect from Century translations. Her story in French :
"Ils m'ont proposé 0,03 euro par mot source, de l'anglais au français, pour de la traduction très technique. Ils ont finalement accepté 0,04 à condition que je garantisse une bonne qualité... J'ai refusé bien sûr."


Choice Translations (to avoid)

Choice Translations Ltd, Macclesfield, Cheshire (Bianca Clark - non-payer)

Not to be confused with '', which is a reputable company
"Fast forward to today, after numerous emails, phone calls and messages to which I and other translators who worked for this agency have received no replies, the website has now gone down and all emails are being bounced. My invoice is now over 2 months overdue and I'm really unhappy about this. For reference, the agency was Clark Translation, run by Bianca Clark. I've still not managed to get in contact with her and the invoice is still overdue, which is why I'm now putting her name and the name of the agency out there."
Read more on LinkedIn



Clarus Language Solutions - Valencia, CA, USA (Late payer)

    From a Payment Practises site : " I did a couple of jobs for Clarus Language Solutions last year. Mike Devlin is very pleasant to work with, but I had to email him multiple times over several months in order to get paid.

Clevoo, Germany (non-payer)

Their "offer": 

"Clevoo was founded in Germany with the motto of
"facilitating the way you translate". You can visit our website to get a detailed information about us.

As for my request, we have recieved a document from a
worldwide recognized company in the construction field. Could you translate the document from Russian to English at 0.04$ per word ? The document contains 10.000 words and must be completed until
19.11.2014 at 11.00 am CET. If you are interested, feel free to send your CV to "".

I countered with my "best rate" of $0.14 per word and asked for 50% in advance, pointing out that it was an "urgent" job and that the company is not registered on I knew there was no chance I would be offered the job, and I probably wouldn't take it even at that rate because of the deadline. I just wanted to make a point that $0.04 per word is unacceptable." (source: Linkedin thread)

Email 20/01/15
I would like to add Clevoo Gmbh (which is already on your list) as a non-payer.

I was contacted by Mr Saygin through TCafe in late November and we agreed on a per 1000 source characters (no space) rate. I completed the project and was offered another one in early December. (Two scanned reports) 

I could not take on the entire project due to my schedule and said so to Mr Saygın but he offered me 80k characters from it (20 pages from each reports, I could not put them throught a CAT tool as they were scanned but my rough estimate is that there were about 8-10k character repetitions and about 15-20k character fuzzy matches) As I don't typically give discounts for scanned files and was offered 80k characters I took the project and delivered it.

Roughly a week after delivery, I was contacted by Mr Dereli (their CEO according to their Linkedin profile) who asked me not to invoice them for the parts I "copy&pasted." I declined and said that I would charge the originally agreed amount. I did not hear back from him and thought it was settled.

At the end of December I invoiced the original amount (in addition to other projects that we did together) after which he said that I was unprofessional for having invoiced the project twice(!) despite his warnings and that they would not be able to make any payment or send me any work unless I fixed my mistake.

I wrote a Blue Board entry at and a bad rating at regarding this issue and not only did he ask me to remove them but he also threathened me that they would write false-accusations on my LWA record unless I removed them.
I am now preparing to take legal action against them, which sadly seems to be the only viable option now.
I will provide updates on this matter."

Codemasters Software Ltd, UK (non payers)

Email 27/10/14:

I would like to share this information on your page:
"Codemasters Software Ltd., UK are non-payers. 
Finance manager Rashid Aracha does not answer e-mails. I have been waiting for payment of 4 invoices since May 2014. (Six months) Do not work for them, you will not get paid."
Email 17/12/14:
"Dear Translation Ethics Team,
I have the same experience as the first translator who reported Codemasters' practices (non-paying).

In July 2014 I was approached by their senior localisation manager, Daniel Schaefers (, who was the main contact person, assisted by Amandine Mairiaux ( Schaefers negotiated the rates with me, accepted them and sent me the vendor's contract. Mairiaux was responsible for offering and confirming new orders as well as issuing job summaries at the end of each month which I used to issue my invoices for their financial department. Everything seemed fine initially - all translations were accepted and all have been used in their products and materials (although they modified a few sentences making them ungrammatical, clearly without any knowledge of the target language and without consulting it with me in the first place, but that's another issue).

However, the first response from their financial department (Jane Defeo <>) concerning the first overdue invoice read:
"I am really sorry for the late response i have requested a payment date for these invoice but as yet have not received a date.
Once i have received a date i will let you know".

The only response afterwards (from came a week later and was written in the same vein:
"I have pass a requested for a payment date for this invoice, once i have received the date i will let you know".

All three summary invoices I have issued for them were not paid at all (the first one is three months overdue now). The routine looks as follows: their localisation manager claims he doesn't know a thing and sends you back to their financial department, their financial department does not answer at all. Don't be deceived by their phony friendliness and relative (and gradually fading) prestige of their brand and ongoing releases of their new products. They simply do not pay translators and it seems they constantly seek new ones to work for free. I stopped working with them and I'm in the process of issuing legal actions against Codemasters. Stay away from them."



ComTranslations, India (scammers: have their payment avoidance techniques and offer the insulting rate 2,5 dollars a min for subtitling) 

Contact person there:
Translator's report : "To request the payment of your current earnings, you need to have reached a minimum of $100 for translations and $50 for subtitling.) .... 
Ils paient USD 5,00 par chaque 2 minutes de sous-titres."
New thread: LinkedIn, april 2014
"Pay 3 cents a word, pretend there are problems with the quality to get a 50 per cent discount  and so on..."
Comment left  by D.C, 13/03/14:
"Hi all,
I was just just checking the list and saw that ComTranslations were mentioned for trying to avoid payment and ridiculous rates. I have had a short and not so sweet story with ComTranslations and they were a month overdue with paying my work of translating subtitles into Danish for House of Cards. Since the whole new season was just about to go public on Netflix on Feb 14, I sent them an email on Feb 12, telling them that my lawyer had advised me to get Netflix to hold back the Danish season because of their missing copyrights (belonging to me until full payment). I had my money in my account the next day. Just saying. You DO have weapons. ;-) "
Email 02/02/15
"When I started working for Comtranslations I did a quick check on the internet, found this but really nothing out of the ordinary, terrible pay of course but they seemed legit. They are not, they're awful.
They did not pay me in time, they were a month late (and they do not pay you until 90 days after your invoice gets approved anyway, so in this case 4 months after I hade submitted my claim) and their excuse was that they did not have the sufficient funds in USD at the time. After another month when I threatened to take legal acton they all of a sudden had the money. Now when another invoice is due they apparently (three months after the translation was done and approved AND broadcasted) have found lots of grammatical errors and other mistakes and will not pay until I have redone all of the episodes I have already translated, it's all a part of their agenda to avoid paying for the work that has been done. Please do NOT work for these people." 



Common Space LLC  (Offensive rates)


Context GmbH  (Non payer)

"We have had massive problems with payments. Big translations, but no money and a lot of excuses... Google listing n 1 ads"


Convocco (Cf ALS, same company)



Conyac, Japan (Tokyo) - The're out CONya!

Exploit low paid non-pros, insanely low 5 dollars per 1000 words, NOW charging their translfreelancers!

This is a scam agency that hires non-professionals (no degrees needed, pay them by "points" (500 signs: 5 dollars) and promises to be the fastest agency in the world. There is no email or adress to contact them on the website).
Here are some shameless explanations on their website: 
"What is Conyac? > Conyac is a human-powered translation service that anyone can join. 
It's true, anyone can work for them, and i signed in 2 seconds without showing proof of my degrees.
 "Simple and Fast Translation:  >Where normal translation agency and online translation takes more than 3 hours to get your results back, "Conyac" can provide you with your results 15 minutes, the fastest. "
" There are thousands of translators from all over the world ready to process your request."
Mail received one week only after I signed in (with the intent of publishing more on this blog):
Thank you for signing up with Conyac.
We've noticed that you haven't logged in for a while.
Have a little spare time?
Why not translate at Conyac and earn yourself some extra money.
Why translate at Conyac?
You can work as often as you want during your spare time.
If you have a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, you can work from virtually anywhere.
Use your language skills to earn a little extra money during your free time."
 So yes, this is what it sounds like for them: a little job on the side for anyone with a tablet and vague notions of 2 languages. You have a little spare time, why not earn some wee pocket money? Pretty insulting...
If you are looking for "pocket money" here is what you ll get with them:
"you got a new translation request on Conyac.

From: English
To: French
Letters: 662
Reward: 66


Many translators are waiting for your review. Review for them now  
  English => French"
So 10 points for each 100 letters, that means you'll need to translate 5000 letters to get the 500 points which are worth 5 dollars. So 5000 signs = roughly 1000 words, that's about 5 dollars per 1000 words instead of 120 dollars (normal pro price). It would be much more profitable doing nothing.
New: Read here all about Conyac they try to con you with their test system
February 2015: 
<Notice>Starting from today, Conyac will take a fee for Market Applications

Thank you for always using Conyac.(日本語続きます)
Since the Market feature has been released, from today, Conyac will take the application fee as below when you get a job on Conyac Market.
Please keep in mind that there will be an application fee when you apply.

If you live in Japan・・・10% fee + Consumption tax
If you live outside of Japan・・・10% 
※For example, if you apply for $100, you will get $90.

If you are handling a job right now, please contact to the requester directly about the application fee.

If you have anything unclear about the Market feature, please also check the Market FAQ below.

Thank you,
Conyac Team
Well that says it all about their sense of ethics and the kind of professionalism you can expect from CONyouall...


Copypanthers, Istanbul, Turkey (Crowdsourcer, promise peanuts, and don't pay them + don't pay "reps", ie -30%)

Another intruding broker with low practices. A virtual company with  5000 likes on Facebook. Thanks Facebook for making all this crowdsourcing possible. Their modo: "Let's put everyone (Translators, proofreaders and writers) in the same basket, pay them peanuts, and stuff our pockets in the meantime".

Comment from translator: "They pay translators per hour and charge clients per word.What they are doing is using people with no experience or skills and 'train' them to become 'great' translators."

Website: "Our offer is simple: we help you monetize your language assets: you can work as much as you want and we pay you 30.5 Turkish Lira (±11 Euro) per hour. It's also great as an extra boost for your income. Register now at  Translator, proofreader and writer jobs. Sign up and get work today!

If language is your thing, whether it is as a writer, translator or proofreader, we have the jobs for you! Sign up and start getting jobs this week. *****"

Read more on LinkedIn
Recent report: "Their rates are indeed ridiculously dump-priced (less than 0,03e per source word). I have to admit I've done some work for them since I have quite little experience as a freelance translator with translating as a main occupation. In addition to their low rates, their word counting practices were to me surprising: they counted almost a third as repeats, even when I had to revise and edit the "repeats" for suitability in context and click through the whole document. And as a topping, the peanuts they'd pay for several hours of work, they haven't paid yet...
I prefer to be anonymous but thought it's worth having word spread. Thanks for your blog. It helps me a lot in this jungle. "



Corporate translations (pharmaceutical), USA. (Loss of professionalism: fixed price, no selection anymore, rushed translations)

Now assigning projects to the first translator available: turnaround time becomes the most important factor. They just select a translation selecting the most suitable translator. Here is their announcement:
"Corporate Translations has recently been selected as the preferred supplier for a number of large pharmaceutical companies and their clinical research organizations. As a result, we have more work to outsource to our freelance linguists.
Being a preferred supplier of translation services to major pharmaceutical companies comes with additional commitments such as stable pricing and faster translation turnaround times. In order to meet these commitments, Corporate Translations is currently improving its process for placing projects with individual translators in order to accommodate these important customers. Reducing the amount of time spent placing translations will provide you with more job opportunities and more time to complete the translations.
Corporate Translations will now be issuing service requests in a slightly different way. Service requests will now be offered to you at a flat rate, which will be clearly marked on the request. In addition, these service requests will be offered to a small group of linguists at one time with an acceptance deadline. The first linguist to commit to the service request will be issued a purchase order signifying that they have been assigned the project. This will result in service requests being placed sooner, allowing you the maximum amount of time possible to complete the translation task and still meet the client's deadline."



Cosmic Global  (Low rates and unsafe deals)

    "Cosmic Global as a company is unfortunately a joke. I received a similar offer months ago asking if I could do a 250k word translation. Payment would have been 30 days AFTER I would have returned the whole translation.
    very polite Cosmic Global: 0,04English -> Dutch -I think not !
    ...Kindly let us know if you could accept 0.04 Euro per word for translation.
    Hope to work with you in our project.

    Awaiting your response.
    Thanks & regards,
    Prasath. V
    Resource Dept
    Cosmic Global Limited"


Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, Inc. in Chicago Illinois, USA (scam, non-payers)

They accept a semi-decent rate, and are agreeable over the phone at first, sending newcomers to the market a lot of work all at once.  Then they don't pay.  They have no intention of ever paying.  

Phone calls were ignored, as were messages and emails.  The "secretary" was belligerent and rude over the phone.  
I finally got paid when I informed them I would be filing taxes (in the US) including a 1099 Business Loss form.  The US IRS considers any money not paid to me by Cosmopolitan to be income Cosmopolitan must declare.  I got a check within a week.  I posted about the situation on a Proz forum and immediately got several responses from people asking if it was Cosmopolitan.  After someone suggested the 1099 trick, many of us got paid.  Several interpreters in Chicago were attempting to put together a suit.  I know the company has had to change names a few times because it has been sued before."

S.S, Email 14/04/14


Coté, Pierre, Montréal (Non-payer)

From WPPF, 7649:

"Coté has been refusing to pay $3000 several years ago.
I managed to find his (undisclosed) new address and sue him formally. Eventually an audience is scheduled in Montreal, in October. Any details about him (possible misconduct elsewhere, professional details etc.) are welcome. And reciprocally I can supply details. Please contact me personally.


Cristal Traduceri (Low rates)

Another shameless translation agency - from Romania: Cristal Traduceri offering € 0.02 to € 0.045 per word for IT-related translations in...
Email 12/01/15:
"I have read you Website and noticed that a few people got taken by After many months of research I have found the real identity of the fraudster and I would like as many victims as possible to contact me so we can sue the bastard who took us for a ride. I was defrauded of 24,000 USD…

Please can you either contact them or post something to that effect.

It wouldn’t be much but if one of these guy goes to prison, maybe we can slow down their expansion. Please advise."

Sylvie Chartier, CD, C. Tr./trad. a.
(Contact Sylvie through her website)



Crystal Hues, India (Low rates)



Cutting Edge (very low rates amongst others)

Email 7/11/14:
"I was a long term employee there, it was so disgusting i couldnt help quitting. Just google "watch out for cosmic global " it will direct you to another translator's experience. I was very much working there when that disgusting incident happened. 
Here is how they withold translators payments.  They have a bunch of editors who are asked to cook up quality reports and also supposed adverse feedbacks from clients are forwarded to the translators and their payments are cancelled. Plus they deduct taxes despite their cheap rates and the taxes dont go to the government.
It is a company which was created to cover the income tax frauds of its parent company i.e tulsyan steel. It has the worst employment practices. People who are knowledgable are not hired, and useless cheap quality workers are hired.  
Its CEO Raman Talwar is the greatest fraud at loggerheads with the law yet to be discovered.  They have a one room office with a single computer at UK which they claim as the front office. 
Their labor turnover is horrendous.
They hire cheap translators and turnout shoddy stuff, have some kind of staff to check the quality, invariably they lose clients like anything.
Though it is a loss making company they have a few stooges in their office who are paid hefty for licking Raman Talwar's boots.  
Worst of all They have a sick casting couch culture."

D@namic (unknown), Italy (Bottom feeder)
September 2014:
"Here is one offer a french translator can't refuse (advertised on ProZ of course):
Technical manual to be translated into French
Words: 3626
Format: Word
Deadline: September 26, 4 pm
Rate offered: 0.04 € per words"

Day Translations, USA (Low, late/non payer)
Day Translations Inc.

711 South Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33607 United States

Email 20/07/14:

First, I wanted to thank you for creating this site. I think it's very important for the translation industry to have a go-to place where scam and otherwise unprofessional and low-pay agencies are consolidated.

Second, I wanted to add my experience with Day Translations to the information already posted. This is the review I wrote of the agency on Glassdoor several months ago, which I entitled "Greedy corporate monster":

"Day Translations only pays $.05/word, an extraordinarily low rate for Spanish translations ($.10/word being the norm). Despite this egregiously low rate of pay, the organization expects absolute perfection--even though, ironically, the Translator Orientation Powerpoint is chock-full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes-- and always has very tight rush deadlines for which we translators are not compensated accordingly. Rush translations are simply the norm with this organization. Nor are translators compensated for the great amount of time it takes to painstakingly replicate the exact formatting of the original document. Moreover, the constant oversight by managers to make sure we meet these absurd deadlines took away the very freedom I enjoy about being an independent translator. All of these qualities reveal that Day Translations only cares about making money, with absolutely no regard for its severely underpaid employees. After all, Day Translations realizes that if one person doesn't accept the exceptionally low rate of $.05/word, there are always others that are willing to work for such slave wages."
Out of curiosity I went back on Glassdoor recently to see what other reviews had been posted about Day Translations, and almost all of them positive (perhaps created by the agency in response to my damning review? Some of them were posted soon after mine.). When the site asks for cons about the agency, one response was: "There are no cons because this is the kind of agency every freelance would like to work with. No problems at all." Another con: " I only wish they would call me more. I love working for Day Translations!" One review title: "One of my favorite agencies to work for!" I find it hard to believe these could be real..."


Delta International (non-payer)

"(With all these) we have had massive problems with payments. Big translations, but no money and a lot of excuses... Google listing N°1 ads" 



Deluxe Digital Studios or Softitler (bottom feeder, lousy rates for subtitling)

Mail 28/09/14:

"I recently found your blogspot because I was googling the company I work for, Zoo Digital, and unfortunately found them in your black list. Zoo Digital used to be a great company. They got a great subtitling plattform and used to pay their translators $6 dollar/minute. They provide subtitles, therefore per minute. It's still not the best rate but a lot better than the first translation agency I worked for, Deluxe Digitial Studios or Softitler.

I was surprised I didn't find them on your list. They are a company who hires completely new translators, which of course is nice, but they're completely ruining the business. They pay $3 dollar/video minute for translating and $0,55 dollar/minute for proofreading. And that's not even their lowest rates. It's one of the better ones because I live in an expensive country.

Anyway, it's true as someone stated in a e-mail to you that Zoo Digital hasn't paid their translators for several months, including me, and that sucks. At the same time they are hiring new translators to work for $4 dollar/minute because of what they told me was a pricing decrease in the industry. It's just sad that companies like Deluxe Digital Studios are totally, or have already ruined, this industry and that people accept to work for such low rates. That's really where the problem starts. I understand that you accept a low rate if you're new to the business, as I did, but after a year or so you really should know better.

So anyway, feel free to add Deluxe Digital Studios or Softitler to your blacklist.

I've attached the pricing list from Deluxe in this e-mail, which is probably totally wrong, but I don't really care since I'm not working for them anymore. As you can see it for example says $3,00 for Broadcast translation."

Contact TE if for further questions



Dialectus/Digimedia (Isabel Monteiro), Portugal (non-payer!)

"That agency, from Portugal, was recently banned from advertising on ProZ, and reported to owe in excess of 250 000 Euros to various professionals having worked for them. They contacted me for a contract over a year ago, for which I was never paid a penny of the $1000 they owed me. And that
in spite of repeated promises to do so.
Their website now seems to be down."
Dialectus, Trad.Técnicas Legendagem e Locução, Lda.
Rua Manuel Ferreira, 17B
Alto de Stª Catarina
2795 Linda-a-Velha
CAE 82190
Contribuiente 505887363
Contact telephone +351 4144123
"It's true, I am one of the many translators that didn't get paid. Now the owner, Isabel Monteiro, has two new companies: 7ª Arte and Digimedia. Be careful, as she is highly manipulative."
Read rest of the reports
For all of you, in Portugal, victims of Dialectus, you might want to consult the following site and register a denuncia:




Diamond translations or Cristal Trans, Italy (CROOKS, insulting rates, non-payer, horrible reputation, advertise on Proz, Fake addresses, )

 From a payment practices site: WPPF

"Every time they tried to force work down my throat was at such a low rate that the whole conversation wasn't worth the effort. They just couldn't take no for an answer and such extremely low rates (Karine G)

"Thanks for your answer. I actually had a decent proposition and worked for them for a few projects during this month (monthly invoice system). Serious end client and good communication. Then I found alarming posts on forums and I started to freak out." (Chahenda A.)
Email 17/12/13:
I worked for a full month for this agency supposedly in Syracuse, N.Y.
I sent them my invoice, as requested by a P.M. Adrien de Miras. He mailed me back that he received it and will transfer it to the financial department ASAP. Since then nothing, around 4500 € gone, and I can't find any lead to reach them. This guy had projects for Hyundai, Samsung and Schneider Electric. How come?
Can anybody help me with any info please? I lost a lot because of this man, even health wise, I want to be sure he gets what he deserves."

Chahenda A., Freelancer translator
I have a great solution if you can:  it is to contact his clients and tell them all about this guy, showing purchase order, copies of work you did for them. Forward an email to all the clients he advertises on his site warning them not to use him again? And leave messages on all the forums mentioned here: Linkedin, proZ, TD, and WPPF...
Email from Roisin, 07/04/14:
"I saw that you have listed Diamond Translation. I was offered normal rates by this agency, did lots of work for them (and am still to this date fighting for payment). But recently, the same "project manager" (only with a different spelling) seems to have forgotten he has already "used me", started sending POs from a different company altogether, CristalTrans, which is also a scam. I have found several websites which discuss this issue, so be careful! They also seem to have a profile on Proz. 
May 2014: Non paying case where they owe 1500 Euros to a translator: see link


Digimedia (See Dialectus above)



DIXIT Language Solutions, France (bottom-feeder)

New: Read my article on this blog.
These guys have an agreement with Proz who granted them their quality label and entire support and full list of translators - without informing them or asking for permission. Their slogan:
"Dixit Services The Certified Pro Network A network of certified translators Unique price 0,06 € / Word All languages"
A translator's comment:  "As for the home page of dixit, it is a "textbook" example of bad writing and is full of howlers......"Become a translator"? The implication here is that if you sign up, you "become" a translator." 
If you have 20 years of experience, if you are an expert in your field, if you have the rarest language, if you have a Phd in translation well you are being offered the same lousy rate as someone who hasn't got any of the above. But then you'll probably also have "other cats to whip" as we say in French and will not need to work for this sweatshop who also sells bikinis on the side, allegedly (?). 


DL Multimedia, Spain (non-payers)

Report on Linkedin

"Hands off DL Multimedia in Spain, or it will cost you dearly. They owe me thousands of Euros (I stopped working for them some time ago) and their promises concerning payment never came true.

It's a long story... Are there other translators with the same problem with regards to DL Multimedia? It might be useful to get in touch, maybe we can build enough power to get some payment out of that company after all.", Germany (non-payer)

Way back when I was getting started they had a sizable job of around 9400 words for me. It was a sales pitch for a medicine which 'cures all known diseases'. Yes you got that right.

So I called them up and said this was probably fraud (duh) so watch out, and they were like 'ok thanks, go on ahead'. So I did and then didn't get paid.

Being a newbie I waited a long time, sent 3 bills/reminders, then called. When I called they were like 'uh well the client didn't pay, so sorry, we'll let you know'. And I'm like 'well too bad but I specifically warned you and why didn't anyone respond to me'. The manager would never speak to me but the secretary said they'd pay me whenever they can. So I said well send me a schedule in writing of when you'll be paying what amounts. That they were not prepared to do however.

So then during the process of obtaining a judgment to collect, my lawyer informed me that the manager over there had called him personally and said that we had reached an agreement, which was documented in his phone log, which he had falsified and faxed over. Needless to say that was a non-starter, so I got my money by judgment after he let the deadline for going to court expire.

THEN the manager sends me a letter on company letterhead in which he threatens me in writing like 'you'll never work again around here' etc. etc., upon which he received a warning letter from my attorney for issuing illegal threats.

And that was the pathetic end of that, my career took off immediately thereafter.

I hope you do add this company to the blacklist, I still have written documentation of this case if anyone would like to check it. Thank you!



D&M Peru (late payments)

See WPPF June 2014


Dow Chemicals Canada (non-payer)

Email 4/12/14 
"Dear colleagues

I am here to inform you that this company owes me almost USD 5K, related to 3 invoices issued since September/2014. They replied to my msgs, and redirected them to other employees. They are deceiving me all the time. I would appreciate to know if someone else in this list is facing the same problems with this company.

I was hired by Mr. Robert Lambert in Dow Chemicals. They closed their Translation Dept., and hired Transperfect to be responsible for all their translated materials. I have worked for them for many years, and they always paid me in due time. I was told that they modified their financial system, and since then, no funds were wired to my bank account. This week, I sent them several msgs, but I have not rcvd any answer. I just wanted make sure that you do not accept any project from this company.

I will put their name in all blacklists of this planet"



Dream Studios, Czech Republic (late payer)

Email, 9/11/13 :  "I am writing you in order to let you know that Dream Studios, an agency based in the Czech Republic, has contacted me for a proofreading job and they haven't paid me. Although it's only a 10 Euro job, I thought this would be an information of interest for my fellow colleagues.
Since all communication with Mr. Alexandre Autrand and Dream Studios has failed and I will probably never retrieve the amount they owe me, I thought at least I should let people know about this company and their behaviour towards freelance workers
. Below you will find some e-mails from Mr. Autrand. I should also let you know that although I've been trying to reach him and the company, I haven't heard from them since October the 1st.
Thank you for your time."
Best regards,
Teresa Bento, Freelance translator, Portugal
- July 26th -
"Dear Teresa,
I hope you are doing well.

We have a first job for you : it would be for the proofreading of the slogan of a video that our client wants to launch in Portugal.

I will send you the copy in English and the translation in Portuguese on Monday 29th Morning.
Our price is 10 euros and the deadline is on Monday 29th, 4pm GMT. Could you tell me as soon as possible if you are interested in taking this job ?
Thanks a lot,
Alexandre Autrand
Project Executive
Dream Studios
Expo 58, Letenske sady 1500
170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic

T +420 220 397 531   F +420 220 397 601
  E "
Dear Teresa, I would advise you to adopt the common professional practice of charging a minimum hourly fee of at least 20 euros (or whatever the amount is in your country of residence). Experience has taught me it always proves necessary, these small assignments take much more time (incl invoicing and in this case keeping track of the payment) It will also deter "cheap" unprofessional companies from wasting your time! Some agencies ask you to waive it off occasionally in exchange of the promise of a long term job. This is not acceptable. My reply is always no, on a first punctual job. Because there is a pretty good chance there won't be a follow up. Also because 20 euros is still very (too) cheap, because there are some hidden time consuming related parameters to take in account: research, invoicing, checking payment, responsability in case of problem...


DRR Global LLC, New Jersey (Jay Rossi, late, non-payer)

Email 9/05/14:
"Hi, I already subscribe to your blog and value it a lot.

I have an addition to make to your blacklist -- or someone who doesn't pay a translator for four months is not yet considered a late payer? They were supposed to pay in 45 days (which I already consider late!) according to their own rules.
The company is DDR Global, LLC, of New Jersey, and the person of contact is Jay Rossi, Principal.
I checked them out, but not too thoroughly, and couldn't find anything negative. And I thought, well, why bother for US$66.00 anyway! No great harm done.
However, I feel I should make it known in case someone else decides to work for them.  So I published it on WPPF list for good measure. Soon after, I got email from Rossi apologizing and asking me to wait a couple of days.  When nothing came, I complained again. Another empty promise. So far I got nothing else.
I hope you can add them to your blacklist.
Thank you and regards,"
Email 11/10/14: 
"Dear colleagues,
This is to let you know that the company above has finally decided to pay me. It took them 7 months to do so! It's an excellent idea to use translation payment lists. Translation Ethics, for one, worked like a charm!  Thanks for being there for us!
Warmest regards,

Heloisa Velloso, CT
ATA-certified EN>PTBR translator 


Easy Language, London (payment issues)

    A professional " I Did one job for them in March, they have not paid yet. I sent them several reminders, but they stopped responding after the first". Non-payers: EasyLanguage, London


Easy translate group / 30 min translate (treat translation like a commodity - as the name suggests)

I would like to add an agency called EasyTranslate that in my opinion is spreading misconceptions threatening the profession:
"WHAT IS 30MIN.TRANSLATE? 30min.translate gives you a professional and accurate translation of short texts in next to no time. 0 to 100 words within 30 minutes 101 to 200 words within 60 minutes More than 200 words in 60+ minutes No extra charge for express service Professional translators"



Elanex (bad practices, unacceptable contract)

"Their terms of service agreement attempts to force translators into giving a 50% discount for fuzzy matches. If you want to receive any projects from them you have to sign this agreement. In case of word rate the following standard Elanex compensation formula applies unless otherwise specified in the SOW:
New translation: 100% of base per word rate
Fuzzy translation: 50% of base per word rate
Exact translation: 0% of base per word rate
No bloody way. Unless THEY pay for the CAT tool you are using, why on earth should THEY get a discount? (Even if they did, giving a discount would be debatable)

Elite translations, Malaysia (bottom feeder)
"Dear XXX,

Greetings! This is Zoe from Elite Translations Asia (Malaysia) and I came across your profile on 
We are expanding our team for an on-going English to German bulk translation project involving SAP/ IT content and would like to know if you are familiar with SAP/IT content.
For the current batch, each translator will be handling approximately 10000 words. We usually receive more source files throughout the year and the years to come. The project source files will be similar to the sample text attached.

Our offered rate for this regular project is MYR0.20 per source word. Kindly advise if you are comfortable with this. 
Note: MYR0.20 is equivalent to USD0.06. or EUR 0.04

Should this come to your interest, could you please provide a short trial translation of the sample text attached for us to assess your translation quality without additional cost by 16 Oct 2014 (Thursday), 5PM GMT Plus 8?

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!"
"I told them the rate was way too low and apparently they also offer higher rates for other projects between 0,07-0,12USD - however not for this "large" and "recurrent" project, as they say. Not to mention the free test they request." (Email 15/10/14)


Epic (Bottom feeder and non-payer)

"Not such good news on, where there are a number of non-payment reports. The outsourcer has been banned from that site since January 31, 2011"
"I have worked with them many times
They pay always between 45 and 60 days but offer only $.06 and lower. So you make the math "
From WPPF ( and 7753)
Links to reports on ProZ:


Equivalangue, France (10 months late payments)

Email 15/05/2014 14:30

I would like to warn other freelance translators about the French translation agency Equivalangue. In September 2013 they contacted me and asked me to do a translation job for them. I did, and they kept sending me work. In December they paid what they owed me for my work during that year. I had no reason not to trust them when they gave me more work in 2014.

I worked almost exclusively for Equivalangue in January, February and the first week of March, which resulted in quite a large sum of money that they were going to pay out in the second week of March (due to their payment terms of 45 days after they have received the invoice). Mid-March came and nothing happened. I emailed them several times about when I could expect to receive the payment. Each time they came up with various excuses, said that they would pay soon and that they were sorry for the delay.

It's been two months since they were supposed to pay me, but I still haven’t received the payment for my work in 2014 and I would therefore like to advise other translators against working for Equivalangue. They may pay at first, but after a while they will cease to pay you. Currently they owe me 1225 euro."
Update: Translator got paid eventually (late december 14), 10 months late and after some amount of harassment. Avoid like the plague


Europa Dubbing, France/Belgium/Morocco (non payers, disrespectful)

Email 9/12/14 
"I would like to emphasize the bad experience with the company Europa Dubbing. They owe me 1400$. They are very smart. At first they give some scripts that they pay to gain your trust  and then, they finally give so much work to do that I totally thought that I could only work for them for a month. I have sent several e-mails to remind them of the payment, I have called to ask what was going on, and I only had responses like "I acknowledge your message, I'll get back to you soon". 
And it is not all, to get your hopes high, they sent me a message twice: one saying that I will receive the payment at the end of the week, and the other on Friday, confirming that I would be receiving the payment during the afternoon. So I anticipated, and started working on various scripts so that when they'll pay me I'll have more. But then again. Nothing happened. Also, like WWPP, the one who left the message, they started to accusing me of the bad work that their transcribers couldn't not handle. 
They are also very bossy: very prompt to ask you for the job done, but never ready to pay. 
They are not to be trusted: these people will pay the transcribers, and other engineers, developers, but do they consider the work of translators? They don't." 
Europa Dubbing, 5 Rue Melingue, 75019 Paris, France
Jean Louis AUBOYER, executive director,


Europadubb (same as above) Prague: bottom-feeder

Email 16/01/15:
"Europadubb, from Prague, offers the appalling rate of 2 euros/minute for subtitling.
It seems that subtitling is really going down the drain.
Message received on december 2014:
«Notre service technique adressera à chaque interprète, via liaison internet sécurisée, les fichiers de 12 épisodes (52 minutes chacun) à traduire (+ le script le cas échéant). Les candidats travailleront sous le statut de free-lance et recevront une rémunération de 1254 € pour l’ensemble des 12 épisodes. » = 2 euros/minute!!


European Consultation Lobby, Barcelona (non-payer)

Email 27/10/14:
"I think you've got a great site for warning us all about non-payers and scammers. I've been working in translation for over five years now and have had my share of non-payers, but there is one in particular I would like everyone to know about.
The agency goes by the name of European Consultant Lobby in Barcelona, Spain and the owner (i.e. non-payer) is called Eduard Royo Cosano.
I worked directly for him (no employees) for about three years with no significant payment problems (the odd delay, but ended up paying after me insisting). Until I did a very big project for him, which he said the client hadn't paid him for and he couldn't afford to pay me straight away. So we arranged he would pay me €500 each month until the debt was paid off (in the meantime he managed to go on a 6 week holiday in summer). He paid the sum once and stopped paying, when I refused to do anymore work until he resumed the arranged monthly payments, he stopped answering emails and calls. I even got my lawyer to send him a letter, but no luck.
So 18 months, he still owes me 3,800 Euros and I can't even try to get the money through courts as he owes money to the tax offices in Madrid and Barcelona and we all know they are first to get money if there is any.
I know I'll never get paid, but would like everyone else to be warned about this man and not to make the same mistake I made."


Euroscript Luxembourg (winning tenders for the EU Commission with low rates, 4 times lower than an acceptable rate. To BOYCOTT)

October 2013: "Hi, thanks for your excellent blog. I would like to contribute with this job offer I receiver from Euroscript:

"Dear Translators,
Are you a freelance translator, with in-depth translation expertise in the indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions? (floor scrubber-dryer...) Are you available and do you translate in the following language combination?
English into Italian.
If so, euroscript Luxembourg, a leading multinational language services provider would like to hear from you. We have a huge technical/marketing project: brochures to translate and we are looking for the very best translators to join us.
What we expect from you
■Higher degree in translation or equivalent
■Italian native speaker
■Proven track of translation experience in marketing  texts
■Proven track of translation experience in marketing  texts and
in technical texts
■Highly service minded and strong sense of keeping to deadlines
What we offer you
■Long term partnership, where you are considered as a true co-worker (as opposed to a fake or illegit one)

■Personal contact to the Project Manager team
(You'd think it's a prerequisite...)

■Fair payment conditions and punctual payments
(Well thank you that's incredibly generous of you to pay the exact amount on time, you really didn't have to)

■Good opportunities for personal development
(Thanks, I can't wait to learn all about "indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions (floor scrubber-dryers)"

If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please fill free to contact me with your full CV at

At lats but not least, the rate proposed for this project is 0,055€/sw. (Indeed that is not something to be frowning upon, it's almost as much as a McDonalds employee gets paid!)
If you have any questions, please contact me anytime.
I would need a reply by Monday, 16 2012 9:00 Luxembourg time at the latest. We are always pleased to hear from experienced and professional
translators who are at home in the world of marketing, technical
and technical writing
Cordialement / Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dalila Aït Braham | Vendor Management Department
euroscript Luxembourg S.à r.l.
I replied saying that I cannot accept anything lower than 0.08EUR per source word, and she said: 
"Dear X,
Thank you for your email and unfortunately  our margin is very tight and we cannot afford this rate.
Thank you."

UPDATE Email 23/07/14 Euroscript is paying 4 cents per word for LEGAL texts to be used by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, which is 4 TIMES LOWER than what pros normally charge for this type of texts. Impose rates and translation program (Trados) to lower it (impose trados discounts for repetitions). Shall I remind you that the European laws and regulations go through this underpaid intellectual labour ?
"Thanks for posting your very helpful blacklist, I am a freelance translator and find it very useful. There are a couple of agencies I'd like to report to it.
I'll start with Euroscript Luxembourg, which is already on your list and has won several EU translation tenders in the past.
In May, they sent me yet another of their frequent requests for documentation so that they can bid for a contract with the European Commission. They mention the rate they are offering at the very end of the long request (you'll have to scroll down to the bottom): EUR 12 per EU page of 1500 chars (approx. 250-300 words). Even by their standards, this is startlingly low. I declined this "offer" and gave reasons. The email is below.
As you may be aware, it has introduced a system of paying translators per "Trados page", whether or not they work with a CAT tool. In practice, what this means is that whatever rate I quote to them, I receive a fraction of it once they send me a "pre-invoice" at the end of the month detailing the Trados breakdown of each job, which may or may not be accurate for all I know. I have just told them I am raising my rates substantially, so I imagine I won't be getting any more work from them.
I will send you details of another agency (which isn't on your list) shortly.
Thanks and keep up the great work on the blog!

----- Forwarded message from -----
    Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 18:06:42 +0000
    From: "Ait Braham, Dalila" <>
 Subject: Offer_Direction Générale CONNECT: DG CONNECT_ RO into English
Presently, euroscript is looking to secure a contract with the European Commission by responding to a call for tender for the translation of notifications and Commission decisions under Article 7 of the Framework Directive 2002/21/EC (as amended by Directive 2009/140/EC) SMART 2014/1071.
Project details
DG Connect manages the procedure for notifications and consultations as laid down in Article 7 of the Framework Directive of the new Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications.
This notification and consultation procedure consists in the analysis and assessment of the draft measures as proposed by the European National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to be imposed on the identified e-communications markets. These notifications are received in one of the 22 official EU languages and, in order to carry out the analysis of the notifications as foreseen by Article 7 procedure, these texts need to be translated into English under tight deadlines.
The subject of the contract is the translation of these notifications, their technical annexes and related messages, as well as responses by National Regulatory Authorities. This project will involve translating from and into any EU official languages.
Starting date of the contract: end of 2014. euroscript won this contract in 2007 and has also been renewed in 2011.
The project « DG Connect ». It is a long-term project (4 years).

1/ General Requirements
- target language = mother tongue English
- expertise in the domain  (electronic communications networks and services, competition law)
(samples documents can be found under:
            - Usage of CAT tools are a must and Trados Studio 2014 is preferable.
2/ Candidate profile
æ Profile 1 - minimum qualifications
-           3 full years of translating experience in the language combination
-           University degree and/or master degree in translation
æ Profile 2 - minimum qualifications
-           Any other University degree
-           4 full years of translating experience in the language combination
æ Profile 3 - minimum qualifications
Non-native EN speakers with the following competences:
-           In-depth knowledge and competences in English ? close to native abilities
-           Post-graduate experience in translation of min. 3 full years (into EN)
-           Expertise in the requested domains

3/ Signed Documents to be submitted to the client
- europass CV in English (please use attached template)
- Annex 7: (see attached template: Information sheet)
- Annex 6b (see attached template: Letter of Intent)
- Annex 8: Computer and Telecommunications Equipment questionnaire
- copy of University diploma
- Confidentiality agreement
*Please use a blue pen when signing the documents.

4/ Deadline
- Scanned documents should be sent to<> as soon as possible
- Originals should be sent to euroscript Luxembourg by post at the following address at the latest by the 6th of June 2014.
Mrs. Stefanie Trahe, Bid Manager

55, rue de Luxembourg
L-8077 Bertrange

At last but not least the standard pricing for a translation service is 12? per European Union standard page.
*EU page = sp1500 characters without spaces.

Should you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Thank you very much for your time and support!
*please do not change the subject title when replying.

Cordialement / Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dalila Aït Braham | Global Vendor Manager
euroscript Group (Luxembourg office)
T.: +352 31 44 11 445 | F.: +352 31 44 11 339
55, rue de Luxembourg | L-8077 Bertrange<>



Eurostreet Società Cooperativa, Biella, Italy (Low rates, bottom-feeder)

They offer a ridiculous 11 Eur per page of 1500 signs minus spaces.
More on this page: "Eurostreet ’s prices have dropped more than a third from the price list they posted in 2010.How could Eurostreet possibly still be in business? Well, you could write and ask Claudio Ranghino, who is supposedly Eurostreet’s “legal representative” ("


Eurotranslations, Spain (Bottom feeder)

Email 23/07/14:  "Hello again, Below is the email correspondence I recently had with Eurotranslations, an agency based in Spain. They asked me to quote for a Romanian-English legal translation and said that they specifically wanted a UK English-speaking translator. When I told them my rate, they tried to persuade me to accept half of it, saying: "considering our clients are Spanish we cannot offer high budgets". I have worked for Spanish agencies before, and what Eurotranslations offered (EUR 0.04-0.05 per target word) is low even by Spanish standards, and insultingly low for a legal translator working into UK English."

    Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:44:38 +0200
    From: Eurotranslations <>
 Subject: Re: [ mail] Legal document (bankrupcy file and power of attorney) 800 words 
Dear X,

Thank you very much for taking the time to get in contact regarding this project.

On average, considering our clients are Spanish we cannot offer high budgets and consequently we usually pay between 0.04 and 0.05 per target word to our translators.

Do you think you could possibily a lower rate on this occasion?

I look forward to your response."

Kind Regards,

Esmeralda García
Translation Project Manager



Exchange Data International Ltd (insulting rates and attitude)

Email 16/12/13: 
"Thanks for your blacklist of translation agencies, it is very helpful. Would it be possible to add Exchange Data International Ltd? Last week they offered me a whopping 7.5 GBP per hour. I replied:
"This would mean that, even if I put in 10 hours each day, I would end up with GBP 40 per day after taxes, and approximately GBP 800 per month. That's far from the minimum salary in Belgium, and I assume/hope in the UK as well."
Here's what they replied:
"I am afraid freelancers here don’t go by the minimum salary, they work when there is work. The pay is not negotiable I am afraid."
Of course, I declined the offer. I had already done a test translation for them. I would like to warn other freelancers so that they don't waste their time.
Best regards,
Bjorn T."



Expert of Translations (SCAM alert)

"Expert of Translations is a phantom company based in the Palestinian territories. It is linked to Translation Secrets, Gentle Translations, Amazing Translations, Powerful Translations, Languagemet and several other agencies that steal CV identities to get work.

The person behind Expert of Translations is called Stephani (a fake name). Do not accept any projects from this person. If you do, not only will he or she steal your identity, but you will also received no payments for work completed.

Feel free to contact me regarding this agency."


Fast Translation 12, Italy (beware)

Email 20/01/15
My name is Chieko Laux. I’m an English-Japanese translator.
I would like you to add this company to your blacklist.
Cappi Bartolomeo of Fast Translation 12 (Italy) contacted me directly asking for Japanese proofreading.
I performed the work for her, but after delivery she claimed the job had been cancelled ? if it actually was, it was because of her mismanagement ? and refused to pay me.
The amount is small (US$44.62), and at first she promised to pay me after I mentioned that I would report this to translation job websites. However even after the due date, she does not pay and does not respond to e-mails, which is unprofessional and unacceptable.
I can provide further details and e-mails, if necessary.
Thank you, and thanks very much for making this valuable resource available to the translator community."
" Hello, I sent you the following e-mail on the 20th. and after you posted this information, she finally paid the exact amount. Thank you so much. I just would like to inform you and thank you.



FEA Translation and Language Solutions (Incredibly low rates)

    Read discussion on LinkedIn
    "If you visit their website, you'll see they also pretend to have branches all over the world, and the job ad I saw said "FEA Translation and Language Solutions Australia". I paste the message below for you to be aware of this new case.
    Thank you for your email and for sending us your CV .
    We are happy to inform you, FEA Translation and Language Solutions confirm acceptance on said subject concerning the cooperation with you, we agree to pay 0,010 USD per source word.
    Please find attached our database form for translators which we would appreciate you completing, signing and returning to us.
    Please accept our congratulations on the adoption of our family and our thanks for your enthusiastic attitude.
    We recognise that our greatest asset is our translators; It is our people who deliver brilliant work. Who give the company its personality, who shape its culture, and who innovate. That´s why we believe in treating our people with respect, looking after their welfare and allowing them the freedom to be themselves, to flourish, and maximise their potential moreover to produce the best results for the Company & clients. It is our policy to assist our people to enable them to achieve their aims and aspirations.(...)"
Indeed, they really know how to show their gratitude for all this profit they are making in your back. By promising to treat you with respect. What a deal!


Flow languages (non-paying crooks)

Email 2/1/15:
"I'd like to notify other translators about non-paying agency - Flow Languages
I did 7 small projects for Flow Languages in October and November 2014. They should have paid the first sum at the beginning of November, than postponed payment (after my several letters) to the beginning of December, but didn't pay and didn't answer my letters. 
So, please, be careful with this dishonest agency. By the way, it has a very low LWA at, too, it's a pity, that I didn't look for this information before.
Best wishes,
Elena Sukhova
P.S. Katina Nikolova, the line manager, responsible for my payment, is in the copy."

Email 12/01/15:
"Hi, I completed three translation projects for Flow Languages last  October and November and still have not been paid (total amount over £635). I have not had any written response to my emails since November. Whenever I call they either tell me payment will be next month, the person I need to speak to is not in or they will forward my query … Though i never hear back … Am appalled!
Have you had any other complaints regards this company?"
With kind regards,
Mariska van den Broek BA MSc DipTransIoLET MCIL
Email 13/01/15 

"I have just seen your web page about the agencies to avoid.
I too have four outstanding invoices, I did four jobs between September and November 2014, and I still haven't been paid (equivalent of €550).

Everyone should avoid Flow Languages now."

Best regards
Caroline Ville



Frühbeck Translations, Esperanza Frühbeck (CROOK, RUN!! owes thousands)



FOX Translate (Low rates)

GBS Translation, Madrid (bad payer)


"I must had on that black list a spanish translation agency called GBS Business Services located in Madrid, Spain. The administrator is named Rafael Gutiérrez Martínez (also owing a company called Welma Web Mkt Labs). Appears on LinkedIn with many contacts but be careful he is dishonest and very bad payer. Does not answer mails anymore.
Thank you very much to give the translators the opportunity to denounce dishonest behaviours and inform on bad experiences."
CLM, Barcelona, 12/11/2014. (insulting rates+non-payer)

Translator's report:
"Proposent des prix très bas (0.02 Euro par mot) et ne paient pas." 


Gengo (terrible rates and quality)

"Thanks for an excellent service! Very interesting blog indeed.

I would just like to mention that well-known bottom feeders Gengo (standard rates of $0.03/word for translators, I believe) also have another problem from an end client point-of-view, which is probably very much related to their rates. As it happens, the skills of their translators vary from very good (rare cases!) to "WTF!?". Some translations are acceptable, but most are direct word-for-word translations which seem to have been run through Google Translate before a quick edit. I can of course only speak for translations between English and German and the Scandinavian languages, but I can't imagine the situation being any better for other language pairs. Proofreading generally has to be done in-house after submission of translations. What puzzled me is that Gengo has a high score on Proz, but one external translator told me that Gengo have paid translators and individuals to enter good ratings, which may or may not be true, but it sounds feasable. So, terrible rates and poor quality goes hand in hand. Who would have thought..."



Gentle Translations (Run! Scammers network)

Omar AKA Agatha Wear AKA Lego Trans/Petra Trans (see note 18, TSD). Lonaverbas/Professional Translator Team are also closely connected to Gentle Translations (aka Languagemet/Translation Secrets and many other scam operations). 


GIGAVINE (use machine translation, pay 0.03 Eur per word)

"We employ best practices when it comes to processing content with machine translation. We always compensate our linguists for their hard work and the rates are of a minimum of $0.05 as benchmarked by the industry standards."
Tariq Ghali, project manager, PR manager (Email 19/11/14)



Giantsc Translation (China) - (Offensive rates)   

Global Tech Creations, India (unprofessional, low pay)

"I got an email from them, obviously a group email sent via the mailing system. They were looking to get an affidavit translated form English to Finnish, offering 30 USD for 494 words. The translation should be delivered within a few hours, and the payment would be made via Paypal. Ridiculous, I know, but to me the worst part of the inquiry was that it included a direct download link to the file to be translated which contains very personal information, including the names of various individuals and references to their family background, religion and wealth. Global Tech Creations made this information available to all the potential translators that received the inquiry. I have no idea how many people received it. I notified the agency immediately of this breach of privacy but is there some other institution or organization that should be notified?" read on LinkedIn


Globale Communication, Munich (non-payer, low payer, Run!)

11/11/14: "WARNING!
Globale Kommunikation in Munich,CEO Nardina Alongi is a complete no-go. Offers translations at low rates - often also short deadlines. Banned from all major translatorsites due to non-payment etc. Actively searching for translators from her LinkedIn profile and TraduGuide, where scammers are obviously welcomed. I have warned them against Ms. Alongi, Ms Alongi has apparently refused to get in contact with me and settle our dispute, but TraduGuide cannot be moved to end me a copy of the e-mail stating so.



Globalwise Conversion technologies  

Globalwise Conversion Technologies, Cambridge, UK, George Ritter, Project Manager or owner


Guidi, Martha  

Marta Guidi from Florence


Hello Veritas see Veritas (nasty business practises, won't pay)

Hispanic Voices: Philip Ward &  Kitzia Huerta (fraud and theft!)
Article online: "The owner of a foreign-language interpreter service pleaded guilty to theft Monday in a billing-for-services scheme that authorities say cost a Washington state agency hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Philip Ward, 41, of Mountlake Terrace, pleaded guilty in Thurston County Superior Court to three counts of first-degree theft. Ward’s wife, Kitzia Huerta, 37, had pleaded guilty in October to one count of first-degree theft in the same case (...)  By pleading guilty, the couple admitted to defrauding L&I from February 2006 to September 2008 by billing for interpretive services that never occurred, inflating bills for services that did occur and using the provider numbers of certified interpreters to bill for services provided by uncertified interpreters.
Prosecutors from the state Attorney General’s Office contend the fraudulent billings amounted to well over $600,000, making it L&I’s largest case ever of interpreter fraud. As part of their guilty pleas, the couple has agreed to repay the state. The court will determine the amount of restitution at a hearing in Thurston County on Dec. 9.(...)"
Read rest of the article


HQ  (low rates) 

HQ European Translation (low rates) HQ European Translation offers $0.03 per word for ALL languages 



HRS (Hotel Reservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH) Germany: bottom-feeder paying 0.01E per word for translation

Contact: Blaubach 32, 50676 Köln, Deutschland
Geschäftsführer: Tobias Ragge
AG Köln HRB 6099 USt-IdNr.: DE 122779245
Dear X,

Thanks for your interest in the translator job.

As the ad reads, we do not use any tools in the translations, and the rate is 1.6€ per 100-word text.

I am afraid this is below your rates.

Best regards,

Tina Mueller
Translation Coordinator EN
Phone +49 221 2077-5858, Fax +49 221 2077-0, 

Job #180874 posted on 12/9/2014 at 11:38 GMT

Europas frührendes Hotelportal HRS sucht ab sofort erfahrene Freelancer zur Übersetzung von Hotelbeschreibungstexten "Stil" und "Lage".
Diese Texte werden in-house verfasst und dienen der bestmöglichen Darstellung des jeweiligen Hotels auf
Im Schnitt umfassen diese Texte ca. 100 Wörter. Die englischen Übersetzungen werden als Grundlage für weitere Übersetzungen verwendet.

////Pro Hoteltext (100 Wörter) werden 1,60 € gezahlt. Dies ist nicht verhandelbar.////

Zu Monatsanfang werden bis zu 300 Hoteltexte in Form einer Exceltabelle an den Freelancer ausgeliefert; die Lieferung der englischen Texte ebenfalls im Excel-Format erfolgt in Etappen im Laufe des Monats, jedoch nicht später als 1 Woche vor Monatsende. Die Texte unterliegen einer strengen Qualitätsprüfung.
Eine Bearbeitung der Texte mit einem Übersetzungstool ist nicht erlaubt; Ziel ist unique content.
Voraussetzung sind Erfahrungen im Freelancer-Bereich, gültige Steuernummer in Deutschland, der EU, oder auch die UK registration number. Der sehr sichere Umgang mit Office Word und Excel ist unumgänglich. Zuverlässiges Arbeiten, eigene Qualitätskontrolle mittels spell-check und zeitnahe Lieferung sind für Sie selbstverständlich.
Bitte Bewerbungen ausschließlich von Freelancern mit Wohnsitz in der EU oder in Deutschland per Email mit Lebenslauf an:

Frau Tina Müller - -
... So that is about 4 Euros per hour. Thanks Tina. Your generosity knows no bounds

Peter Luc Huyse (Api Api Lda, Just Go Guides) Portugal: TO AVOID

Email 26/12/14:
Another interesting case to add to this list is Peter Luc Huyse, a Belgium entrepreneur based in Portugal. While he was running an online travel guide website (Just Go Guides, for his company Api Api Lda.), I have worked for him and provided extensive translations, which he paid correctly for some time, but when the website was no longer financially effective, he stopped paying me. I contacted a debt collect company, but they could not recover the amount owed to me.
He is now the owner of Algarve Travel TV, and I don´t know if he still hires translators for his business, but it´s better to be aware in future business with him."



iFree, Russia (Trouble: rude+late payer 7 months)

Email 06/10/14:
"Be aware of doing business with iFree (St. Petersburg, Russia)

I offered translation services to this company only a few times.  No problems at all the first couple of times, but some months ago the situation changed and became very unpleasant. Now the last invoice I sent them (USD 595.08) remains unpaid since last July.

The person who hired my services for this company back then was Dmitri Novikov (  At some point he informed that the invoice was going to be paid in July. It was not. Then Mr. Novikov stopped replying to my emails. He only resumed communication after I threatened to report the whole situation at Proz. He claimed then that he hadn’t replied earlier because he’d been sick. As to my payment, Mr. Novikov told me he couldn’t even “name an exact date” (his words on Skype). At first I was willing to simply sit back and wait (this is the first time I have such problems with a client), but then it dawned on me that it made no sense that I should pay for the company`s mistake. I ended up making a Blue Board entry about the company at Proz (, but the company didn’t seem to care about this either.

The latest development happened when Mr. Novikov suddenly got in touch with me and informed that a certain Olga Butyagina would be in charge of invoice and cooperation issues. I then sent Ms. Butyagina an email. She quickly informed me that my invoice would be paid at the end of the following week. Again it was not. This time I found it of extremely bad taste to give me hope that I’d be paid for my work and then not paying me once more. After that I sent a few emails to Ms. Butyagina that she didn’t reply to. Then I sent another email informing her that I would try to report the situation on this forum in case my invoice was not paid in 24 hours. She replied 32 minutes later claiming she had been sick in the meantime and had just seen my emails. As you read above, Mr. Novikov had also fallen sick when a similar situation arose, which must be one of those strange coincidences. I replied saying I was glad she had recovered, but I saw no reason not to post this here since the invoice remained unpaid and she’d given me no acceptable alternative.

So I would warn every professional who reads this post to beware of making business with the company and the people involved."
18/02/15: "Hello! Much to my surprise this client paid his debt all of a sudden. Would you please inform about this on the blog?
Thank you very much."



Inaword, USA (Stella Hayes Fridman,"retired" non-payer!)

It's great to have this list. Thanks!
I have a new one to add: Inaword (California). Although this translation company is no longer in operation, I'd love to know if anyone else is owed money by the owner, Stella Hayes Fridman, who refuses to answer emails. She owes me about $2,000 from 2012. Could you please post this? Thanks!
Beth Markowitz
ATA-Certified Translator (Spanish < > English)"


Instant Translations (low rates, suspicious practices)

Read a report:  http://www.instanttranslation "I inform you that I've answered to a job post on, and when I received the response from the agency, in which they include a link to sign up, once you register you have to activate the account, and you will finally be asked to "verify" your Paypal account by paying USD 1.- to be able to get some work from them.
"Be careful, as this is not the first agency which does the same...
More complaints :



Integrated Language Solutions, India (Non payer: Rohini Arora)

See report on LinkedIn.

Mail 02/03/14
I was recommended to take a look at your site. What do you need to add a company to your list? I am in the middle of a fight to get paid by: Integrated Language Solutions.
As you can see there are several other translators that have been scammed by Rohini Arora, whom I believe is the only person with this company. I haven't put an entry on the blue board yet, because she can comment and the comments are lies. I have been in touch with a few of the other who have given her bad reviews and they have still not been paid. I also have a support ticket open there to try to get help with pushing her to pay.
I was a fool to get lured in by her, but she paid my first invoice and I thought it would be ok. This seems to be her m.o. Anyways, I want to get the warning out there where ever I can, so no one else gets ripped off by this 'person'.


Interconnect Sprachen, Leipzig, Germany (Low rates, indifferent to good business practices ie unmanageable deadlines, late pay...)

"I’d like you to add a pretty shameless agency from Leipzig, Germany.  I’ve worked several times for them and they would only pay on second or third notice. Still, always months after the projects were finished.
I’m also based in Leipzig, Germany. Their rate 70 cents per standard line. The catch is, that this includes VAT, which is not common practice.
Taking VAT into account, the actual rate is €0.567 per standard line. So roughly €0.05 per source word.
At the beginning they promised more and better paid word, yet they never changed their policies. Work I did for them included express work as well as working over weekends and bank holidays. All for roughly €0,05.
I again received an email from them today asking me to translate 17 pages until Friday. (This mail was written on a Wednesday). This Friday is a bank holiday in Germany.
The rate, again €0,567 per standard line.

To sum it up:
They pay very late and have to be reminded several times.  They are apologetic, but that’s their number.  I caught them lying about money orders.
They pay terrible rates and don’t accept surcharges for weekend, bank holiday, or express work.
They don’t seem to be willing to change their policy.
I can prove every single bit of my experience with them. I understand you need some proof, in order to put someone on the list.
Just let me know what you need. I’m happy to provide it.
 Kind regards"

Andre Hemker

Please find the details about the agency below:Knut Janetschke
Übersetzen und Dolmetschen für alle Sprachen


Intersol Inc. (Susanna Turbitt) California, Susan Turbitt (non-payer!!)

"I wasn't paid by Intersol Inc. based in CA: Over 3k, invoices due more than one year. This company is owned by one woman Susan Turbitt, but they have PMs, too. She stopped to pay after several years of collaboration - with delayed payments, but with interesting projects. I informed the ProZ community about this. I still didn't get my money from this lady. And she still exists, with many profiles on ProZ (one was blocked by the stuff, after another collegue and later me wrote on the BB about nonpayment)  "
Read more on LinkedIn


I want to inform you about a really bold non-payer. I mean the lady named Susana Turbitt - a President/CEO of InterSol. Inc. Here is her profile:
I started to collaborate with InterSol 5-6 years ago - I was recruited by a PM. They accepted my rate, had interesting jobs and friendly PMs - an exemplary partner. Payments were timely, even if I had some times to remember the person dealing with payment about the deadline. This helped always and was within the pale. This person was the meanwhile departed husband of Mrs Turbitt. Somehow I've got information from my PM she's leaving InterSol, then I didn't hear from them about a year. Later I was contacted by Mrs Turbitt with a translation offer and a new PM was introduced. I noted this gmail address, but it was the 1st or 2nd of January and I supposed he makes a 'working holiday', as myself :) Again, I knew the firm and this was a sufficient warranty for me. I did some bigger translations and corrected a lot of 'works of art' made by somebody else in the period I didn't worked for them (By the way, at the very beginning of our collaboration I was chosen as a leading translator by an affiliate of the end client in Lithuania). The first invoice was paid after many appeals; only promises from accountants followed later about other invoices. I referred to Mrs "CEO and President" Turbitt and got an answer with a request to consider the difficult situation after the death of her husband with the blames on her employees who destroyed the firm that she tries to rescue. And with the information, everybody has to continue working for her without payment (and many do this), because this is the only way to be paid. She owed about 4,000 USD then. I refused to take more jobs and informed peers on ProZ - the stuff has banned her for posting jobs, but InterSol has many identities with the names of PMs.  (READ REST OF STORY)


InText (insulting rates)

"Proposed translation at $10 a page and editing at $5 a page." 

ISO translations see Universal Translation Services, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria :) You bet! (possible SCAM network) Brutal drop of rates in 2013

ISO Translations - a whooping 3 eurocents/word for translating and half a cent (!) for proofreading...

Email 12/02/14: "I wanted to thank you for your whole blog and your handy black list. I came across it not long ago, while looking for some info in ISO translation on the web I think. Anyway, I've just remembered that some more info were needed about ISO translation, so here  (below) is the email I received after applying (I saw on Linkedin that they were looking for some new translators), maybe it helps.
I replied asking if those rates were negociable, but I did not receive any answer, and this was about one month ago so I guess that it means that they find enough translators working at those rates (!!). Keep your blog, it is great! Best, J."
"Thank you for your email. We are using special software, which is a communication program between the project management and our translators. Without this software, you will not be able to work for us. Please note that you need to have a fast internet connection in order to use the program.

1. If you have applied as a translator, please download the software and register. You will get the possibility to download a test translation. Please upload this test translation again into Tranwise so we can analyse it. ( For example, if you want to register as a French to English translator, look for the French text in the document, translate it into English and upload both source and target language as it's important for our linguists when analyse it.) As soon as your test translation has been approved, you can log into Tranwise with the username and password you have registered and receive all the job announcements in your language combination. You are free to accept the offered translations but also to decline them. In Tranwise you will also see your payment sheet of all the jobs you have translated or proofread for us. In the first week of every month, we transfer the money.
Please note that we offer a fixed rate for translations which is 0.03Euro per word and for proofreading 0.005 Euro per word"
Mail (14/03/14) "Hi, I see that you already have an entry on ISO translations. I would like to add the following info.
I got the exact same message, including the all-time kicker:

Please note that we offer a fixed rate for translations which is 0.03Euro per word and for proofreading 0.005 Euro per word.

However, I'd like to point out that I first got a private message (request for Swedish - Dutch translators) via TranslatorsCafé from Universal Translation Services (www.universal-translation-services(dot)com). Apparently ISO translations is a subdivision of Universal Translation Services, based in Las Palmas, sunny Gran Canaria.

I asked if their proposition was meant to be a joke and that I was willing to consider a reasonable offer, but got no reply.
Kind regards, and keep up the good work"




ITRANS (Bad rates, com, payment practices, up to 7 months late)

Email 09/09/14: "I would add IITT to your list.Not only are their rates very low (0.055 USD per source word) but their communication and payment practices are totally unacceptable.

They would send out translations without even asking about your availability. They provide extra short deadlines. But when it comes to payment... they do take their time! It took me 7 months, God knows how many e-mails and involving a translation portal I met them through to finally get paid - in two installments...!
See comments on ProZ: (including mine).
They have been banned out from posting jobs on ProZ back in 2009."



Janus Worldwide, Moscow, Russia (Ridiculous rates)

"They pay ridiculously low rates and want discounts when you're good and they actually like you :) I have never worked with them, but they approached me in 2011, following is a quote from their agreement:
"The company embraces the concept of key suppliers in its work with freelance translators, reserving its core translation workload for the most loyal, productive and highly‐skilled professionals. This is what makes the company’s collaboration with Vendors so effective and so profitable. In return, the Vendor will offer a discount to Janus WWI based on the results of his work within a calendar year. The size of the discount is calculated according to the table below:"
In 2014, they asked me for my rates and then replied:
"We are very limited in budget and the maximum we can propose is 0.04 EUR. I am afraid you cannot accept that."
You can make your own decisions based on that.."
Discussion on Linkedin



 JR Media Services (subtitling company), Burbank, USA - Non payer, RUN!

Email 29/06/2014 from F.
"They pretended their client IBM had a tight budget !!), and said they didn't receive my emails containing the words "invoice", "payment", "money". I was paid over a month late. They gave me excuses which were different than those they gave to my colleague (account manager is ill/on holiday...)"
Read this blog:

"How can JR Media Services, with big Hollywood studios as their clients, have unpaid invoices dating as far back as July 2009. Unbelievable. What’s more unsettling is the fact that JR Media Services’ CEO, Max Beno, has completely washed his hands, refusing to pay the provider the $23,507.96 owed to them.
All I can do is warn any company who wants to provide services or goods to JR Media Services. JR Media Services will not pay you. They will get your goods and/or services and leave you holding the bill. And don’t hold your breath either honey cause you aren’t getting paid by JR Media Services. The ‘JR’ in JR Media Services stands for JUST RUNAWAY."

Email 20/01/15:
"Thank you for sharing the list. I'd like to add my comments for an agency that has already been listed in your Blacklist: JR Media Services, owned by Max Beno. They lied to me about a check lost in the mail (I read they did the same with other translators) and said they would send me another check. But they never replied again. I called them several times, and the receptionist or Natalie Romero (it seems they are the same person, but Natalie is always out of the office) keeps lying to me saying that they will send me the new check shortly, and this has been happening for two years.
Thanks for warning others!!"


JTI - Juris'Traduction International (France) - Late or non payments

"I did a translation for them, the invoice was supposed to be paid on October 20, sent several messages to Tomy Green and Catherine Pouré (owner) unsuccessfully. No reply from them."
"Average LWA score 2.2 overall, past year 1 (low and lowest respectively) - Since the address is the same as for JTI Development, I think we can assume these are the people you are dealing with. I suggest you get paid up to date, but do no further work for them."
"On the website (in French), I found that this agency is pursuing its activity even though a "loss of capital" has been declared on the 2nd of March 2012 ( I worked for an agency owned by JM Pouré, which also had declared a "loss of capital" on the 9th of February 2012 and is now bankrupt. This agency had a legal translation branch but the URLs I have got do not work any more. I can't be sure that these people are linked. It's quite a coincidence."
"I have not been paid for an invoice whose settlement is now two months overdue - five emails have been ignored - no reply - the telephone and fax number do not respond. I have left comments on Payment Practices ( run by Ted Wozniak who has left a comment here too. I am paying a debt collection agency called D&B Collection Services to extract the payment from this agency. My advice is not to work for them."
JTI - Juris'Traduction International: 153, avenue Charles de Gaulle, NEUILLY SUR SEINE, France, 92200

Kernel Quality Translations, Paola Martinenghi Non-payer and crook, she actually plans not to pay you)

Translator's report:
"First of all thank you so much for your blog which represents a great contribution for those of us who make a living out of our hard-earned credentials.
Here's the name and details of an Italian agency and related owner who is totally nuts. The owner, Paola Martinenghi, recruits translators offering somewhat fair rates yet when it comes to paying she totally disappears - no payment whatsoever-so some of us who had the disgrace to work with this agency are spreading the word in the attempt to save other translators (and clients as well, as I'm told they're increasingly dissatisfied especially with deadlines never met).
Here's the details.

Paola Martinenghi

Kernel Quality Translations

Thanks for sharing, I recommend you to report this person to the local authorities as soon as possible.

KONSUL - very late (8 months) or non-payment

"Some time ago I accepted an emergency job from this outfit for a fixed fee. I delivered well within the time allotted. On my next billing cycle I invoiced them, and have heard nothing since despite a reminder. I gather that this outfit doesn't usually purchase translation services, so there's a good chance that no colleague will be stiffed by them, but just in case, here are the contact details
Linkedin report
" WARNING: Damian Pajnkiher (KONSUL - PAJNKIHER & PARTNER) Also in my case he proofed untrustworthy: the invoice is now 5 months overdue!
Payment received on 19/10/2012 - Invoice date 15/02/2012, so 8 months late.

Evelina Kravina (Switzerland): Non payer!! Please report if you've been scammed

Email 30/10/14: 
Other name to join your unfortunately very useful list:
"Hi all, I want to name and shame a non-payer and warn everyone not to work with her. About six months ago I received a request to do a translation from Evelina Kravina in Switzerland (she has various so-called agencies, but in reality she's a one-woman shop). Because she said she was referred to me by a colleague, I accepted the project (stupidly) without a purchase order. I simply trusted her to make payment, which in the end was for nearly $2,000. More than six months later, I still have not received any payments from her, despite her repeated assertions that payment would come today, or tomorrow, or next week. I don't hope to collect the money she owes me at this point, but I hope you will tell everyone you know not to work with her. She is a liar and a fraud and she will not pay you for the work you do. I hope others can at least learn from my experience and avoid her and her so-called agencies like the plague."
Email 1/1/15:
"This horrible woman is the worst outsourcer I ever met in 37 years of my translator’s life. She NEVER EVER pays and has lots of victims in lots of countries. She is very talkative, convincing, an ice cold business woman without any human feelings, she promises and promises, excuses herself, promises again, but does not keep her word. Btw, she is a one woman outfit, no staff, no office space. She changes names, addresses, countries, she creates and closes companies as need be (when it gets too hot for her). Eventually, she asks her dear friend Ms Giada Pappalardo in Italy to officially distribute the work under yet another name, both women are the same kind of cheats. You work for her if you want to be absolutely sure to work for nothing. I researched her thoroughly." 


Kwintessential ltd, Sommerset, UK, Katia Wickens (Skype name Katia Reed, PM) non-payer :

Email received 2/11/13: 
"I am Proz member and I got cheated by kwintessential. I am a LinkedIn member and posted a discussion on this topic. You can see the link here 
I am attaching some documents along with the NDA that I signed.
-- Regards Parvathi.Pappu
Skype conversation (from delivery of the translation)
[11/5/2013 6:07:51 PM] Katia Reed: thank you
[11/7/2013 6:02:43 PM] Paru: Can you provide feedback on proz..only if you are happy with my work
[11/13/2013 7:11:07 PM] Paru: Katia, feedback and PO

[11/21/2013 7:32:09 PM] Paru: Katia, waiting for the PO and the payment...
No need to mention that the PO or feedback never arrived, Miss Katia Wickens vanished.
This is a lesson for whoever still accepts to start a translation without a PO, this is exactly the risk you take. NEVER DO ANYTHING WITHOUT A PO (state it too!! that's also your job, educating your client) or don't deliver the translation until you get that PO : that will teach them.
It doesn't matter who you are dealing with, even if you know the collaborator well, they will very easily forget about you and your little PO and you'll end up having to harass them many times. Once you give away your work like this, you have no guarantee left you'll get paid. That is sad but true, many PMs out there will just choose to forget all about you.

Language Insight (Bottom feeder)

Email 11/08/14: 
"I just received this 'generous' offer from Language Insight (, a UK based agency, for a transcription plus translation job. Here is the e-mail conversation:

Rosie: We are in need of linguists who specialise in medical transcription from Portuguese- English.
We work with Portuguese audio and transcribe directly into English. These are usually medical interviews with doctors or patients for market research purposes.
Our rate is always charged per recorded minute rather than per word.  Our rate is  £1.40 per recorded minute.

My response: Dear Rosie
Thank you for your e-mail. You are looking for people to transcribe and translate, from Portuguese audio into English text, and are willing to pay £1.40 per minute of audio? Have I understood correctly.

Rosie: Yes that is correct.

My response: I see. That being the case, and assuming that one hour of audio contains around 5000 words, or 83 words per minute, this would mean a rate of around £0.0168 per word. My normal rate for medical translation is £0.08 per word. Considering that for a translation and transcription project I would need to work without the aid of a CAT tool, or else I would need to transcribe the whole audio file and then translate it, which given the subject matter, would probably be necessary in any case.

In terms of time, the job as described would probably take around 10x the length of the recording, depending on the quality of the audio and the complexity of the subject matter. So the offer is likely to be worth around £8.50/hr [£2 more than the UK minmum wage], and may be even less. Obviously I could not possibly accept the job at such a rate.
I will propose the following, and as there are two jobs here, I will quote them separately. For the transcription (Portuguese audio to Portuguese text) I will charge £1 per audio minute. For the translation (Portuguese text to English text), I will charge £0.08 per word.

Unsurprisngly, I've not heard anything back. 
I was also offered other (non-translation) work by this agency at insulting rates."

Email 2/2/15: "Language Insight contacted me and asked me to take a test longer than 700 words (medical - which is not my area of expertise btw). I spent a whole day trying my best to impress them. Only 3 hours after returning the test, they told me I had passed the test, providing me with their contract to sign. Before signing I asked some questions about payments/preferred currency/invoices etc...
I have never heard from them again.

The name of the VM was "Carlos"

From A to Z I've found 13 agencies to which I sent my CV. Luckily they were not categorised as "CV Thieves". However, I'll mark them in red in my spreadsheet.

Again, thank you very much for your useful list! 



Languages International. Inc. (Beverly Wall and Chelsie Fink) USA. - Non-payers

4665 - 44th Street SE
Suite A-1101
Grand Rapids, MI
USA 49512-4052

Translator's email 7/11/13 : " They asked me for a job in December 2010. I sent an invoice for $ 1,530,24 on 31 December 2010, but after having promised twice to pay immediately, they have not answered e-mails. I am currently using debt collection agency to collect this debt for me, but they have disputed my claim although I have a valid PO which Chelsie Fink sent before I started working.

It would not hurt to publish this in your black list and ask if anyone else has been treated similarly to me."


Language Master International/Elvita Puke 


 Languagemet  (Scammer, id. thiefs)

Others names : Expert of Linguists, Palestine Territories, PM: Stephani (fake name), fake address: 2/1, Hifa St., Alfei Menashe, 43351 Israel (fake address), Skype: Ch.Trans,, Paypal ID: GTrans, no website, linked to Gentle Translations/Translation Secrets, Languagemet/Purity Translations/ Amazing Translations among others; non-payer, CV identity thief.



Lengo Trans (Scammer!)

"Another non-payer to watch out for is Agatha Wear, LengoTrans. They are a scam that pretends to be a legitimate agency"
Read discussion
PS Omar AKA Agatha Wear AKA Lego Trans/Petra Trans (see note 18, TSD). Lonaverbas/Professional Translator Team are also closely connected to Gentle Translations (aka Languagemet/Translation Secrets and many other scam operations).


LEXCODE (Low pay)

    Discussion on Linked In
    "Here is another translation job for $250 / 6500 words = $0,03846 per word!! Here is the full text of the original "ad":
    "We are in urgent need of a skilled freelancer to translate an English Maintenance Manual (Main condensate pump) to DUTCH.
    - Deadline is on September 21, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. Korea time (GMT+8).
    - The file has around 6,500 words. The project rate is USD 250.
    - Educational/Work background in mechanical engineering & technical translations is an advantage.
    To all qualified applicants, please email your resume ASAP at [email removed*]. Kindly mention your location so we can work our our time difference. :)
    Looking forward to your email!
    Many thanks,
    Christine Ignacio (LEXCODE Project Coordinator)
    Deadline: September 17 the end of the day"


Martin Lleonsi  (Low rates)

Lingotek (very late payments, crowdsourcing, cheap machine translation, zero quality)

Linked In warning from professional: "Stay away from Lingotek!"
Email 03/12/13 : "I know two translation agencies that I thought suitable for the blog post + helpful to share with other fellow translators. LingoTek, Utah, USA: Although they are already on the list and someone pointed out their late payment, I have been having the same problem.  I have worked on 5 projects with them since early 2013 and 100% of the payments are late so far.  Thanks and regards,"
Ayako T
Email 2/7/14:  
You should write about this move toward crowdsourcing translation work. It is really an ominous turn of events. I was recently approached by these guys:

Here is their video, very alarming--we are, as if, to meld, Borg-like, with a "machine,", i.e., software. The rate I was offered was 0.03 USD per machine-translated word. We all know that the current state of machine translation means that editing it is labor-intensive, to put it lightly.

Needless to say, I told them to "frack" off.

Lingua FX International, Turkey (very demanding for the rate they offer)

    Discussion on LinkedIn: "just got this "great offer" - USD 0,05/word... and quite a long requirement list for experience:"
    "At least 5 years extensive experience in translation sector;
    Should be native speaking and has the capability to translate from English to their native languages and vice versa;
    Using CAT tools, Trados 2009 or 2011;
    Experience in working and cross-checking with reference material (glossaries etc.);
    Demonstrable ability to follow instructions;
    Ready to accept our fixed rate of USD 0,05/word for translation services
    Ready to accept payments net 45 days following the end of month in which the service invoice is submitted
    Ready to handle short sample translation in which the quality check is to be made by the native speaking third party.
Clearly another slave contract."


Lingua Genesis (SCAM ! Incredibly rude and unprofessional, ask you to pay to register)

Translator's report: "A certain Carl Dundas contacted me through ProZ some time ago, saying that they were taking applications for my language pair and specialisations. I obliged, albeit after quite a long time due to a protracted office & house move and not being able to access the documents he required (CRB check amongst them).
Today he replied saying that the application looked complete but have I sent his colleague 3 quid registration fee.

I replied saying that I was surprised, as it is not customary for potential clients to request payments from service providers and that I was leaving it up to him to decide whether he wanted to work with me. I also requested that he removed all the information I sent him from his email and drive if his decision is negative (they contained confidential information: scan of passport, CRB check, marriage certificate as my CRB was in my maiden name). In response I got this:

"I do not care for your arrogance and bad attitude, young lady, and for wasting my time. Rules are in place for security and I am surprised that you would throw away potential work opportunities for the sake of a minimal fee."

Whilst I'm not bothered about three quid and I would have happily sent it to them as a means of proving that I am a real (business) person if he gave me a professional and valid reason, I am shocked that someone can be so arrogant, unprofessional and pompous in such a short message.

AVOID!!! Rest on LinkedIn

WPPF: "anyone knows this company, Linguagenesis?
I feel very weird.
Several days ago I applied an over the phone interpreting job from them on proz, just now, I've received their email telling they've got other interpreter to do it, then they suggest I register online  for their business, but they'll charge me £3 for registration fee, and even said I'm required to supply an insurance to work as their qualified freelancer. the point is the insurance costs £60, and if they apply the insurance on my behalf, they will charge me only £40.
Have you ever experienced this?"
"NEVER NEVER NEVER (I have 39 years of experience in translating technical text all over the world, and NEVER EXPERIENCED such a thing. Be careful! Teresa"


Lingua info, India (spam material)

Email 19/03/14, Edward Whiteside: 
"I received this message via TD from some cheeky bugger in India (

Scope of work:-
English To Hungarian Translation Requires
Domain----ENGINEERING (Machines)
Bulk work
Currently Approx 10000 words
Deadline ASAP
Our max offer 0.03 USD
Project In Hand
Files in PDF and word."



Lingua Translations (Y. Altintas), Belgium (Scammer, run!)

Mail 18/02/2014:
Could you please blacklist this Belgian company: Lingua Translations Contact Name: Ir. Y. Altintas Address:

Winkelstraat 58
BE-2890 Sint-Amands
Mob: +32 477/574 855
Fax: +32 52/523 789 Email:

They owe me 100 Euro and are not replying to my emails for more than 2 months. I have already asked to blacklist them on Proz as well
Thank you in Advance.
"Yep, Lingua and Mr. Altintas (it's a one man show) is a crooked scheme. Had to contact the company I made the work for and threaten him with police charges + attorney action to be paid a lousy 500 € sum. Avoid this scammer at all costs." Joao


Lingua World Services, India (Unprof., Low rates)

Email 30/04/14: 
"Thank you for running this wonderful website.
This is really helpful indeed.
I would like you to add "Lingua World Services" which is one of Indian translation agencies.

Their rate is extremely low (as 3 USD per word) besides sometimes they ask "additional requests" to edit the translations.
These additional requests occur due to bad organization. Basically they do not count the total words and do not edit document format to type in before passing these projects to translators.

Then they try to offer lower price saying "There are lots of duplicated words" which was total incorrect.
It is totally unfair to do those edits with only 3 USD and takes long hours to do that.

Also they do not pay if you don't ask hard.
They eventually paid out all my pays though it was way too over due and they sometimes did not respond to my inquiries about the payments although they respond to me real quick while I was on any projects.

The translation coodinator is polite though the agency is very disorganized and extremely late-pay.
Please be aware.
Thank you."

"Hello there,

I'd like you to add a Translation Agency to your blacklist:

I have already done two projects for them. They don't reply to my e-mails and they make several excuses.
I finally got paid, but I had to send lots of emails. A complete waste of time!"


Lingual consultancy services (non-payer)

Email 06/08/14:
Hey! Just found your site, and I have another company that doesn't pay for services - they promise, but never deliver!
Parkhi Sabharwal

Lingual Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (LC)
Office: +91-11-32315394
Skype: parkhi.sabharwal



Lionbridge (shameless rates, zero concern for quality, hell to work with)

Linked In report: (...) the one and only client I have ever had, that I would not even want for my worst enemy is Lionbridge because of the following reasons:

1. They won't send you that much work to make it worth your time.
2. PMs and other staff members don't answer emails.
3. Rates are OK, lety's say they are within the standard, but you'll end up investing a lot more time than you would for any other project for any other client.
4. They demand you use their software and apps for most projects, but their software and apps are unnecessarily complicated, don't represent a real help for translators, learning how to use them will take a long time you're not being paid for, and the worst part is there are errors, bugs and glitches everywhere.
5. Support for the use of their software is non-existent. Not even their own staff knows how to use their own software. They even admit the software is faulty.
6. Most tasks come along with silly requirements such as a number of additional fles to deliver for their statistics. It is just additional work that serves no purpose at all, and will make you waste your time.
7. I believe they don't pay translators as it took me nearly 6 months to get paid for the one and only task I completed for them, and only after spamming their emails every single day and shaming them in forums and else.
8. All translators I have met in person or online have either had awful experiences with them or heard the worst comments about them.
9. It is terribly disorganized as one PM doesn't know whether another PM has said or ordered something, they don't even know how their own company works, and they never solve any issues at all.

In summary, don't go there at all, just stay away, avoid them like the pest."
" Received this morning from a giant in translation industry, known for their ginormous tendering and no follow-up:
"We are currently looking to increase our pool of resources for a project to improve/validate Machine Translation (MT) output for a big online seller in the market. [...] High linguistic quality is not expected. Typos, punctuation, small grammar mistakes and other issues that do not affect purely the meaning of the translation are not to be corrected. [...] We are considering paying this work by word or by ad. If by word, the rate offered would be around EUR 0.0175/word. The rate takes into account the increased productivity due to MT and the lower quality expectations." 
The last line is my favourite." (28/01/14)
Discussion on Lionbridge (linkedIn)
Email 20/11/14: 
"Very complete website! Thank you for mentioning Lionbridge! One of my last experiences, if you like to share with other people:
They ask the translators to use Linguistic Toolbox, a tool associated to Translation Workspace, THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR!). Well, downloaded the application and try to install it, and got a message:"There's a new version of this tool" (AND WHY THE HECK DON'T YOU POST IT!!!). Try to install, and another message appears: "The system has detected that you have xxx and yyy running. Please, close these applications and try again". I close those applications and try again. Same message as before. I TURN OFF THE PC COMPLETELY, TURN ON AGAIN AND ONLY OPEN THAT F#@|¬ APPLICATION. The same message.I contact the so-called "support service", with all the above explanations.1 hour after, I get the answer from someone in Poland: "Can you explain us exactly what your problem is?"...After sending my answer, the West Europe Vendor Manager told me that my answer was very unprofessional. Balance: 90 minutes lost that nobody paid me..."Emilio 

Lingvopoint (Scam: use translators profiles without authorisation!!! Massively report them asap if you are amongst victims)

"This is outrageous. I've just found out that has posted my profile information that has been stolen from my Proz webpage. They've also altered my rates to something ridiculously low. Here is a discussion on Proz: It seems like many of us have profiles there. We need to bring this to the attention of Proz.
"I didn't know I was there too. As I don't intend let someone else steal my identity and do nothing about it, I plan to report them to the company that hosts this site ( and which offers the email address for this purpose.As you will see in the detailed whois record below, the registrant is located in the British Virgin Islands, and according to me, this identity theft needs to be reported to the BVI police. I guess that the BVI government site should be a good starting point if you want to contact them too: don't know if the registrant's data are accurate, but I guess that the more we are to complain, the quicker this dirty business disappears." (Read rest of thread here), Latvia (bottom feeders/fishy)

Email 19/09/14:
" needs to be on your list:
They work via Proz and offer 0.03 euro per word. They used a tactic to steal this cheap services from me, where after delivery they claimed that they didn't need the job anymore. I gave them a chance to explain why they didn't cancel the job with me before I delivered it, but they don't reply anymore." (spam material, bottom feeder)

Email 14/03/14, R.P:
"I want to ask you to blacklist the following associated agencies: and

Full article can be found here:
Reasons for listing:
- a Translator fee of £0.03/$0.05/€0.035 per word exclusive of Value Added Tax (if applicable).
- imposing the requirement of an Insurance Policy, paid by the translator."


Logic Lingo, Ivan Madrigal (Spain) - Non-payer

"Please allow me to add a very interesting specimen to your list.
I worked for Ivan Madrigal at Logic Lingo (based in Spain) as a freelancer in 2010, and after 3 years of weekly reminders, he still hasn't paid his debt. As a result, I have contacted a lawyer in Spain, and can forward you any relevant emails. Thanks and have a lovely day!"
Email 26/12/14: NON PAYER

"I have worked for Logic Lingo some years ago; Ivan Madrigal is a nice fellow, very prestative, but when some invoices were late for payment, all I got was excuses, like issues with the bank, his client had not paid yet, etc. I sent many e-mails and contacted him on Skype and asked for my outstanding invoice, but only got a small payment (not even 10% of what he owed me) and more excuses. The bottom line: after 2 years of that incident, I still have not received my payment. Of course I will not work for him again, and I use my time more efficiently working for better payers instead of writing to him and trying to get my money. But I hope this helps to warn against his very unethic practices."


Lonaverbas/Professional Translator Team (CV identity theft scammers: Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi)

According to this website, (note 69 at the bottom of the page), The scammer, Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi is the mastermind behind Lonaverbas
Interesting stuff revealed about Lonaverbas:
- Fake addresses
- Fake identities
- Stolen CVs
- Fake credentials
Mail 09/03/14  
"Hello, Your website is brilliant. Well done! Please list this agency (scam operation - see note 18 & 69 at Translation Scammer Directory). Lonaverbas/Professional Translator Team (CV identity theft scammers). They pay 0.04 USD pw for technical translations.


Loquo (non payer)

02/04/15: Hi, I have found a translation agency that refuses to pay for work done last year. Their telephone number, email and the link to their advert on is:


Manta Translations (go to Orbe): horrid company



Maremagnum (and other aliasses) - Arrested for non payment of translators

"Spain - The owners of a translation agency arrested for non-payment of translators

Great news which can let us hope that things may change.
The Spanish authorities have arrested the two managers of a translation agency who didn't par its translators. Moreover, they used to impersonate some real colleagues in order to get the jobs. Currently, the financial damage is estimated at approx. Euro 20,000, but the investigation is still ongoing."
Detienen en Barcelona a los responsables de una empresa por estafar a...



Mayflower, India (spam material, insulting rates, email harassment)

This was posted on last year:

11 Dec 2012 - Posted a 20k legal job, DE>EN, for delivery in 6 days offering INR 1 (USD 0.02)/word

More on WPPF:

"I have done a paid sample test for them. Then I had to send a reminder to get the payment. They paid.
It seems that, as many other agencies, they hire professional translators to pass tests and get jobs but then they hire other translators for a low rate." (Message 7723)
More recent reports (2014): LinkedIn



Medium (undercutting crowdsourcer : hiring amateurs and passing it for professional work)

Email 11/8/14: 
"I found your email in your blog: which is quite a fascinating read. As you probably know, Medium (a blogging platform from Twitter co-founder) has decided to go with a crowdsourced translation. To be precise: a post-edited machine translation. Which is a terrible idea for such creative website as Medium. I wrote my opinion about it in my blog:
I would appreciate it if you could share it with your readers on your blog or in other social networks. Have a fantastic weekend!"



Militaris (SCAM)

    Post stolen CVs and use fake pictures
    "Info copied from Proz. This site even has a picture of a Hollywood celebrity (Mario Lopez) presented as a translator:"

Mind your language, Hong Kong (Unethical business practices) 

Email 24/11/14:
"I would like to add another translation company to the ever-growing blacklist. Mind Your Language of Hong Kong pays low (not as bad as some on this list) rates. However, they have an awful workflow. After a translator passes a test to be included in their database, the translator has to take a new test (around 300 words) with no pay to be accepted for each new client, and at that point, a translator is accepted either as "preferred translator" or "backup translator," and there are usually multiple translators for each client. Every time there is a new job from the client, all the translators for the client receive a system email, even though only the "preferred translators" can pick up the job. If the preferred translators are all unavailable, the project manager informs the backup translators. In other words, one spends a lot of time doing free "trial" translations for this company. 
Their contract also includes this statement: "Payments will be made by PayPal in the first ten Hong Kong working days of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. Payments will only be made for a minimum amount equivalent to HK$500. If the amount due is less than HK$500, MYL will retain this amount until the next scheduled payment month." Since I plan to stop working for them, I guess they will get to keep the money from the small job I did for them back in August.
Thanks for your attention to this, and thank you for your efforts in maintaining this list."

Mittal Publishing, India (SCAM) (bottom feeder, translators are doing the PMs work! what the hell?)

Email 08/09/14:
Furthermore, I would like to confirm the comments about I cancelled my account after one day - the rates are the lowest of all agencies (0.04 - 0.05 EUR per source word), yet the translator takes care of all the administrative tasks, dealing directly with clients as if they were indeed, direct clients! Normally, this is the work of Project Managers. Not a good deal.
Many thanks once again for your valuable Translation Blog."



Laila Mohamed (SCAM)


MO Group International (Bruxelles) - Non-payers

Report received by email :This translator has been waiting since november 2011 for his payment (so nearly 2 years). Despite promises from the group, then threats of starting legal action, the agency refuses to answer.
"L'agence concernée se nomme MO Group International, basée à Bruxelles. Malgré de très nombreuses relances, celle-ci ne m'a toujours pas payé une facture datant du mois de novembre 2011. Au début, ils me promettaient que ce serait fait "prochainement" mais depuis plusieurs mois, je n'ai plus la moindre réponse, y compris pour les mises en demeure via recommandé avec AR.
L'agence étant basée en Belgique, ma société de portage n'a pas les moyens d'aller plus loin dans la procédure, et je vais sans doute finir par laisser tomber. Mais au moins, j'aimerais dénoncer la pratique par tous les moyens possibles."


Mondragonlingua, Spain (insulting rates)

"This Spanish agency is working on the translation of United Nations documentation from English into Latin American Spanish.The first time they contacted me they asked for my rates per word. I said 0.06 euros per word; 0.03 per word for revision. This is my rate for agencies. I think it's a normal, decent rate.
I got an email offering me work for 0.012 euros per word. I responded a kind "thank you but no." and reminded them they asked for my rates, and of course I was willing to negotiate, but not to accept such a low payment. Got no answer.
Today again the same project manager contacts me again. Again it is a huge document, with very short delivery delay and again it's the same laughable rate: 0.012 euros per word.
I responded firmly "please do not contact me again unless you have a serious proposal" and reminded them of my rates.
This is a joke, but I'm not laughing."


Morningside translation


I did business with the San Francisco office, which passed me off to the New York office once I completed payment authorization. See my review on the New York listing.



Moscow Translation Agency (insulting rates)

"They pay translators as low as $6.25 per page and as low as $3 a page for editing. Translators also lose out some more when receiving payment because the company does not pay for PayPal fees or bank transfer fees. I lost over $50 off the amount that was owing to me when they sent a wire transfer."



MuchDo Tr. (Low rates, non-payment)

    MuchDo Translations offering ridiculous rates
    Professional in LinkedIn : "I just got an offer for EN-FI translation for 0.03 USD per source word, of which i kindly declined. This translation was only for 300 words and they would have paid the invoice in 30 days or later. "
See also: Ripoff report 


My Genco (Bottom feeders with low rates, employ anyone)

    "On MyGengo, I did a test translation for them about a year ago. It took them about 3 months to get back to me to say my test had been approved. Since then precisely two job offers have come in, the latest today, offering US$0.03 per word. Since it was only 122 words, the job was worth $3.66! Not worth turning on the computer for! As has been said before, we don't HAVE to take these jobs, but given the name of this group, just thought I'd do a bit of naming and shaming. Come to think of it, I haven't taken on any agency work for more than 6 months now, since I've yet to come across any that pay more than about US$0.06 per word. What's going on out there?? Or am I asking too much??"
Read more on LinkedIn (Bottom feeder)

Email 11/08/14:
"I received an email from in July. It didn't exactly inspire me, but I thought I would click the link to see what they were about. On the website, you can clearly see the job size (word count) and the amount paid to the translator. In some cases, the rates are as low as $0.04 per word, but most seem to come in at $0.065 per word, and they don't seem to apply any minimum charges to short jobs. (One job payment is currently listed as $1.30 for 20 words!) These jobs include legal and technical jobs, which of course should cost more money.

When I asked the person who emailed me where they found my details, all they said in reply was that they had found it on a translator directory website - they weren't willing to state which one."



Myword Localization (rush work, non-payer)

"In September, I was assigned a (proofreading) project by Myword Localization, LTD., (offices in Israel, Romania, and the United States). I had 8 hours to proofread a contract that was translated from Italian to English.
Prior to the assignment, I spoke with one of the company's managers who tried to lowball me, however, he finally agreed to my price because he needed it done "yesterday", and wanted to go home. We agreed on the terms and how much work the document needed.
I sent them back the assignment with my edits and invoice. I received a "thank you". Hours later I received an e-mail complaining that the work was not up to par, and sorely lacking. I responded but refused to go back and forth as I had too much work to do at the time.
30 days later - the company refuses to pay the invoice. I have contacted them and have kindly reminded them of our agreement, and how "urgent" the project was, (few hours deadline). I also reminded them that failure to pay any part of the invoice without an amicable resolution is theft of service
To be continued."


The Native translator / The Translator Group & The Business Translator, Switzerland (Non-payer)

Just a small advice to my dear colleagues out there: The below agency owes me an invoice of +1,400 EUR:
The Native Translator (also known as The Translator Group & The Business Translator)

I did a small part of a very big project. Payment is now 40 days late (invoice due since 20th of December 2014). They say they need to proofread my part before they can pay. They already have had 77 days to do so, still no comments about MY part ... No concrete feedback, just general comments about the whole project in which a great many translators participated.

I would definitely NOT work with them again."

Kind regards / Un cordial saludo / Med vänlig hälsning
Christer Heljestrand, catranslations - Professional Swedish Language Provider



Native Speaker Translation, Ukraine (Insulting rates, non payers)

Comment: "bad payers and extremely low rates"


NBN (Non-payer)

"An israeli agency which refused to pay because they pretend to have no cashflow.
NBN, Shimon ha tzadik 31 Street, Elad
Below you can also see there email address.
The amount they owe me is not big but they will never pay.""


Need Translated Ltd, location unknown (bottom feeder)

Email 08/09/14: 
"I would now like to suggest the addition of Need Translated Ltd.
I received an email to my email address, saying that they are looking for, "the best price over quality," and that, "so far," the best price was $0.02 per source word.
Of course, I replied that this was far below standard rates, and they sent a rather insulting reply, indicating that they can find more professional translators who will offer $0.02 per source word.
The communication was not professional, and their English website was clearly not translated by a native English-speaking translator.

Furthermore, I would like to confirm the comments about
I cancelled my account after one day - the rates are the lowest of all agencies (0.04 - 0.05 EUR per source word), yet the translator takes care of all the administrative tasks, dealing directly with clients as if they were indeed, direct clients! Normally, this is the work of Project Managers. Not a good deal.
Many thanks once again for your valuable Translation Blog."



Nextone Media, London, UK (Trying to pay 4 Eur for the translation-localisation of 10 articles)

Next !!!
"I'm talking to my Italian mother tongue colleagues and I want to warn you about Nextone media, their advertise is "CHI SIAMO: La nostra società Nextone Media, è un'azienda leader nella pubblicazione di portali e magazine in tutta Europa.
Il focus è la pubblicazione di guide targetizate in inglese.
CHI CERCHIAMO: Cerchiamo conoscitori lingua inglese, che vogliano crearsi una seconda entrata facilmente sul web. Il candidato dovrà tradurre in italiano ed inserire su un nostro portale contenuti su nostra richiesta.
RETRIBUZIONE: Il lavoro, naturalmente retribuito, permette un arrotondamento mensile considerevole e richiede poche decine di minuti al giorno ma da fare con passione e in maniera costante. Il pagamento avverrà ogni fine mese.
METODO DI LAVORO: Il collaboratore potrà lavorare da casa in maniera autonoma scegliendo i tempi e gli argomenti da trattare.
Il collaboratore prescelto avrà user e password e potrà in totale autonomia tradurre e pubblicare i propri contenuti sul web.
Si richiede serietà, capacità di scrittura, conoscenze base nell'uso del pc, conoscenze della rete.
Vi preghiamo di inviare i vostri curricula a "

I sent my resume and they answered that they would have paid 4 Euro per 10 articles!!!"
Read comments on LinkedIn 


Nord Expansion (group Mister Babel) France (non-payer)

Email 09/11/14
"I found out that the company I want to talk about is not in your list yet. I had lots of bad experiences with them, and they start to be known.
I am talking about Nord Expansion France, they are a  whole group, one other company of this group is Mister Babel.
There are more, I do not know the names of all of them. Common sign: they are all in the north of France.
They are one of the worst. The explanation of non paying being that the economic situation is difficult.
They are buying companies experiencing problems, these get absorbed and then the common feature of that whole group is non payment. They are largely known.
And still they find translators who afterwards are crying, on LinkedIn, for instance.
It would be useful to put them on your blacklist."



OCE Translations (Eddy Elshout, serial scammer), USA (fake office)/Belgium, non-payer

Email: 18/02/2014
Thanks for the compiled list. Very useful indeed. I would like to name another translation company which would fit nicely in the list. 
OCE TRANSLATION, owner Eddy Elshout
They have one office in Belgium and a fake one in the US.
They owe me approximately €2000. 
They start paying initially -to gain your trust- and then add up a few important project -mostly institutional and legal- and then they vanish. 
I have sent them a recorded letter in Belgium but it bounced.
I have made some enquiries in the US and was told by the Chamber of Commerce where they are supposed to be that they have a bogus account.
Thank you;
Should you need any more details, I can dig that out. About 4 years ago but I have go the documents. 
Nathalie M
Their online profile on Translation Directory:
"OCE Translations was found since 1997 with head office in Belgium. Since 1997 till now we have generated a vast amount of experience in translating scientific, technical, legal documents, marketing and business etc. We have worked with over 350 different companies and government organizations and are looking forward to building a business relationship with you. We provide professional translation services in over 120 languages."
Profile on Proz: VERY BAD Blue Board rating since 2005
Profile on MC :
Eddy Elshout is apparently a long-lasting SCAMMER:
Report: "I wanted to give minus 10 stars! I have also been robbed of almost 300X worth of work by this person in 2007; sent emails, have sent collection agency letters, but no one responded yet he has the guts to keep on sending translation requests! Just received one today (...) How can some people get away with so much fraud?! Thanks! E. Melo (june 2009)"
Report: "Eddy owes me 192 euros for a translation I did for him 6 months ago...where the hell are you eddy?? he better has a good reason for this long silence..."

Report: "Eddy simply does not pay and after the work is done he stops communicating, I jumped on this as well, once got paid and second time for big big work nothing. I just wondering how his company get such big clients to work for. NON PAYER EDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Eddy Elshout owes me 548.21 euros for a translation done 3 months ago. After reading these reviews I too have my doubts about whether he will ever pay. The phone number he gives in the USA is phoney by the way."



Ode Magazine



One Hour Translation, Israël (insulting rates and poor quality, unselective platform, employ literally anyone)

Read article on One Hour Translation from this website (translator perspective.
Unhappy client excerpt from review:
"Missing an 8-hour target by 38 hours is one thing.  But not communicating, not explaining and not apologizing is a total FAIL.  
And it seems, they will not give your money back, which I guess - after failing to to deliver - is stealing.   If they do that to their customers, you have to wonder what they do to their employees and translators.
Follow-up:  In recognition of the issue, they have just offered us a fleeting one sentence semi-apology and a coupon for 50 free words the next time we use their services...which will be N-E-V-E-R.

Other unhappy client:
"Was trying to get a news article translated from German to English and used this service based on a quick online search.  While they have an easy to use online interface, I've now been waiting for 5 hours for someone to start my project
On top of this, their customer service representatives are not available.  The only form of communication that they use is email. I believe this service is a scam."


One Sky (and ONE cent! Run!!)

Read this thread



Orbe translations/Manta Translations, Romania (Low payer, fishy, deceitful, still appearing regularly on Proz)

Read all about them pretty much everywhere and on Translator Leaks. Excerpts :
"Orbe Translations and Manta Translations are, to begin with, one and the same company. Both are registered to Javier Bergero at Lautaro 642, Córdoba, Argentina (543514616764, and
The agencies, however, send messages from an IP in Romania. They also claim to have had an office in Turin, Italy since 2002, though they do not appear in the Turin yellow pages and their phone number (02.36311200)"
"Interestingly, Orbe/Manta also profess to provide translations exclusively using teams of in-house translators which is, first, a fairly obvious lie for the volume of business they claim and the geographic area they say they cover. But they only adopted that model because of their concern about the terrible "suffering" of freelancers, which they aim to remedy:"


Parrot translations (Low rates)

Parrot Translations pays peanuts to monkey translators


Pearl Linguistics LTD (very reluctant payers, be prepared to harass them for your money)

Reviews on Yelp
"I have been working for them as interpreter for few months, they don't pay anything if you don't chase them a million times even just for 1 payment, and they will promised you they will pay today/tomorrow.. Believe me it's all b***sh*t. Finance team very rare you can get through. Even get through full of lies and attitude, awful company. I'm seeking for legal advise ATM.. I can not believe a company like this still running, disgusting." 
"I have worked for Pearl linguistics for more than 2 months. They never paid me any money. So be wise and think before you work for them." 
"They don't pay even minimum hourly wages to their translators. It is a sweatshop. translators and clients: you have been warned! "
Reviews on Indeed:
From an interpreter (Current Employee), LondonSeptember 30, 2013:
"I would not advice to work with Pearl Linguistic company as they are do not paying what their are promising. I work for them all August this year but I still not received a payment for August on the end of September how their promised. Last month i made enormous phone calls so that theirs financial office make me a payment for July.
I spend for my CRB check £50 to work for them + my travelling experience for interpreting work from June by August this year all in total £180 and received a payment just £60 of my work when i had every week up to 5 days a week work with them from 1 to 5 hours of my interpreting work for this company. I would not advice to work with Pearl Linguistic LTD you will have enormous problems to receive your payment."
"Staff seems professional and pelite, although they do not pay on time. Everyday for over a two weeks trying to contact finance department by phone, email- unfortunately no response. Shame..."


Pemex English library



Planet of People Fishy organisation and unclear website, more info welcome  (Because they are « non profit » (are they really?), they expect you to work for free) 

"Another one to add to the list. It's an agency that proposes that the translators do work for free in order to get on their "database". This is completely unprofessional and of course I did not agree to it. You don't mix charity with business. Please remove my name from the e-mail before posting it to your list. Here is an excerpt of their proposal :
"To be in our database and maybe have your personal link from one or several English language pages of our site, we would like to propose you to consider the possibility to provide some voluntary support to ‘Planet of People’ by doing some voluntary translation (Russian>English), or proofreading/editing of our already translated texts. Below the text(s) translated by you there would be your signature (Translated from Russian by XX) serving as a link to your information in our database or anywhere else.Since the "Planet of People" Foundation is a non-profit organization we propose all our potential translators to consider the possibility to provide this sort of some voluntary support to the project.
If you can afford it, please inform us about it. If not, we will understand it quite normally, and it certainly would not prevent you from collaborating with us if you are interested in it."
If I could afford it, (which won't ever happen since translation is not my hobby, yes I have a life) then I will donate my free work to a more respectable organisation, not some fishy one nobody has ever heard of.


Planet Veritas -formerly Veritas-, Swansea, Wales (Non-payer)

Email 4/11/14:
"Just an update on this company. I have done a company check, and they are now trading as PLANET VERITAS, and have moved offices, a different unit in the same block, Unit 15, J-sheds, The Waterfront, Swansea SA1 They owe a lot of translators a lot of money. There are many legal actions pending against them, and their policy seems to be only pay translators when they really have to. I have received many complaints about them. CCJ's outstanding against the company.



Point Expression Translation, Taiwan (VERY unprofessional, low payer)

Email 02/05/14: 

I've been a freelance translator for about 9 years. I started translating while living in Taiwan before going to graduate school in the US. I worked with a company called Point Expression ( The starting rate (with no room for negotiation) was 0.4 Taiwan dollars per full-width source Chinese character, which works out to 0.01 US dollars. They also searched/replaced all full-width Chinese punctuation with half-width Chinese punctuation (to save them a few more bucks). I had to complain before they would leave the punctuation alone. I was with them for a year before I got a raise to 0.45 TWD (still 0.01 US dollars according to currency converters).
The owner is rude and constantly tried to teach me how to write in English, even though he hired me and gave me a lot of work. My last project for them was supposed to be a book, I got about 1/3 of the way through, the company claimed that their client was unhappy, they never paid me for the portion I completed, and I never heard from them again. I don't know if someone ended up translating the book. I worked with a lot of companies since then and Taiwanese companies generally paid very little; but Point Expression was the lowest I encountered. They occasionally post on with the absurdly low rates (around 0.02 USD).

I would also like to thank you for maintaining your website; I've
worked for a few companies on the blacklist and I don't anymore, so I
also hope that someone out there will find this information useful.
Thanks for your attention and let me know if you have questions.
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Email 8/05/14:
"I’m a Japanese translator based in Budapest, Hungary.
I recently worked with Point Expression Translation (Taiwan) for Japanese to English project. The pay was not good ($0.05 per Japanese character), but I decided to take part in their project because I’m not a native English speaker and I wanted to gain experience in the tech/engineering field. And I didn’t find this company in your blacklist.

I finished working on April 29th, but I haven’t heard from them since regarding payment, and I’m wondering if they are a nonpayer. PO issued in advance has no number of characters and I’m waiting for the character count analysis.
Project manager Loren was disrespectful and chaotic. Loren’s e-mail address is and I needed to include in all correspondence. I have never seen any e-mail address with “”

This is an ongoing and unconcluded issue, but somehow I feel this urge to tell a relevant third party before I send them a message asking them what’s going on. I’ll report my conclusion to you later. I hope they pay, but I still don’t recommend working with them.
No need to reply for now. Thank you very much for your attention.
Best regards, E.T"



Polyglot (Very low rates, machine translation editing)

"The job post available at offers €0.026 EUR to €0.03 EUR per word for English to French translation of 2,500 words, with Trados preferred."
New discussion currently going on on LinkedIn about Polyglot


PoliLingua, Moldova (bidder, unprofessional practices, low rates)

Email from 5/11/13:  
"Here's another company you can add to your list.  
They are called PoliLingua and they are also in Moldova (like Travod). 
When calculated per word, the project that they proposed is about $0.04 per word.
 They must be sending mass e-mails through because their message was not addressed to any one person in particular:

We have a financial report we need translated into English, see details below:
Source language: Russian
Target language: English
Word count: 5136 words
Source format: MS Word
Delivery format: MS Word
Payment: $205 by PayPal, 30 days from invoice.
Deadline: November 8th, 10 AM London time.
Please advise availability and I shall send you the files.
Many thanks,
Ruxanda Chirosca.
PoliLingua Ltd.


PNA Solutions (late payers)

August 2014: Huge debts they don't pay on time: 
"I have just checked ProZ Blue Board and found a comment that
ALBIRAN (freelance translator)
has just inserted (Aug 6, 2014) about this PNA Solution.
He says that he is still waiting his payment (USD1,246.86)
for almost 60 days, with no reply from ths agency.
Have a nice day"



Premiere or Premier Language (UK): fraud, non-payer

http://www.premierlanguage dot com
"Several translators (myself included) undertook legal action against them last year. We are owed varying quantities, ranging from several hundred Euros to thousands. They simply ignore us. "
Regards from Spain, Ángel Domínguez, CT 
From WPPF (7707) : "I'm reposting with the correct spelling for this agency so it can be located in future searches. Note, also, that Premier Language is banned from posting jobs on"
"Thank you so much for your help and the information you're sharing with me, this is a real shock to be, but now i know how they are dealing with everyone, we could use any information to sue them in London or their other office and explain how they are banned and fraud..."
Previous : "Hello,
I worked on 165k words on over 500k words project for Premiere Language UK, We completed the 165k words in 6days the field was legal, fiancial, and the language Italian to English, of course we expect an editing to the file that was done by different translators in a rush time, even some people collapsed because of the pressure and abondoned the project, after sometimes, we were asked by our client to edit, or there will be a discount, and we did edit the whole, in 4days... And we believe we provided high quality work by qualified professionals.
So now, my client is saying that she wait the payment, then she pays us, Premiere language forced my client to  40% or 50% discount and even though we agreed at first, yet no payment was made, no prooves provided regarding quality or corrections done by their proofreader...
I called Premiere language plenty of times, and they were so arrogant and rude, and yet they are not replying us... Always managers aren't available, i don't know what kind of company has only receptionist taking details and leaving messages, but in two weeks, nobody got back to me, or replied to my enquiry.
Premiere language office in Canada square in UK, which is an expensive place, i believe this is their way in keeping the business going... They are thieves.
Right now i'm planning to do anything to get my money, and i will do my best to sue this company, and my client if she doesn't pay soon...
Please i'm seeking any help, any details you could provide us about this company and their rude atittude that could be a plus.
Any good agencies or lawyer that could handle this case, some client come only by force, not with ethics and good manners, they only take advantage of you, and abuse you in every way.
I also got a client from UK, he shows up after few months and paid small money and requested me to wait, while he paid others quickly because they are from other countries like Israel and Portugal...
I have noticed unfortunately a discrimination also from certain client and would love to sue these people are well.
We are all human beings and professionals and deserve respect, in all my life and while working as a freelance manager, i always respect those doing their work right, even the one who didn't and came to me, and say ok, sorry, i let go with them, and didn't want to spoil their name, trying to give them chances...
But companies that act like they are Top companies, and yet they're theives and liars, i have no pity for these...
Please help, i'm ready to provide you any detail, any proove, that these people caused me and my team a lots of damage...
" (WPPF, 7703)


Presto, Prague (Bottom feeder)

"Here is an agency that pays 0.02 EUR pw, but first you have to complete a free test."

From: "Presto Překladatelské Centrum s.r.o. (Milan Fiala)" <>
Subject: Short translation test
Dear Ms. ,

Thank you for your respond.

Our agency might offer you maximum 0,02?/word. The whole project contains about 500 000 - 2 000 000 words. If are you still interested in our project, we would like to ask you to perform a short translation test free of charge.
The test would not longer than 250 words for each field – technical, finance, legal and marketing. You must apply for at least one of them.
You should be able to translate one test within 2 hour limit.
Please, state what time (see below my options) would you suit for this test and which test you would like to participate in.
-          Friday 27th February: 9:00-15:00 CET (13:30-19:30 IST)
-          Monday 2nd March: 9:00-15:00 CET (13:30-19:30 IST)
-          Tuesday 3rd March: 9:00-11:00 CET (13:30-15:30 IST)
-          Wednesday 4th March: 16:00-18:00 CET (20:30-22:30 IST)
-          Friday 6th March: 9:00-15:00 CET (13:30-19:30 IST)
If any of our possible dates is not suitable for you, please let me know and we can choose another one.
We will then send you respective test at requested time and expect your final translation wthin next 120 minutes.
Please, advise.
Thank you.
Appropriate reply: HaHaHa.



Profi SchnellDienst  

See case 1, 2011 on Linked In 



Prolingua (Payment issues) 




Professional Translators Team (or Lonaverbas), Istanbul, Turkey : SCAM (Fake profile and address, CV thieves)

Their signature is the following (except it doesn't lead anywhere: website gone, Proz profile erased):
Details: Professional translators Team
162 Lourmel ST
Bridgeport, CT 06606
United States
They are still in business and offer jobs to translators through ProZ.
Mars 2014: "Dear Translator, Professional Translators Team is looking for an experienced Danish to English (US) translator to take a job of 3000 words (including reps) and deliver the translation by Tuesday 05:00PM GMT.
Others receive offers from <
Report: Professional Translators Teams is a scam organisation (see Note 69 at They are also known as Lonaverbas/Bonaverbas and claim to be based in Turkey. However, they address they give is a fake one.
They are involved in CV identity theft (I speak from experience here) and they also use the made up character of Robert Wiscon and John Troops to bid for jobs. The author of Robert's CV is Mr Omar.

The person behind this scam group is Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi (aka Agatha Colten, Jessica Wear, Kathy Jack, Jhone Welson, Alham Abdulrahman and several other names).
Other fake names include Sonia Erkan and Caroline Wilsonn. Another key character in this organisation is Gulser Baran (probably a fake name as well).
Report from a translator, oct 2013 : "Found this translation agency on They have the nerve of offering 0.038 max per word for a legal translation of 6,000 words! What's worse, they have a perfect BLUE BOARD rating. (They still have it, it's kept hot for them, for when they'll be allowed to post again on Proz).
"That is a very tricky name for a company, as it makes it hard to google. USA is not part of the title, right? Does it have another name as well?? The only place I found it was in that Proz listing (which I cannot get into) and nowhere else..."
Read more on LinkedIn
April 2014: now this company is BANNED from PROZ, who still posts their offers though
How the hell did they get a perfect blue board rating on their site last year? 3 options:
1: PROZ either does not check anybody
2 ProZ gets dirty money all the time from agencies (on top of yours)
3 ProZ does not give a puck about anything.


Protranslating/Lauren Vega (Joke of a company and zero quality concern)

"I used to work for them several years ago. They don't treat their employees well. It's a sort of mafia like organization, with only family members or good friends in the management positions. There was a lot of turnover in the mid-management and translator positions. My first boss was great but he was quickly fired, then the next boss was fired a few months later and they installed a friend of the CEO's son instead.....sigh. What can I say!" CB, email 09/04/14
Type of offers they send out to translators:
" Thank you for contacting us! Because we are providing a large amount of work we are offering $0.04 USD per source word. This translator will be working in our Web department so the job will be on-going and consistent, we also require you to take a brief evaluation in order to determine your translating style. This will also show you the type of work you will be doing, it’s nothing technical. If you are interested in this consistent work, please let me know so that I may send you the evaluation."
2850 Douglas Rd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
P: 305.371.7887 ext. 325
F: 305.371.8366
ProTranslating is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Our quality management systems have been audited and meet world class standards." (This ISO cert. means nothing with regards to translation, it is what they call a marketing trick, I would call that a big lie!)
Other comments:
"They also offered me as top rate USD 0.04 per source word. And the other point is that they lie about the "consistent work". They change project managers periodically, so you'll got to be really lucky to receive great loads of work during the year. So they tell everyone the same. Once they offer you this, you'll receive some assignment only from time to time..."
Other comments:

"First of all, thanks for your great work with the blacklist. It's extremely useful. I'm sending you a proposal I have received from Protranslating. They are offering a rate of $0.015 USD per source word. I don't need to say more. In other emails I'll send you comments about other agencies.
Best regards, F. G"
From: Lauren Vega <>
Date: Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 7:18 PM
Subject: RE: English to Spanish freelance translator
Thank you for your interest. We are seeking native Spanish linguists to join our team. We are currently offering a rate of $0.015 USD per source word. We do guarantee a high volume of work. A brief translation evaluation would be required of each linguist.
Please reply to this email if interested in learning more and proceeding to the evaluation.
Look forward to your response,
Lauren Vega
Clients of Protranslating include big law firms and the White House. The rates they pay to translators are unacceptable. The president is a Member of the ATA. See my previous comment.


PSD International, Slovenia (Ridiculous rates, lowering quality standards)

This company has chosen to buy their "quality" standards ISO and EN from Bureau Veritas rather than  from decently paid translators. What a shame. That makes you wonder what this EN15038 is REALLY worth. They also like to mention they are:
"Proud member of BNI EMONIKA Group Slovenia and ARENA Group Germany
P.S. I know a lot of people and each one of them knows more people.
I am happy to help you open the doors to new clients."

As you can see in the attached email, PSD Translation is offering €0.03 per source word for translation and €0.01 per source word for editing and proofreading. I will appreciate if you include them in the blacklist.
Best regards,
Fabiana G.
"Dear Fabiana, Thank you for your e-mail. We are highly interested in cooperation with you.
Rates we propose for future collaboration are:
Translation:   €0.03/source word
Editing/proofreading:  €0.01/ source word
 Trados grid will be based on TM, which will be sent in order to meet requirements of specific projects.
 If you agree, kindly let us know and we will enter your data into our translators’ database. When we receive an inquiry that includes your language combinations and areas of expertise, we will contact you.
Best regards,
 Saša Hudnik, Project and HR Manager

PUSH Professional or International :Yolanta and KL Mealing, Reading, UK (Non-payer, CROOK)


"I would like to report a non-payer: Push International, based in Reading, UK. The company had a previous life as Push EMA, went into liquidation last year owing many translators large amounts of money. The resurrected entity offered me work and was unwilling to commit to payment in advance as a gesture of good faith, so I can only assume they are up to their old tricks."
Email 15/01/2015:
"I learned about your website on Facebook and I am very glad that such kind of website exists because I think that it can be very useful and informative!
I would be grateful, if you could add the following translation agency based in Great Britain: Push International
The reason for my request is the fact that they still owe me € 30 for my translation work I did for them during the last year. I issued two invoices, each for the amount of € 15, but they haven't been paid yet even though the payment term has expired. The first invoice was issued on 31 July 2014 and the second invoice was issued on 17 October 2014. I have already contacted the responsible project manager and accountant via e-mail and phone, but nothing helps. They always come up with new excuses. Even though it's "just" € 30 I want to get paid for my work. Anything else is just unfair.

Thank you very much for adding the above mentioned agency on your website!

Kind regards,

email 18/02/2015 

PUSH International, Reading, UK is the new name of a company that used to be called Push EMEA and went into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation in 2014.

The company name has changed again in 2014 and is now called:


RG8 7LY,
Telephone Number 01189841931

The new company owner is the wife of the owner of Push EMEA and the company was only allowed to form in order to recover cash from assets in order to pay debts.

This new company has not filed accounts as yet and accounts are due in July 2015. The trick is for them to pay the director an outrageously high salary and to show more liabilities than assets, so that they can go into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation and do not have to pay debts.

I am inscribed in the official list of creditors of Push EMEA, after being contacted by a debt recovery agency that is dealing with this case, however it all looks very dodgy to me.

They owe me a considerable amount of money (over 800 euros) for a long project for which they forced me to rework a perfectly correct text due to corrections inserted by a non-native client on a PDF. This client replaced all key term translations with the original English and was painfully unaware of the most common translations for Italian verbs, having only been exposed to financial Italian terminology. For example, for her the verb “cedere” only meant to sell, whereas the common meaning is to give in.

They claim to have several project managers, however it looks like there are in fact only two people working in the office and impersonating the others, and these are husband and wife: K L Mealing and Yolanta Mealing, the one and only company director according to the UK Companies House documents.

These are the email addresses they use:


Do not work for these people, they will not pay you but they will obviously get paid by their clients.


PURITY translations (Low rates) 

Type of offers they send out to translators:

"I actually have a large project (17145 words) in need of translation into German. It is due by 2-June-2103. I would need this to be completed in memoQ. We are subcontracting this from another agency and I can offer you USD 0.035"



Qtrans Team (Low rates)

Type of offers they send out to translators:
"We have a new request for translation from Russian to English
Total word count: 1050
Rate: 0.04 USD
Deadline: 9/8/2013 1:00 PM Cairo time
Payment via PayPal
if you are available please email us the soonest
Hany, Qtrans Team"


RC Group (Cyprus) and other names (Bad practices)

"Please be aware of the RC Group (Cyprus) and their contacts Victoria Danielyan and Souren Arakelyan. The company also uses the name "Russian Client" and/or "Cyprus Translations".
They do not abide by their own contract regarding the payment terms and agreed rates. They insist on your services 24/7 and when you, for some reason, are not available, they blame you for their failure with their customer, threaten you and in the end do not pay."


Rectangle translations, India (ridiculous deadlines and rates)

05/03/14 on Translator's Café (who are supposed to filter out this kind of rubbish offers under 5 cents)

" Dear All, We are looking for translators who can translate 11k words in 3 days. Domain is technical. Mode of payment - Paypal. Rate 0.03 USD/Word. If interested pls apply for the same."



RED BEE MEDIA (Subtitles, extremely low rates)

"Rates offered : 5 Euros (about 20 cents a subtitle!!) per minute, whatever the text is (in my case it was an eighteen century drama from my native language to my source language, extremely long and "talkative" dialogs."
The normal rate should be (in France) According to the SNAC (french union for subtitlers) 3,9 Euros per subtitle !
Article in French : "Pour le cinéma, le tarif syndical est de 3,90 euros le sous-titre. ... Côté télé, le tarif syndical est de 2,80 euros le sous-titre, mais dans la pratique, les prix varient énormément et peuvent chuter jusqu’à 0,20 euro. Le problème réside dans le fait que notre travail est de plus en plus intégré dans un forfait global facturé sur la durée (à la minute, à l’épisode ou au long-métrage) et négocié entre le producteur ou la chaîne et le postproducteur. » Pour l’Ataa, le mode de rémunération forfaitaire n’est pas satisfaisant car il ne correspond pas au travail réel fourni : en effet, le nombre de sous-titres ou de lignes de doublage d’un documentaire ou d’un long-métrage peut varier du simple au double."



REV. COM (subtitles, low rates)

Discussion on LinkedIn : - how is this possible?
When I check how my website is doing by googling "German interpreter Orlando", this company comes up very high. So I took a look and was stunned ... You should see this, they list their rates. It's unbelievable: $1/min of audio for transcription (offering 50 cents, it says on the recruiting page. $.12 for translation. Without seeing the text first or even knowing the language??? Yet the website appears so legit with a cool staff photo and all and all these promised regarding quality. "Technology" is supposed to make it all possible. What am I missing that is happening in our industry that makes this viable?"



Rheinschrift (Constantly late payments, 3+ months) 

Excerpts from a discussion on LinkedIn:
"I have been working with this agency for some months. I do not want to start a discussion about their rates but rather I would like to point out the constantly late payments. There are not so many entries on the Blueboard of but the recent ones speak a clear language. Of all the four invoices I sent them till now, none have been paid on time. I have heard of one colleague who has had the same experience, pointing out that freelancers were told they couldn't pay them because their end clients had not paid yet. Another factor is that you can only create an invoice in the online file management system after a job that you have delivered is approved, which itself can take anywhere from one day (experienced recently) to two weeks or longer... prolonging the period from invoice creation to payment to up to 100 days in some cases (delivery of the translation -> around 2 weeks till job is approved ->creation of invoice -> 60 days till payment (according to contract) -> delay of payment of maybe 2-3 weeks)"
"On another note, I checked this agency's profile on ProZ and they say they belong to German BDÜ (< >)? Does this make any sense at all, people? That caught my eye."

"No, that doesn't make sense. However, it always makes sense to check the "Impressum" on a German website. The "Impressum" page on the Rheinschrift website indicates that "Rheinschrift" is rather a brandname of Ursula Steigerwald, a freelance translator and a member of BDÜ, it is not a registered company like GmbH or AG."
Email 10/09/14: 
"Thank you ever so much for compiling this helpful list! I just wanted to add a few comments about Cologne-based company Rheinschrift:
I did a number of jobs for them when I started out as a freelancer in 2012, and right from the beginning, they never paid on time. In the beginning, at least they made an effort to apologise and told me that they were currently in dire straits because of some of their clients not paying, but this was just a temporary problem (haha!), and they really valued their freelancers‘ work etc. When I realized after five or six projects that they were probably never going to pay on time, I stopped accepting their job offers. A few months later, a Vendor Relationship Manager (!) contacted me to enquire why I no longer work for them. I told her that their rates are pretty low anyways and that all of my invoices were paid at least 2 weeks late, usually without any explanation. She was very understanding (probably they hear it five times a week), but more or less ignored my comments about their late paying. Nonetheless, I accepted a very small job for them in spring 2014. Again, payment was delayed. When I investigated, the account told me more or less openly, that the invoiced amount is to small to prompt any immediate action on her side and that I’ll probably just have to wait for another week or so till her colleague is back in the office. This really made me furious. I asked them to transfer the money immediately and to delete me from their records permantly. Luckily, they did both. I strongly discourage everyone from working with this company, unless you are prepared to wait for your money for up to 90 days."



RixTrans - Insulting rates


Romo Translations (bottom feeder offering c. 3 eurocent per word)

Email 07/08/14:
"Here is another agency that pays very low rates. It claims to be based in the UK, but quotes rates in USD:
"Kindly be informed that we pay $50 per 1,000 words. If you are happy with the price, please let us know and we will send you the document so you can have a look.
Kind Regards,

Ana Galvez
Senior Language Project Manager
Romo Translations
Winchester House|3rd Floor
259-269 Old Marylebone Road
London NW1 5RA"


Barbara Sandre - Late/non payer

 (Canada) (late/no payment) DE/EN translators - watch out for Barbara Sandre in Canada since she has not paid for work done after many reminders and plenty of time.


Safety Translations (totally unsafe, location unknown, scammers network)

Email from C.F, 03/04/14:
I recently stumbled on your blog and agree with you totally with regard to ratings. Last year I sent a test translation to the 10 top Indian translation agencies and I received translations that were of lower quality than Google. Outsourcing work to India will just work out expensive in the end.
Here are some non-payers (and CV identity thieves) you can add to your list:
Safety Translation (formerly Amazing Trans, affiliated with Gentle Translation and Languagemet)
PMs: Omar Issa, Khaled Trans, Samer Ghali and Ahmed Eideen. 



Sangiovanni edizioni (italian publishing house, non-payers!)

It took this translator 17 months (sending numerous exhauting reminders) to get paid only a third of her money. She is still waiting, 20 months later, for the rest. Despite the injunction, this publishing house is not in any rush to pay the 3 translators it hired: this is simply service theft at its worst.
Inviato: venerdì 29 novembre 2013 12:08 A: Elisabetta Nifosi Oggetto: Re: R: [Translation Ethics] New message received. Le 29/11/2013 11:05, Elisabetta Nifosi wrote :

"Here is my story... I was contacted by Sangiovanni's and offered to translate a book. I signed a contract on 20 January 2012. As the deadline was 25 March 2012, we decided to have other two colleagues to work with me. The three of us signed three separate regular contracts.

The translation was delivered in time and accepted by the client, who actually published the book in April 2012. The payment was due within 120 days from publication. We did not get our money so we started to call the client asking for it. They kept on saying they would pay us soon, but never did. We then decided to ask for the help of a lawyer, who actually was able to convince the client to pay us in 3 installments, otherwise we would have asked the court to issue an injunction. The three of use received the first installment. I received it on 22 July 2013. The second installment was due in August/September, but never arrived. After contacting the client several times, our lawyer decided to ask the court to issue an injunction. We are waiting for it...That's it!

I would have may other things to say about the fees and professionally offered by TransPerfect since some years, but I saw you have plenty of material on that company! Thank you for your commitment! Wishing you a great day,
Elisabetta Nifosi EN, FR > IT Translator and Language Consultant AITI Member (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters) STRADE Member (union of Italian translators working for the publishing industry)
Update June 2014: they finally paid!! without interests
"I wrote you some time ago about my experience with Sangiovanni’s editor, Italy.
The client finally paid us last week, 9-15 June 2014!!! We only got the net amount due, without interests asked by the court and taxes (which should be paid by the client on our behalf next month, according to the Italian law)." (18/06/2014)


Sare Translations (Leire Berasaluze) - Non payer

Email 03/02/2014:
"I worked in November 2013 for Leire Berasaluze and we agreed about the payment to be made in December 2013. Since then, she does not answer me and did not pay the 260€ she owes me.

Her website:
Her proz profile:

Best regards,
Robin D"


SDL, UK - insulting rates and shameless bidding practises (about 2 cts/w.): to boycott

Giant translation company and translation software provider, which acquired Trados in 2005.
"Since Mark Lancaster founded the company in 1992, SDL has continued to provide enterprise-ready, innovative solutions."
They offer very low rates and poor quality standards:



Sendotril, Turkey (Non-payer/Scammer)

Email 4/12/14
"This is Hanan Edwar an English < > Arabic translator.
I have done several translation project for Sentrodil company.
His email:
Now I have been cheated by them
Please help me to ​get my money back.
Also to ware my fellow colleague worldwide.
I have proven data..emails and invoices to proof my situation.

Sentrodil is a translation company in Turkey.
I have served them for years.
Not paying my fees, which exceed $1650 since June 2014.

I keep sending professional and polite emails and get no reply.

I have even contacted the owner directly and he never replies.

Their related sites and official websites as follows:

Büyükdere Cad. Emlak Kredi Blokları A-1 Blok K.4 D.18 Levent / İSTANBUL
Tel : 0212 282 45 44
Fax: 0212 282 44 06

Atatürk Cad. Sıtkıbey Plaza No:82 K:15 D:37-38 Kozyatağı / İSTANBUL
Tel : 0216 410 79 77
Fax: 0216 410 80 57

Tepekule Kongre ve Sergi Merkezi, Adalet Mah. Anadolu Cad. No:40 Kat:8 Ofis:802 35530, Bayraklı / İZMİR
Tel : 0232 486 85 15
Fax: 0232 486 85 13
البريد الاليكتروني
سنترو بالطرف الاوروبي



SEPROTEC, Spain: CV theft, low paying but high profit, using students for certified translations

"SEPROTEC is a spanish agency, it has spread all over the world, with headquarters in the world's most expensive cities. It has won all public tenders from the Spanish Ministry of Justice and Police for years, paying court and police interpreters 8 euro per hour rates while the Spanish Administration was paying them 50 euro per interpreting hour.
Recently, they campaigned to get Translation and Interpreting BA students to do their work placements with them, offering a 300 per month fee and promising to hire them as in-house staff after the placement. Students were asked to do legal translation, which in Spain is a regulated profession that only sworn translators can perform.
Recently the Supreme Court in Catalonia has admitted a sue against them for presenting false documents in order to win public tenders in the Spanish administration; these are precisely the CV's of qualified translators and interpreters who never worked for them.
They still operate mainly in Spain, so a lot of the information regarding their activities is mainly in Spanish. They have, however, been linked to severe shortcomings in court interpreting services in high-profile cases (the Prestige oil spill, the Operación Puerto doping scandal), as well as poor rates and delayed payment. See below some articles in Spanish:
Big thanks to Jose Miguel Aguilar for providing the above information.


Sigma linguistic services, Poland (Pretend to be in the UK, pretend to have a pool 5000 translators -which anyway is not a good thing)

"I took a peek at their profile. Their keywords list alone is a red flag. Very over-reaching. And yes, there are many not only Eastern European, Chinese, Singaporean, and Indian companies with satellite address in a big cities like London and New York but all of their staffs have heavy accents, they sound like they are heavily trained in telemarketing, and the tone of their emails are desperate.

Anyways, no company uses 5000 professionals. Even the major companies stay within a pool of 50 to 100 translators who they regularly work with and trust, even during peak seasons."
"I used to work at the same agency as Maz (Marzena) – the one Zoe was talking about. She was employed there in an admin role and worked there for about 18 months before being fired. Since being fired, the director of the agency has pursued criminal charges against her for allegedly stealing money from the company, although I don’t think I should divulge any more specific information regarding that as the case is still open (as far as I know). While I do not believe she is a scammer (certainly not in the mould that Joao regularly exposes), she was neither a reliable nor a nice person to work with and she regularly failed to pay translators on time. I will not be working for her new company, but it is probably a waste of time having her investigated on Proz for scamming."

" Of course, an agency can be based in the UK, but run by people from elsewhere. However, the errors highlighted in the above text would not be made by any credible translation agency!" Read more on LinkedIn

Sfera studios, USA - insulting rates, subtitles sweatshop: pay 7 USD an hour max! Their clients are concerned about the quality... no kidding!

Email: 12/12/13
"Very good blog! Please find attached an email with their rates! No need for further words! Good luck with the information and keep it going, please!" Paula T.
From Sferastudios: 
"Dear Paula T.,
Congratulations on passing the subtitling qualification test!
Sfera is dedicated to providing a streamlined environment for producing high-quality subtitles. Our web-based editor and other industry-first features will help ensure that you spend less time on non-value added tasks.
Below, please find our translation and proofreading rates. In evaluating the rates, we encourage you to try the tools and our workflow process. In addition to the special tools, you will be provided with a well-timed English template to help you focus on the translation process. We are confident that you will find it faster and easier than traditional subtitling jobs.
Translation: $2.3 USD/min. of runtime. This includes translation, review of one's own work, and final acceptance of any corrections.
Proofreading: $0.32 USD/min. of runtime. This includes a watch-through and corrections.
To complete your registration process, please click on this link to access the Master Services Agreement. After reviewing the agreement, please print, sign, and upload your executed copy by logging on to
Once we have received your signed agreement, you will become an active freelance member of our subtitling network.

Best regards,
e. / 2001 / Wilshire Blvd, #410 / Santa Monica, CA 90403

Email 30/01/15:

First, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you've been doing with your blacklist. 
While I was checking the new additions, I noticed an old one, Sfera Studio, who are bottom feeders. Well, a long time ago, I started to register with them, but then I saw their "rates" and gave up. It seems I'm still in their contact list, because a couple of weeks ago, I received the following email from them:
"Dear user,
(DISCLAIMER: There is no need to reply to this feedback. This is a mass email to the entire resource pool and not directed at you individually. )
We would like to share some feedback we have been receiving from our clients about the quality of our work. 
Our clients are concerned that many translations appear to be unidiomatic or machine-translated. 

A lot of our submitted work is being rejected by clients because of this. And we are being asked to redo entire translations without being paid for the rework.
This is not only costing us monetarily but also hurting our reputation and standing within the industry.

Therefore, we urge you all to continue to produce good quality translations with minimal dependency on 3rd party auto-translation software.
If these bad practices are not controlled, we will be forced to stop assigning work to those that continue to give us unidiomatic and machine-translated subtitles.

Team Sfera

Knowing their rates, I'm really not shocked about the "quality translators" they attract.
Keep up the good work!"


Skansa translations (Payment issues) 

Bad Payer Warning: Skansa Translations - Astrid Nordentoft




SIA euroscript Baltic in Riga, Latvia (pressure translators to lower their rates)

Email received from a translator (6/11/13):
"First of all, I would like to thank you for your effort to make it public. I really hope it will be the step towards fair remuneration to translators, who have dedicated years to get their degrees. Unfortunately, Eastern European countries have still a long way to go until prices of at least €0,1/word will be paid for the people who actually do the work. Based on my own experience and on what I have heard from my translator colleagues/friends, most of Estonian translation agencies do not want to pay more than €0,04/word. To give you an example:
You already have Euroscript Luxembourg in the list, but its subsidiary SIA euroscript Baltic in Riga, Latvia is practicing the same kind of tactics. The company's main client is the European Commission (DG ENTR) and I am certain the client does not pay the company as little as €0,05/wordWhat I find particularly low on the company's part is that they offer an Estonian freelancer half of the money for the same work than they offer their Swedish freelancer, (i.e. literally, the same DG ENTR texts need to be translated into all EU languages). Yes, the living costs in Sweden are higher, but life in Estonia is getting more and more expensive (especially after Estonia adopted the euro). If the Estonian translator is lucky, s/he will be offered €0,04/word. But I have also heard of offers less than that. As a comparison, two Swedish colleagues of mine, who also translate (freelance) for SIA euroscript Baltic, earn about twice as much. One of them earns 0.075/word and the other 0.08/word. Sound fair to you?
Neither fee meets the "at least €0,1/word" level, but to be honest, I would be happy to get paid what the Swedes do for my translations into Estonian. The company obviously has the money but they basically "threaten" to leave you without work, unless you agree to their terms and prices. Unfortunately, there are always poor students willing to work for even less than that, so, the market is spoiled. Lucrative for the company, not so much for the freelancers. I find it very unfair. (...) After I sent them my quote, I received the following reply: 

"Dear ...,

Before we proceed to the next recruitment step, I would like to finalize the cooperation rates. I would suggest the following gross rate scheme:

Translation from English and German into Estonian = 10.00 EUR page (1500 ch.)/Translation from English and German into Estonian = 0.04 EUR source word/ Translation from Estonian into English = 11.25 EUR page (1500 characters without spaces)/Translation from Estonian into English = 0.045 EUR source word / Revision = 3.00 EUR page (1500 characters without spaces) / Revision = 0.012 EUR source word

I’d like to note that these rates are highly competitive within our current EU projects and would ensure you are allocated frequent and voluminous translation/revision jobs.

Please let me know what you think."

Sņežana Kondrašova | Vendor Manager
SIA euroscript Baltic
 Brīvības iela 171 | LV-1012 Riga

"Makes me want to question why even ask me the quote, if you have a fixed price you will offer me anyway? I tried to negotiate a bit higher price, but was basically told that this is the best it will be - take it, or leave it."
This is a classic situation, where out of nowhere the PM is telling you what to do and what to say your rate is. It is completely absurd and revolting but that's what works best for them. Until of course you say no. They then deflate and go bully someone else. I would suggest the following actions:
1) Confront this person with the disparity of the rates they impose from one language to the next.
2) Ask for a higher rate under which you will not accept the project.
3) Contact the end client (in the case the European Commission, who is being conned just as bad as you are) on behalf of a local group of translators or with the support of your national association and raise their awareness on this issue, stressing that the end client should be able to get in touch directly with the translator, it's the basics to ensure quality and credibility!!
Whatever you do, it is important not to undersell yourself and to say NO to such disrespectful offers. These people will soon find themselves short of competent translators  which will quickly show, and make their association to the European Commission cease.



 Silverside (fake postal address)


Simple translation, location unknown (virtual office) - Suspicious bottom feeder

Why not? 
1/ They pay less than 0.05 USD/0.03 E
2/ It takes them 45 days to pay you the pittance they owe you
3/ They are completely opaque about who they are and where they are based, however they ask YOU to provide ID, passport etc.

WARNING : never provide this info to a stranger, your TAX registration number should suffice!!!



Smartword, UK (Machine translation bottom feeder, 0.01E/w)

Read comments on LinkedIn
An "outstanding offer" posted on ProZ by Smartword - the job includes editing a machine translated legal contract/terms of service. 15k words with a maximum allocated budget of 225EUR. Yay!
Posted on ProZ by a March 2014 registered company with, of course, no Blue Board record. But from their webpage it is obvious that is part of their operational practice to offer different levels of translation with the lowest at bronze - "post editing of machine translation".


Somya Translators

    A translator's report : "I applied a week ago to work wih this agency since they put an offer on ProZ saying they were looking for more translators in my pair. They sent me back an huge Excel file I had to fill with personal data. I took me a whole hour. Yesterday evening, I got the following message :
    " The rate quoted by you are not suitable not acceptable according to our experience and knowledge. Currently we can offer you USD 0.02/word for translation and USD 4/1000 words/hour for review. Payment through PayPal, Money Booker, Bank wire transfer within 30-60 days from the date of invoice. Please let me know if rates and terms suit you."
    COMMENT FOLLOWING THIS THREAD : "Hi Lisa, First of all thanks a lot for your warning about Somya Translators and a quote of their message to you. It was very interesting for me to know because this agency has got over 120 positive feedbacks given to them by translators at the TranslatorsCafé.com Hall of Fame & Shame and because of that they are on our list of Top 20 Translation Agencies as Rated by TC Users (they take the 4th position among 'best' world agencies!):

    Yesterday I quoted your message in the Hall of Fame & Shame thread dedicated to Somya Translators (I have granted you temporal one-week free access to our Hall of Fame & Shame):

    Barkha Kumari, a representative of Somya Translators, has just posted a message requesting me to remove my unmasking posting because 'that was specifically for one low budget project'.

    Do you, folks, believe that was just ONE low budget project and all other Somya Translators projects are decently paid? I don't..."
    Another report from a Freelance interpreter and translator (de|en|fr)
    "I have received similar offers from somyatrans in the past and still do from time to time. They pay you via Paypal after 60 days. They do offer very low rates, i.e. $0.03 to $0.04 for English->German translations and $5 per hour for "proofreading" of translations in this language pair; they expect a turnover of 1,000 words per hour for these "proofreading" jobs."


Speaklike (fake company, non payer)

Email A. S., 11/05/14 
First of all, thank you so much for your blog.
I would like to inform you of my experience with SpeakLike.
There are some positive translator reviews on the Internet about the good practices of SpeakLike, probably published by the owner himself. I naively took the chance doing a few translations in my spare time.
They owe me a small amount of about $70 dollars, and I have very well realized that they will never pay. With a look at the facebook page, one can now see that some translators are even organizing a lawsuit against SpeakLike because they intend never to pay their translators. This company does not even bother to check their facebook page where comments written everywhere say, "I want my money!" I realized it is a fake office in New York - if one calls the office, no one ever answers, and there is only a voicemail which say, "SpeakLike."
Thanks again, A."


SS Protelo Business Solutions, Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam, non-payer, liar

Email 28/12/14:
"I would like to add another bad payer to your list,  Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam, from SS Protelo Business Solutions (, with offices in India and South Africa.

He scammed me on July, and today I saw one of his posts at ( I denounced him so he tried again ( ) without knowing that the bad ranking will follow him. Then, he posted at translationdirectory (

Pls, find below the form I sent to people explaining the way of "working" of this scammer, non-payer and liar.
1.   SS Protelo Business Solutions
Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam
Corporate Office: Name. NO.259/2, Kilpauk Gardens,. Kilpauk,Chennai, India
Office Phone:  + 91 44 32960199
Hand Phone + 91 7305444544

2.   Contact person: Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam;
Skype ID: shanmugaraj.rajamanickan

3.   Job 28027 (
On July 6th sent me two files, Audio Transcript and Video Transcript, with the below schedule (copied from email)

4.   I met the deadline. On July 7th I sent both files (4,000 words+)

5.   The outsourcer didn’t complain about the quality. Simply, refused to answer to many emails and Skype messages

6.   Payment was not received at all

7.  Didn’t answer any email. In Skype asked me to “send the information for prepare the invoice” (July 29th) and since then, nothing

8.   Of course I will never work for this outsourcer. And as today I saw his offers in and, I want to warn translators about him.

9.   In his posts, he promises high fees, but when you talk about money he offers only USD 0.03 word.


Stealth Translations (Low rates)  

Type of offers they send out to translators:  “Hi _____, We have a 1-page document that needs translated from Russian to English today if possible.  Would you be available?  The rate would be €0.04/word. Please let me know if you'd be available, thanks! With thanks and regards, Karen McCoy Project Manager (possible scam, non-payers)

Email received, oct. 2013: "There is one more, but I'm not sure if they belong on your list as they are not an agency. It is an end client, for whom I translated a few files. The first invoice was paid before the due date, the second invoice was due a long time ago and has not been paid yet. The job is still uncompleted as they have not sent me all the source files I had agreed to do. They do not reply to any reminders. The name of the company is"


Stevens, Paul, UK (non payer)

 Email 14/10/14:
"Firstly, thank you for the great website offering a valuable service!

I would like to add a mention of Paul Stevens, translator, UK, for whom I completed several tasks totalling about 1500 GBP.  Despite his assurance that "payment for my first invoice will be made next Friday" (now well over a month ago), I have had no further replies to my increasingly less polite requests for payment.  There are a few anomalies that suggest this may not be the same Paul Stevens who has profiles on LinkedIn, ProZ and other professional websites - I am attempting to establish whether this is the case!

I am not sure what emails I can send in support of my allegation - I have numerous contacts regarding the substance of the tasks, one mention that my invoice has been received and will be paid (but short of showing you my bank statements I can't prove that it wasn't), and absolutely no responses to my further queries regarding payment.

On the whole I am inclined to regard this as an object lesson in safe business practices, but would prefer that no-one else had to learn the hard way, at least about this client!

Thankyou very much for your time and consideration."

Rifka McClure
German>English Translation.



Stiil traduction (unprofessional practices)

These people refused to pay shoddy results while imposing unrealisting conditions (which were: 10 pages of legal translation in 24 hours). None of the translators hired have managed of course (they should have refused in the first place that goes without saying), and the project manager refused to pay them and urges them quite roughly to "quit complaining or we'll sue you".
A professional attitude from a PM would be to request a deadline extent. Doing that from the beginning would make sense, how hard is it to anticipate ? The formula is 1 human, 1 day, 2000 words. Remember ? Here is this strange Email, both unprofessional and hilarious (for french speakers).

"(...) vos collègues qui eux-aussi ont rendu 2/3 de la traduction ne seront pas payés (le client ne paiera pas). Votre traduction est médiocre. Les carottes sont cuites. Cessez de vous plaindre ou nous engageons des poursuites contre vous.'
Témoignage de la traductrice : "Le travail confié était le suivant : 10 pages de traduction juridiques envoyées un mercredi fin d'après-midi pour le lendemain soir, si j'avais eu un délai ça aurait été possible. On ne peut pas faire vite et bien. Ils doivent demander à plusieurs traducteurs avant de tomber sur une bonne poire qui accepte.'


Straker translations, New Zealand (Low rates, low quality machine translation reseller)

This greedy leech congregation providing computer-generated junk and promoting misconceptions on how professional translation works company claims that their 5000 translators (!!! since when is that a good thing?!) can translate 1000 words per HOUR, and pay them about 20 Eur per hour for that (so 0.02 per word. Wow. I did not know New Zealand was located in Chindia!). 
By the way people, the reason why companies like this have so many translators in their 'pool' is not because they are so successful and global that they give work to everybody. It's because they always welcome someone cheaper than you, who'll compromise in case you don't. 
  Lots of info on this LinkedIn thread
Translator : "I was working with them for a discounted rate and they were paying until they assigned to me a larger assignment. Then they told me that they are not going to pay the amount we agreed and they payed only less than 1/3 of the money (...) They said that I am asking too much and when I said that they gave me the assignment knowing the rate, they said that my work is no good. After 25 years in this and having worked in two countries in-house and freelance I felt insulted so I phoned and I asked nicely to be paid. They told me "what a good translator I am ????" but they never paid me. I strongly suggest to stay away, I have lost well over a thousand..."
About this common issue I'd like to explain something to agency staff who may be reading this :  firstly, when you criticise the quality of a translation you MUST use a reviewer's report to back up your allegations. Secondly, you are STILL obliged by law to pay the contractor, whether the client pays you of not, because you have recruited them (with samples, tests, credentials). Learn your lesson and just do not hire them next time. Finally you should know, if you want to remain in this business, that you get exactly what you pay for. Come on, be real: 2 cents a word is never going to get you anything decent and you know it. Oh but wait! Of course you don't evaluate the quality of the products you sell, because you don't understand these languages. You are just middlemen. So what's your value exactly?

Translator: "As a student of buzz words, I've noticed that the words "business model" appear frequently in articles on the translation industry. It's no secret that the only reason translation firms exist, is because they find translation clients and take a cut on the translators' work. How big their piece of the pie should be is highly debatable. 
- Their "piece of the pie" should not be at the expense of not paying decent rates to translators. The fact of the matter is that they are, on the strength of their claim that translators can translate 1,000 words per hour, charging their clients low rates and undercutting respectable agencies, while underpaying translators. They cannot possibly be delivering good quality translation work to their clients on that basis and they are encouraging translation clients to have false expectations about how long it takes to produce translation. That is damaging to translators and to other translation agencies."



Streetwise, Eddie Street (Scammer)

Email 14/03/14:

"STREETWISE TRANSLATIONS.  This company is owned by a man called Eddie Street.  The company describes itself as “the leading translation company in Slough” LOL!
It has been in and out of business for years.  I am still owed money from 2010 (several hundred pounds). When I tried to chase the payment, the company “disappeared” from the horizon for a while.  They are now apparently back in business – do not work for them.  I know there are quite a few others out there who have also been exploited and robbed by this company." M.G.


Studio Elle, Italy (Bottom-feeder)

"This list has become a major reference point post-MA so thank you! I just received an email via ProZ from an Italian company called Studio Elle ( offering €0.045 a word for translating and €0.015 for proofreading. WHAT an offer! I think that deserves a mention on your list...
Keep up the good work!" (20/11/14 Comments entry) 

T.M. Solutions - Languages Translation Bureau, Simi Agarwal (bullshit all star entries in ProZ blueboard, have been exploiting translators for 2 cents a word since 2004, tenacious bottom-feeders)

       "Mr. Agarwal from T.M.Solutions - LanguagesTranslation Bureau just posted this job on Proz: "400 pages of Pump Manual English to Russian" with a deadline on August 31,2013.
      I sent a short email asking a representative sample or entire project file to estimate total cost/time. In response I got a lengthy "test" file that I was supposed to complete "as soon as possible in next few hours." (yeah, right) and indicating that "payment will be USD 2000." to which I replied again asking clarification if $2,000 for the budget for entire project – and yes, that is actually right! 2 grands for 400 pages of technically intensive content. That is anywhere from 100,000 to 140,000 words (based on 300-350 words/page + illustrations), or $0.014...$0.02/word rate. How cool is that?
      Refraining from usage of most of the powerful words that are coming to my mind now to a short conclusion: this is the last time I ever respond to any translation jobs originating from India! I will not waste another second of my time on this BS! I advise that you all avoid this and similar "offers" from
      how did this company manage to get 77 all "5" ratings on Blue Board???
      I wish proz implemented a private translator-only comments section under each of the jobs posted, so translators could share their thoughts right away, and that feature alone would result in 99% of translator drawing away from such companies, which would hopefully lead to better trends in the industry for us fellow translators. I'm afraid Proz just doesn't give a flying puck as long as we pay them our membership fees on time, whereas outsources don't have to pay a damn thing to post these outrageous offers." 

      Agreed 100 percent!!! One year after this comment, FFS STILL has 77 not-suspicious-at-all 5 stars. And Proz is still a not-suspicious-at-all portal. 

Taika translations, Texas, USA (another bottom feeder with no clue about translation, to boycott)


"Taikatranslations (Texas, US) 0.04-0.05 USD budget with a smile

Yet another unsolicited offer via ProZ email that made me frown (they tend to come in waves on Fridays). This one is from a US-based company, whose tagline is "Smile to the new opportunities"
"TaikaTranslations is seeking a translator to translate documents
in the Hungarian- English- Hungarian language pair. Our budget is
.04-.05 USD. We understand market pricing for all translation pairs,
and if your rate is not within this window,
please defer from contacting us."
Linked in thread

Talks Hub, Romania - disrespectful selection methods

Email 10/12/2013 01:25
"Last September I applied to Talks Hub as a freelance translator. I completed four test for different specializations (Marketing and hospitality, Software and IT; Websites and Technical). On October 29th I received the generic response you'll find attached.
As you can see, it is not clear if WE have not been selected because we failed our tests or because of our rates but, just in case, they advice us about grammar, spelling, fluency, etc. However, if our skills or general responsiveness time (???) improve significantly, they will be glad to take us into account.
This is clearly an unethical business practice so I will appreciate if you include them in the blacklist.

Best regards,
Fabiana G"
"Dear translators,

First of all, I thank you for taking your time to register in our database of potential translators.
For those of you who have also found time to respond to our call for translators and delivered the translation test, I thank you for your time and effort to complete the test, and patience awaiting for response.
Although you have not been selected to our first phase of contracting, please note that we would like to keep in our database for future assignments, based on your availability, and contact will be made individually, when case.
It is possible that your fees are currently too high for our payment policy, or your test may have been currently rejected based on one or more of the next criteria, for which we recommend further improvement:
* grammar and spelling errors
* text is not fluent in the native language
* mistranslated terms
* erroneous understanding of our translation instructions
We will be glad to reconsider applications from you in the future, should your skills or general responsiveness time will significantly improve.

Thank you for your time, and best wishes in your future professional activities and personal development,
Kind regards,
Luminita Ratiu"

TDR Translation & Language Service LTD (CROOKS Fake tests, NON PAYER, crap rates, can't write properly, but great Blue board rating. Hem...)

Email 9/05/14:
"Hi there, 
I love reading your blog and its a big help to me. I am a newcomer, I was working as an in-house translator for the recent years.
Anyway, I might request to ad TRD Translation & Language Service LTD, to your blacklist. 
As the company had a really, really good rating on the bluebord (what I clearly don´t understand after learning their rates), I applied for a project with them. They answered my email within minutes and asked me to do a proofreading test (without any information about their company, rates, payment terms and methods). The test was a full CV which made me suspicious - it looked like it was google translated and more like a regular assignment.  

I got back to them and told them that I can not do the test without information on their prices ect. as I am not sure, if I would collaborate with them (and do the test) if their prices are too low.

This was their answer:
"New translator work with our company start with 0.02, it’s negotiable after we get positive feedback from clients."

No professional translator EN-DE living in Europe could work for this rates (even if they would double it). It is even a insult to people who study translation and keep up to date with the latest technologies and programs. I think this company is a good candidate for your low rates section. 
Best regards, Carolin"

Email 22/05/14:
I’m contacting you since I’d like you to add an agency to the blacklist (however, I’d like to remain anonymous).
The agency is TRD Translation and Language Service LTD. They offered me 0.01$ per word and when I told them that it was an extremely low rate, the contact person tried to play the victim telling me that he had a lot on his plate and asking me not to let him down. At that moment I really needed the money so I accepted (my bad), but then it got even more unprofessionnal : I never had the total word count, he just kept sending me documents one after the other in a way that it was impossible for me to organise myself. I collaborated with them in december and after several emails telling them that I needed the money, I was paid 60$ in january (total was of 200$). I kept harassing them with emails and in february they replied telling me that they had been « on holiday » (is there only ONE person to run the company or did they all go on holiday at the same time ?) and that they wanted me to start working on another project immediatly (I quote). Obviously I told them that I wouldn’t continue to work with them since they still hadn’t paid me what they owed me from the first time. In the end I was paid, but the lack of seriousness of it all startled me.
I also want to thank you for keeping up with this list, it’s of great help !"



Team Translation, San Marino, Italy - Bad business and professional practices (harassing), low paying

25/11/2013: "Just read this very interesting documentation and thought I might be able to contribute - I do not work in the domain any more but I had several assignments for this Team Translations (first based in Perugia, then in San Marino) and it was not a particularly pleasant experience: in all honesty, I did get paid with not too much hassle but they are very unprofessional (for example, one of the files I sent them had to be zipped as it was huge and I had to specifically ask them to check whether the file opened properly or not - otherwise they would have send it to the client as-is, i.e. just forwarded my mail) and the rates are low. Also, the first time they contacted me they were outright rude when I told I was not interested in a badly-paid and rush assignment, to then call me for a half an hour trying to convince me to take the job after all. Last but not least, I naturally gave them the list of my fees right from the beginning but each and every time, they tried to lower the price nevertheless.
If needed, I should still have some mails left I exchanged with them but they are on another machine I do not have always access to. "
Very best and keep up the excellent work!   A.K


Tecco ( Azzopardi / FRAUD! 

BEWARE, TECCO TRANSLATIONS, Stephen Jones, Frank Dacourt, Adam de Pasqual or whatever his name is.


TEK Translation International SA, or TEKTRANS based in Madrid, Spain (Crooks) 

Now suspected to be renamed BQT (same people, different offices) see BQT

Email received, oct 2013: 
"I've just received the link to your blog throug LinkedIn. I'd like to give you one more name to add to your list - but I don't want my name to appear nowhere, thank you. The translation agency is TEK Translation International SA based in Madrid, Spain. The still owe my a bit less than 1800 Euros from 2012 (spring).
If you check on proz you'll find there a very long list of negative feedback, too."
Email 29/10/14:
"We worked with TEKTRANS for more than 3 years, and suddenly in 2009 they stopped paying. All that you can imagine: calls, ignored emails, ignored payment dates, new setting of payment schedule, ignored again, etc. We lost 10.000 Euros to these thieves. We were forced to sign a contract so that we could recover at least part of what they owed us, on the grounds of never revealing this. It is a contract to be honored no more.

A conversation I maintained back then with a colleague of mine made me learn it was common practice: Tek owed them 60k euros.



Telematic Solutions, India (crap rates, forced feedback)

    Report on Translator's café: "This peanuts-paying Indian agency was also on TC Top 20 list with their 40 positive feedbacks but we found out that almost all those feedbacks were given to them under pressure and as a result we have deleted those 40 positive feedbacks and deprived this agency of their job posting rights at TranslatorsCafé.com."


TermWiki (Very low rates)



Tetras SRO, Slovakia, also based in Germany (greedy, low rates)

This shameless agency expects the translator to provide a proofread translation for a few cents per word... getting the proofreading sorted and free of charge. What THE HELL DO THEY DO? (appart from pocketting the money earned by someone else?)
LinkedIn  (Low rates + late payers)

 Email 11/06/14: "Textcase paid me after 6 months". M.B (Low rates)


Textservice AB/CEAB/Mattias Bergström, Sweden (Non-payer)

Email 11/06/2014:
"Mattias has a non-payment to me of over 500€. The debt is based on a rate of 0.05€ per source word. He has tried various tactics to avoid the payment. No longer responding to emails since approximately 1 year.
He has successfully managed to accumulate positive ratings on ProZ (for payments under 50 euro, I checked with the reviewers.) He also has managed to remove the negative ratings there (e.g.. mine for over 500 euro.) - This is for those who don't realize that the BlueBoard serves only one purpose: To advertise the (worthless) site membership.
He also uses a fake address and phone number, which go to a paid 'office service' in Stockholm. He lives and operates in Helsingborg, which is where his companies are registered.
He has run a number of translation agencies into bankruptcy since the late 90s/early 2000s from what I can tell. His business model is apparently still largely based on non-payment.

To be regarded as a criminal.

ALSO: paid me after 6 months!
Much more to follow as I go through my project history right nown! Many thanks for your excellent site!
Best regards/



Tilti systems SIA, Latvia (bottom feeder, insulting rates)

03/10/14: "I got an enquiry from Tilti Systems SIA this morning asking for my rates which I replied to, and then got an e-mail back offering the rate of €0,004/source word for proofreading from Swedish to English (nowhere near the rate I quoted!). To put this in perspective, if I was to proofread 2000 words/hour, which is about my average speed if the translation is good (which they are unlikely to be if this agency pays such low prices!), I would get €8, not even minimum wage!

Just wanted to let everyone know so no one wastes their time replying to requests for rates and further info from this company!"  LinkedIn



The Transcription Agency, Hythe, UK (unprofessional, hiding, no contact details)

15/11/2013: "I would also like to add The Transcription Agency based in Hythe, Kent U.K. as unprofessional opportunists who are hiding behind anonymity, prey on misunderstandings and become incommunicado when you pin them down. Another unprofessional agency is Alpha Translation based in Melbourne, Florida. I've noticed they changed their website since I had dealings with them and they do not provide contact details. Congratulations on your efforts."


TLS Bureau (ridiculous company and rates)

    Discussion on LinkedIn: "I've just had a look at their website, and they highlight their cheap rates as a major unique selling point. Straight from their home page: 0 - 10 k: £0.06 p/w; 10 - 20 k: £0.05 p/w; 20 - 40 k: £0.04 p/w. Needless to say I haven't bothered registering with them, but thought you might like to know!"
    "Also taken straight from their website:
    <<Every individual or company is indifferent>>
    No more comment needed!  "

TLS Translation Company -‎

"We Are leaders From € 0.038 p/word Get to know us!"
Big LOL!

TLT GmbH (Non-payer)

"With all of them we have had massive problems with payments. Big translations, but no money and a lot of excuses... Google listing n 1 ads"



Trad'ilp, France (non payer)

Email 4/12/14
Please add to your list the follow agency from France and the name of the owner: Gulperi Akdag.

Miss Gulperi Akdag proposes fair prices for translation but she doesn't pay. Please view also:
I send you copies (in .jpg) of all the emails that I sent or received from Trad'ilp since September 29 (so 2 months). Excuse me but they are almost in French. After the sixth email I never got any more answer to my questions.
Best regards
Paulo R


TRADSPOT, Spain (Non-payers!!)

Translator's email (oct. 2013):
"Hello, compliments for your initiative: SOOO NECESSARY!
My unlucky/turned-lucky experience was with TRADSPOT (Madrid, Spain) Good fee, kind. Compliments after the translation. But the payment did not arrive. Several emails, and again and again excuses. Till I warned I would make it public in a List of Shame, and the payment was immediate.
Some weeks later a read a complaint in that LoS from another Translator for the same issue.
I wonder if Black List should be the same as Warning List, but here is my experience."
Translator's email (12/12/13):

"Thank you so much for your initiative, it is so necessary.
I would like to tell you about Tradspot, which is an agency that is already included in your list. In the case reported by the translator in your case they finally paid, but not in my case. I revised a couple of translations for them about a year ago, and some months after the date when they should have made the payment I sent them an e-mail asking about it. Just excuses and more excuses, so my e-mails went from politeness to telling them that I would report this case in lists of shame. This is the part that is different from the translator who told her story on your list: I never got a payment, just more excuses.
You can see some of the e-mails we have exchanged below (I have more, but I think this is enough)." (Available in Spanish upon request)
Best regards,
Auria R.



Traduix, Belgium (non-payers, liars, threatening bullies, bully into getting positive entries) TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Email 04/01/14;
"Hi and thanks for this very useful list!
Today I decided to add my experience with Traduix, based in Belgium.
I did just a few translations for them this year, 2 invoices not more, but when it was time to receive the payment (which I had to ask as it was not arriving) they told me there was a problem with my swift/bic number, which btw was regularly indicated on the invoice, and I never had problems with any other customer before.   
In November they told me the payment resulted to be done (but still no money on my bank account!), and they asked me availability for a new translation. This time I refused it and kept asking for the payment, which never arrived.
This could really be just my problem, but I was curious to know if somebody else experienced problems with this agency!
Email 14/04/14:
"He was supposed to pay on December 23rd, 2013. End of December he could not pay because the bookkeeping people were on holidays…. In January 2014, he could not pay either because there were construction works going on in his office. All of these were unforeseen events, of course. There were lots of mails to and fro: I was a shame for the profession, I should be stopped of working in this profession, does money make me happy? (!!), and should I ever dare publish something about this, he would see to it that I did not ever work in this profession again. Interesting to see, that suddenly at this period several translators put good notes into his blueboard … because they were asked to …."


TRADUXPRESS (Non-payer/Scammer)

Translator's report: "I want to add a translation agency in Argentina called TRADUXPRESS. this woman is called Marita Sanchez, or Maria Concepcion or M. Schmidt. She didn't finish payment, never sent invoices or answered calls or e-mails. Her address is a fake."


Translate 24, Germany (very unprofessional)

Email 27/07/14:
Company : translate-24, Kuhnweg 55, D-64291 Darmstadt  in Germany, Mr. Rodenberger

Not only did the guy change my translation adding mistakes in my text, but he as well told me that he would pay me if the client accepted the translation and if he paid.

Which means, he put a risk on my shoulders that I do not have to bear. I am not responsible for a text he tampered with.
And anyway, if his client pays or not, is not my problem. My client is the agency.

I told him very clearly the consequences of his not paying me, and he paid, finally."



Translate Plus Limited (dishonest methods, greedy leeches)

    Professional on LinkedIn
    "I was contacted by Translate Plus last year who asked me for a discount of more than 50% of my usual rate. Bigword is infamous for asking their translators to lower their rates. Would not work for either of them. "
    Comment 27/07/14: 
"Translate plus have been mentioned here as trying to push prices down.
Their latest trick is:
You do not lower the prices, they accept. Next, they do their proofing on the uncleaned files and when they send you their 'final' check it is another set of bilingual files. They ignore your warnings as to these are not the clean files.
In the end they will send you a letter that due to quality issues the will reduce the invoice by 20% and thus get the rate they asked you to reduce to up front. And if you try to answer this last letter, the person having written it is on her annual leave. Last but not least during a project the project managers may rotate several time in my case there were three.", Rome (Boycott: low rates, unprofessional bidding practices, fake office in the US +hire unqualified contractors, use machine translation)  New: CV and profile use without permission (theft)

Translated SRL - via Nepal, 29 00144 Rome - ITALIE  

ATA corporate member

Discussion on Linkedin about this company:

Translator's report : "I have just a fair amount of time filling out an on-line form for a company based in Rome by the name of "Translated". When I got to the final page, it asked about rates per language combination. The maximum possible in the drop-down list was 0,09 € per word, so I filled that in, but it came up with a warning. This is verbatim:"
"Accept a lower rate: we can offer you more work
Suggested rate: Euro 0.035 "
"They must be taking the #### but unfortunately I realise they are not! I was quite hopeful after I saw that they didn't advertise on the basis of "competitive prices" or anything similar on their homepage, and they had good reviews from ProZ on their site, but this takes the biscuit!"
Their website advert:
"Translated provides professional translation services in over 1,600 language combinations and has been intelligently putting 24,652 customers in contact with over 65,116 translators throughout the world for over 10 years."
I really hope they are lying here: where do they get 65116 translators, who would accept such rates: wait they are probably mistaking the term "translators" for "cheap slaves".
Another report: "This agency, apart from stretching the boundaries of acceptable pay, issue revision jobs for translations completed to an eye-poppingly poor standard.
They appear to employ non-qualified translators to stutter through the most difficult of material (example: contracts) before expecting professionals to revise the material at lightening speed. This is a very time-consuming and laborious process for it requires the reviser to re-write vast swathes of text, far more than what should be expected.

Be warned: avoid this agency at all costs. They are highly unprofessional and exploitative, and need to be flushed out of the system!
 "And I note something phoney about the address. There is an office building at 285 Hamilton in Palo Alto (which could be just a mail drop, for all I know), but there is no such address as 288 Hamilton across the street. That entire block is occupied by Palo Alto City Hall (although their mailing address is 250 Hamilton)."
Could this possibly be another case of virtual office??

Email 15/12/14: Customer review
"Dear Blacklist Team,
How lucky I feel to have found my way to your website -- even if it may be a bit too late. Live and learn. I am writing to you with feedback on my experience with, who quoted me the price of EUR 155.29 (USD 193.85) for their so-called "Professional" plan and rushed translation of English to German, 1,281 words. This was my first ever attempt to obtain translation via the internet. As per your request, I attach a number of supporting documents.
Based on my experience I would not recommend to anyone. In my view their service is disgraceful, abominable. As I write now, on Dec. 15, my translation that was due on Dec. 13 is still listed in their tracking system as "in progress" --- days beyond the due date, and thus useless for my professional purpose. Worst of all: My inquiries to the so-called "project manager" have thus far received no reply. My subsequent inquiries via "contacts" on their website have received only automated replies to the effect of, "we will contact you." This goes for my interim inquiries as well as for my cancellation of the project late on Dec. 14. It remains to seen whether they accept the cancellation and agree to annul my (unpaid) invoice.
My initial search for reviews of produced results to effect of:
- no registered scam results (; and,
- "We've only heard positive things about their service" (
Not until later -- when I came upon your website (and found named there) -- did I come to appreciate the ethics of the translating profession and potential abuses with respect to qualifications, pricing, etc. 
From the customer side, I would add my extreme discomfort with the fact a rather sensitive document is now floating somewhere out there on the internet, with no sense of containment whatsoever.
As your website lists "313 Companies I Wouldn't Work For," might you have any way to advise people like myself about how to find trustworthy translation services?
With gratitude for your initiative."

Email 06/02/2015:

I want to thank you for your black list. Scrolling through it, I recognized a few black sheep. Recently, when I was searching the Web for my name and last name, I noticed that I appeared in some sort of directory set up by I don't recall ever giving them my permission. What made me furious was a big typo in the English version. I don't know where they got that text from.

I sent them an e-mail asking to remove my entry. But I haven't heard anything from them and I don't expect to. I haven't worked for them in years as their rates are simply ridiculous. What annoys me the most is their use of people who once signed up on their website as references to show the world that they have thousands and thousands of translators.

Feel free to add my comment to your list and thank you for your useful work!

Best regards,

Laurent Sfumat


Translation agency s.a.s, Italy (non payer)

Email 8/12/14:
"This agency owes me money for an invoice dating July 2014. They do not even bother replying to emails regarding the matter:

Translation Agency s.a.s
Via Garzaga, 8
46040 Ceresara (MN) ITALY
Tel (0376) 74281
Fax (0376) 748179



Translation Deals (joke?)

> Dear respected,
> Translation Deals Ltd. is pleased to provide you with the best
> translation and localization solutions. Our services are committed and
> a deadline-based solutions. Just try ours' that you will not give up.
> Attached our company profile, where you can find everything you may
> need to know.
> Services we provide:-
> We provide you with the most needed services: translation,
> localization, transcription, revision, proofreading, Editing,
> Updating, QA, Typing, Voice Over and DTP. We provide these solutions
> in Arabic, English, German, French, Urdu, Spanish, Italian...etc. using
> the software and CAT tools that serve this industry.
> Our Specializations:-
> We offer you the translation and localization solutions in many areas:
> Technical, Websites, Legal, Medical, Economy and Social Science.
> Our rates:-
> 0.04 USD per source word for Translation.
> 0.02 USD per source word for Editing.
> 0.01 USD per source word for proofreading.
>    5 USD per hour for Quality Assurance (QA).
>    2 USD per page for Desktop Publishing (DTP).
>      1 USD per page for typing.
>      2 USD per minute for transcription.
>      2 USD per minute for voice over.
> Our capacity is 10000 words a day.
> We are available 24/7 even holidays.
> Payment through Bank transfer, Moneybookers and Western Union.
> We are looking to hear from you.
> Best Regards,
> Khaled Kamal Ramadan
> Director of Translation Deals Ltd.
> +2 01144711980
> +2 0238722057
> Skype: translationdeals1



Translation Doctor Ltd ("friendly" low payer)

"English to German Translators required [...]
We are a small, friendly company who pay by Paypal or international BACS (Amex).
Our standard rates for this language pair are 0.06 euros per word for translation and 20.00 euros per hour for proofreading.
Please check our positive feedback on the Proz Blue board from existing and past collaborators and we hope that you will consider us. Please do include a current, up to date CV when replying and Skype id. "
What a "friendly offer". Too bad that no one can make a decent living in Germany at These rates...


Translation Kings, India (Insulting rates/attitude)

Email received in october 2013:
"Hello, I just wanted to suggest "Translation Kings" to the blacklist. Reason: unacceptable low rates (<2 US dollar per word) and not very nice (sarcastic?) PM. Please, read the exchange below. :)  I highlighted in yellow the "best" passages.
"Hello, Thanks for your interest in translating for us.
How much would you be able to handle in the next 10 days?
Our budget is 0.015$ per word. Extremely low budget due to a massive order of 1,000,000 words. If quality is good, we will consider you for future jobs as well. We are from Translation Kings and have regular jobs available. We require an invoice from you and can pay via paypal or bank transfer. Payment will be done within 7 days of finishing your part. Kindly let us know (asap) if you are willing to take on this project.
Kind regards,
M., Translation Kings"
5/19/2013 9:57 PM, reply from the translator :
"Dear M., I'm sorry but I'm used to higher rates and I feel that I can't accept such a low one."
Answer from this lady: (both sarcastic and misspelled)
"to bad .  Kind regards,
M., Translation Kings"


Translocacell (notorious non-payers)

Translator's report:
I can "recommend" that you add Translocacell. They owe me money since 18 month, I am currently suing them and my lawyer told me, he already had several clients suing this agency for money.

Doreen Tautz, certified translator


Translation AZ, Fort Myers, Florida, USA (non-payer)

This company appears to be one of those you will need to harass about one million times before you get them to pay a little invoice. Imagine what happens when it comes to paying a large invoice.
Report on Linked In



Translation Cloud LLC, Jersey city USA (Rude and unprofessional, non payers, insulting rates)

Email 12/06/14
"I think you should add Translation Cloud to your blacklist.
I worked for them as a freelancer to translate mobile apps into French.
- The rate is too low: 0.03$ per word.
- They don't pay if you don't harass them.
- They don't care at all about quality. The French punctuation rules were not respected and the text is mostly Google Translated. Proofreaders erased my work to use Google translations instead.
- They're very rude when you ask for payment. The person in charge of the financial side told me:

I attach here a list of invoices that you have not paid to me.
There is a total of 38 jobs, which amounts to $489.49.
Please ensure they are paid promptly,

Finance guy:
I didn't look into ever invoice on that list, but as you can see from
the attached file, top invoices have already been paid over PayPal in
February/March, while new invoices are scheduled to be paid on May
29th, 2014.
Please keep your accounting records more accurately.
My records are very accurate.
The last invoices are scheduled to be paid in May only because Matt took care of sending me the missing confirmation emails yesterday.

Finance guy:
These emails are sent to you automatically upon completion and
approval of your projects. Just keep an eye on them and don't
procrastinate till last moment.

This is the second time you're being very rude to me about invoices. When I don't receive the confirmations it's because the projects are not marked as complete on your side.
I find your language very unprofessional and would appreciate if you remove me straight away from your system. I work with enough other agencies not to waste time with people who insult me and pay such a low fee on top of everything.

Finance guy:
Matt, please remove this translator from the system. We will not be
working with people who can't keep track of their invoices and then
start being rude about it."
I am still in their system by the way.
Thanks for your useful list!" S.B.



Translation Gardens (Problems registering)

"I just signed up with Translation Gardens. The registration was a pain, because at every slight error the registration form would "forget" all my language pairs (though there was no error there) and I had to re-enter them in addition to fixing whatever the actual problem was. Having done that, I would like to know whether anybody else in this group is on that site, and if so what results you've had, if any."


Translation secrets (Scam alert, steal your CV,  ridiculous rates, shall I continue?) 

Others names : Expert of Linguists, Palestine Territories, PM: Stephani (fake name), fake address: 2/1, Hifa St., Alfei Menashe, 43351 Israel (fake address), Skype: Ch.Trans,, Paypal ID: GTrans, no website, linked to Gentle Translations/Translation Secrets, Languagemet/Purity Translations/ Amazing Translations among others; non-payer, CV identity thief. "

 What they want to keep secret is the following practises:
CV Theft case / Here is a scary email from them (I let you enjoy the amateurism his phrasing):
"Now I will tell you our system, I work as a project manager for three years, I deal with 8 languages and I have a group of translators for each language, I ask the translator if he can give me the permission to use his CV with our clients if he agrees I send to him an agreement to sign it, and he becomes the most important translator in the team, our programming department makes an email and marketing the email with the translator's CV for our clients, then I receive the projects in this email, when I receive a project I ask the translator (who gives me the permission to use his CV) if he can take the project ( he has the Priority right ) if not I ask the group of translators.
So let me ask you can you give me the permission to use your CV with our clients?? if you agree please sign the attached file and send it back to me.
Waiting for your answer.
Sincerely, Fatma Slum."
No thanks, get your own diplomas and credentials!!
If you are still using CVs rather than Language Service Provider promotional material (see useful resources for translators on this site) please protect your CV, with watermarks, PDF format and so on. And do not put them online for download or with caution ! 


TranslationTop Co. Ltd. (China) – notorious non-payer

"In 2011 I was contacted by the Chinese company Translation Top Co. Ltd to translate a document from Catalan to English. After completing the job I issued an invoice on 22 December 2011. Despite various e-mails to the company, I have not received payment for the job, over a year later. On one occasion I was told I had already been paid, but when I checked there was no record of the payment. I should have done more research before accepting the job, as a search online reveals that many translators have worked for this company and then not been paid. Translators should therefore avoid working for this company as they are likely not to be paid, and companies requiring translation services should avoid contracting a company with such dubious ethics. Posted on 17 January 2013


Translit, Ireland (very low rates, disrespectful)

What they are willing to pay for English to French: 4 cts/word.

Email 30/11/13: "I would like to signal the Translit agency based in Ireland. I contacted them not too long ago. In the application form, they said to specify my rate or if working for 0.04€ per source word would be fine. When I gave them my rate, the PM didn’t even want to negotiate and said that they were only willing to pay 0.04€. I think their practice is really dishonest..."

This rate equals about 7 euros an hour in France, once you've paid your tax. Something no professional translator would accept. I would not call that practice dishonest though, just greedy and ignorant. This is a behaviour typical of agencies that focus primarily on profit rather than quality, with no consideration for the sustainability and good reputation of their business. The only solution for freelance translators is to refuse their conditions and let them die off. They no doubt will get (and provide) the kind of quality that goes with such low budgets.


TranSolution, India - Arijit De (non-payer)

This 'translator' does not pay his subcontractors.
His profile seems sort of inviting, and his company has, as expected, a majority of positive entries in Proz's Blue Board. However he seems far from professional:
Email 26/06/2014 (from A.N)

"After speaking to the one called Arijit De who runs this company TranSolution, as it was agreed I hired a studio to record Kannada voice over for which I payed 500 rs from my pocket. Then the transolution company asked me whether i can arrange for voice overs in other two languages (Malayalam and Bengali) and they will pay for all the 3 voice overs together.  As I knew some friends who can record these languages , I spoke to them and arranged for it.  Since I was the one who spoke to the voice over artists directly , I payed both of them 1000 rs each. But later TranSolution didn't pay me a penny.
So I last 2500 from my pocket. And didn't get money even for my voice over. Companies cheat translators by not paying money for their work. But this company completed its project with my money. 
After sending series of emails for 6 months, I gave up. It was really disgusting how they cheat translators who believe them and work with them."


TransPerfect, USA (TO BOYCOTT until they sink : low quality, zero proofreading, greedy rates, unexperienced proofreaders, fake positive reports, non-payers, ignorant/untrained PMs)

Plenty of reports here : 

Report on Glassdoor: "The WORST company in the world" 

    " The other day, a newbie PM called and said that another PM (one who has been around for a while) had suggested me for a "fun and exciting" job writing the narration (in English) for a 40-50 second advertisement ordered by a major U.S. retailer (not WalMart or K-Mart, but not an upscale place). The offered price? $25. Yup, US$25 for writing the script for a 40-50 second video.The PM told me that writing advertising copy was a new field for Transperfect. This was my reply: "Thank you for your inquiry, but $25 for copywriting for a large company like X is ridiculous. They'd pay an advertising agency much more. If TransPerfect is really accepting $25 plus company's overhead plus profit margin (=$100 or less?), then there is something seriously wrong with its
    account executives. In any case, I'm very busy this weekend." Like many of you, I received better rates from Transperfect in the 1990s.
    " I just did some googling to find out what the going rate for advertising copywriters is. For free-lancers, the average is about $83 an hour. That's a useful bit of information to have."
    Read more on LinkedIn
    Read more on Transperfect on Ripoff report
My own experience : When I started I was contacted by them to be a translator. But then they realised that I only had one year experience in the business. Therefore they offered me another  job : Proofreader !! (Yes, the one who corrects the 10 years of experienced expert translator!) Here is another Transperfect proofreading offer sent by a translator (oct 2013):
" Here's one for THE list. Diana Chemparathy (she can be found on LinkedIn) offered me bi-lingual proofreading for US$ 0.01 per word, telling me that "2,000 words per hour is the norm in this industry"! The proofing/editing/reviewing (she never really clarified what she meant by "proofreading") was to be done over the weekend and came with very detailed formatting instructions as well as two separate style guides. The work was highly specialised and not to be undertaken lightly, as it consisted of pages of faxed medical case notes, pathology reports and culture results, some handwritten. Needless to say I turned the job down flat. The agency she works with/for is TransPerfect. I complained directly to their head office but never received a reply.
Well done you for initiating this blog and list and thank you!"
READ this blog's article about TP for more info


Transpac localization company (Vietnam),  (Employer attitude :) ask for free tests to get contracts

An "Employer attitude" consists in expecting and asking things from your employee to help you with things that are mainly in YOUR interest. The translator is not an employee. He is not getting any salary from the wannabe employer. So why should he feel like helping for FREE, knowing that in return for his efforts, he gets one little job paid peanuts. Type of Emails they send out (all these spelling problems are authentic):
"Hi, This is XXX from Transapc Localizaiton Company. Nice to meet you! Here comes a test that needs to be translated from EN into Spanish, Please check the details and confirm whether you can take it ASAP. Can you help us to translate for free this time? Notes from our client: Wordcount: 231 . This is a massive client of ours so again needs to be perfect. The translator must have an engineering/technical background to traslate the attached into Spanish. The technical aspects need to be perfect - they do a massive amount with us. Kindly let us know when you can deliver this task. Please do not start untill you get my confirmation. Thank you." (From linkedin)
WTF?? Translation tests should be PAID your normal rate (I charge for tests over 150 words, rare exceptions made for serious agencies or clients). Just like any work (whatever the purpose is) deserves a salary. Otherwise you end up with people translating a huge text cut in little "tests".
Thanks to Krzysiek for pointing out that this company is not to be confused with Transpac technology (based in China) which appears to be an OK company.
5/11/13: "Hi! I have been working with Transpac but it looks like it is not the same Transpac you mention. If I'm correct, you listed a Vietnamese company, whereas I've been translating for Transpac Technology (a Chinese company). Now, the only issue with them is the fact that you have to remind them about payment after 30 days though they always pay."


Transquotation - Ask for membership fees

One of my rules is to not pay for work but to work to get paid, plus who likes to waste their precious time ?
"It's a job-shop site that looked good at first, so I signed up and provided the usual details. Then they hit me with a membership fee demand. That was annoying enough, since they only mentioned it after I had gone through the registration ..."


Trans Titles (very low rates)

      $4 per minute, advertise on ProZ
      Type of emails they send :
"We require excellent translators with computer terminology understanding, and good spelling and grammar. Work start is immediate with first deadline at the end of the weekend. An English transcription is provided. Rate is ONLY per video minute, which measures about 150-180 words in a minute.
Most is fluent speech mixed with technical terms, translation needs to be like all subtitles - fluent and understandable."
Translator's comment : "So I decided to bid. How I was surprised when the project manager offered me a real "treasure" - $4 per minute! Simple calculation showed that they offer $0.022 per word."


Transyanu or Argotrad Lucus - owner : M. J. Rodriguez -, Spain (Non payer)

Email 30/06/14:
"My name is Sara de Albornoz and I am a freelance translator based in Spain. I would like to warn you about a non-paying agency. They owe me more than 500 euro and have now stopped answering my attempts of communication, after three months of giving excuses.
They contacted me as Transyanu, but their invoicing name was Argotrad Lucus. They are based in O Saviñao, Galicia (Spain) and they also work or have worked with the names Artrad and Comunicarte. They appear in Proz's Blueboard and other sites as non-payers. The person who contacted me was Isabel Rodríguez Losada and I believe the owner of the company is Miguel Pérez Rodríguez.
I hope you could include them on your black list. Thanks for the great job you do compiling all those non-payers."



Travod, Moldova (fake offices+low rates)

Read my article (1/12/13)
"I just wanted to tell you about my last experience with Travod, agency who sent me the following message last Monday:
"We have a new project. The details are below:
Language source - destination: English - Spanish
Translation Area: General
Number of units: 433
Price per Unit:0.020 USD
Total Price: 16.670 USD "Travod is a joke of a company. I received several similar "offers" from them but the rate they are proposing you are even worse than the 0.04-0.05 USD they proposed to me. I also noticed that their payment terms are 3 months after the work is due. Ridiculous! Who would ever agree to these terms? How do companies like Travod stay in business? I had to put them on my e-mail black-list to avoid receiving these insulting "offers".

"I pointed out that Travod pretends to be in the USA but they are actually in Moldova! This is clear from the IP address. (read the rest of report)
This week (17/10/2013) I stumbled upon a very interesting piece of information on LinkedIn : Travod pretends to have offices in Paris!!
"I made a translation for Travod. It took 12 days before I received an answer to my many reminders asking if the translation was fine and for a PO# so that I could invoice them.
They replied that all needed info is published on their website Checking the website it says that they have offices in Paris at 44 boulevard des batignolles. After checking at this adress there is only a church! Moreover, I checked the French chamber of commerce and there no company called Travod registered in France. So beware, personally I will never work with them again and I should feel lucky if I ever get paid for my translation."
Read more on Travod:
Unacceptable rate from Travod
Lovely little offer of 0.035 Euro/word and extremely long payment terms
Travod and their insulting rates: USD 0.02 per source word...
Latest discussion on them:

Trust Traduzioni (Novara, Italy) - Shameful practices

It all started with a scandal in 2010 when Trust Traduzioni very confidently published this job announcement on
Dear Translators,
We are looking for new team members to include in a translation project for the Italian Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry has begun sending us—and will continue to do so throughout 2010—materials from the site that need to be translated into English, French, German, and Spanish.
The “cartella” imposed by the Ministry is 2600 characters and the price is 9 euros gross with payment after 90 days (this condition is also a requirement of the Ministry).
The price is extremely low, but translators should consider the large amount of work on offer and the ongoing nature of the project. If you are interested, contact me via email, telephone, or Skype. We already have files ready for translation that need to be assigned with some urgency. Your participation is appreciated."
Hem. That is embarrassing. After a wave of infuriated mails and petitions knocked them hard in the face, the Ministry had this mortified answer:
The Ministry of Tourism has published no announcement of any kind regarding a search for translators nor has it authorized any other party to do so. With regard to the announcement that appeared a few days ago on the internet site, and in which untrue information was imputed to the Ministry of Tourism, an official complaint has been filed with the competent authorities against person or persons unknown. In addition, the Ministry would like to make clear that it does not apply and has no intention of applying the fees and conditions indicated in the announcement.
Read more :


Trusted Translations, Argentina (Shameful rates)

Email received on the 9th November 2013: 
"Claiming to be based in Florida, instead uses staff from Argentina (cheaper!) and pays crappy rates.
I have been in their database since 2006 and they have been offering the same rates ever since. When I asked to revise my rates, they replied "You signed for those, remember? They are fixed".

Service Languages Unit price per word in U$S 
Translation English to Italian 0.040 
Edition English to Italian 0.020 
Proofreading English to Italian 0.010

When they are panicking because they can't find a translator working for peanuts, they say they can "combine your rate" (translation + edition = $0.06) if you perform a final reading of the job before delivering.

Sometimes they subcontract from other agencies, but whether direct client or not, the rate is always the same. Impossible to negotiate rates, really the bottom chain of the translation industry."

(Name removed)
EN > IT translator


TSL Madrid (Non-payer)

"I had a similar experience with a translation agency from Madrid (tsl traducciones), which did not pay me for 2 pretty long translations. I claimed my money calling them and writing Emails but it did not worth to loose my time at the end. So, before we deal with strange people check well who we will work with!" LinkedIn Thread

    TTC France (pretend to be top of the range, willing to pay peanuts)

    Email 10/10/14:

    Thank you so much for creating this list. I was just talking today about the need for  such an initiative and am delighted that you have had the wherewithal to get it done.

    My problems are with TTC France ( I normally only reply to companies who seem reliable based on their websites, and this company was no exception. On the splash page it says:

    "Nous vous proposons un rapport qualité-prix imbattable pour une agence de traduction professionnelle qui ne travaille qu’avec des « pros » et non avec des étudiants ou des personnes ayant uniquement une connaissance superficielle de la langue." (=We only work with pros, not with students or persons with an approximative knowledge of the language)

    I wrote to them offering my services for German legal translation posted on Proz and, despite it being a French company, ELKE Gunia, the owner, wrote back:

    "What is your rate please? we cannot afford more than 0.05 Euro/word"

    My response:

    "If you cannot afford more than 0.05e, then someone is definitely get exploited in the chain: either your agency is getting too much mark-up or your clients are paying too little. Either way, never in Europe have I seen such an embarrassing rate offered for German legal translation. If you do get people signing up at that rate, they are not pros like your website claims but indeed students or people with a superficial knowledge of the language."

    Her response?

    "We do not need your comment or suggestion, keep your "thinkings" just for you."

    Would you be interested in sharing this gem with the wider community?
    Oh dear. Well thanks for not keeping your "thinkings just for you", because we now all know what to expect from TTC :) (Laugh/Sigh/Cry) Yes 5 cents for LEGAL translation (should be 20 cents at least) is INSANE!! Hello miss ELKE, try and do it yourself in your own language, and then teach us how it's done! And starting by the basics, look up "thinkings" in the dictionary.



    TTG /  The Translator Group / The Native Translator / The Business Translator (see under N also): Non payers -110 days late

    Seville, 7th of April 2015

    More about TTG / The Translator Group / The Native Translator / The Business Translator in Switzerland:
    Not only do they not pay, they also set their lawyers on me ... Just got a letter from them telling me to erase the negative comments from the different forums. This is the second “warning” I receive. This is part of the letter I received:

    “As you know, the end client of the translation in question haven´t paid the total amount to TTG as they claim there are quality issues in the delivered service. The customer claim there are errors in, for example, the translation you delivered. TTG is therefore withholding the payment to you until this dispute has been solved.
    We therefore ask you to stop this behaviour immediately and erase previous comments and statements about this matter.”

    As I have said earlier, they have yet to come up with specific feedback of my translations and/or concrete examples of what is wrong. They say they don´t have time/money to proofread my text and that they are waiting for proofreadings/comments/feedback from the end client. In the meanwhile, they don´t pay me. Is this how you should do business?!

    Payment is now 109 days late (on Tuesday 7th of April 2015).

    Kind regards / Un cordial saludo / Med vänlig hälsning
    Christer Heljestrand


    Übersetzungsbüro Sprachenhelfer - Das Leben verstehen (Non payer)

    " Hello,  the above mentioned agency owes me more than 200 euro..
    They also say they would pay soon but never do so.

    I think, I will have to give this case to my lawyer.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen"


    Unbabel  (worst agency in Europe: 1 cent per word, recently bumped up to 2cts, still the worst rates in Europe) 

    "I found this ad published in another group, I took a look and fond out that this anonymous company (no company info on the website) was selling human post-enditing of MT translations at 0,01 Eur/word ... At this sale prices, I'm wondering what's the rate paid to poor humans working for them! Take a look yourselves ... https://www.unbabel  dot co
    My remark: I attempted to add a couple of comments to the discussion but both were blocked ..."
    LinkedIn discussion
    Email R.P, 13/03/14
    "Unbabel has increased it's prices!
    I have received an email from that contains the following, among other offers:
    • translate your website or app: export your PO or XLIFF file and send it to us. The average website, with 5.000 words, will take us 2 days to process and cost you $100 (or $0.02 per word, 5 times less than other translation services)."


    Underwood Hazel see Word Converters, UK: "mentor": exploitative crowdsourcing, builds up reputation on other people's work through Proz



    Universally Speaking, UK (late payments)

    "They appear to be the king (or queen?) of late payments among game localization agencies.  Their payments are always late no matter how big/small the amount they owe.  You need to beg to get paid with several emails back and forth.  If you have access to ProZ Blue Board, check their 1-out-of-5 rated status and find how badly they are operating"
    Check :
    Thanks and regards,
    Ayako T.

    Universal Translation Services (see ISO translations, same cie): SCAM ALERT. 

    Flagship of a large-scale scamming operation that incl. : DutchTrans, European Live Translation Services, International Live Translation Services,, No Borders Translations, NordicTrans, WAPA Translations, ELTS, ILTS, USA Translate, Video Interpreting Services

    Info provided by J (Portugal), 06/02/2015:

     "Universal Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038"
    Calle Buenos Aires no 3
    35002 Las Palmas
    Gran Canaria

    Phone: +34951406815 (Spain) / Ana or Andreea
    Fax: +1-212-933-9849

    On their blog, they write these lines: «Some research needs to be done into the reliability of the company before hiring them. Some web-pages are even set up as a scam.» INDEED IT NEEDS!

    Universal Translation Services appears to be the flagship of this large-scale scamming/misleading operation
    "DutchTrans is a member of ATA no. 260038"
    "European Live Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038"
    Also use: ELTS
    "International Live Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038"
    Also use: ILTS
    " is a member ATA no. 260038"
    "ISO Translations is a member ATA no. 260038"
    ISO Translations is owned by Universal Translation Services Spain
    "No Borders Translations is a member ATA no. 260038"
    "NordicTrans is a member ATA no. 260038"
    "WAPA Translations is a member ATA no. 260038"
    WAPA Translations belongs to Universal Translation Services Spain
    WAPA also uses "W.A.P.A."


    On LinkedIn, their address is:  PO Box 130, 29793 Torrox Costa Malaga, 29793 Spain. On Facebook, their addrees is the same as in LinkedIn, and the phone number is +34901666486

    The "address in London" is at Daws House, 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD / Phone: 020 8099 7926
    "Usa Translate is owned by Universal Translation Services Spain"
    Video Interpreting Service
    "Company Number: member ATA no. 260038"
    Website: www. video-interpreting-service.com5"Universal Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038"
    Calle Buenos Aires no 3
    35002 Las Palmas
    Gran Canaria
    Phone: +34951406815 (Spain) / Ana or Andreea
    Fax: +1-212-933-9849


    Valuepoint Knowledgeworks Pvt. Ltd (Late payer)

    Translator's email (6/11/13):
    "First of all, thank you for this great site! At last something is actively done against tricks like this. I confirm the low prices complaint against Protranslating and would like to add "Valuepoint Knowledgeworks Pvt. Ltd" to the list (even though they eventually pay, I has to ask for each payment specifically and several times even after their own 45-days-payment-deadline had passed. The communication was slow and at least one invoice contained a false rate. I warmly suggest everyone to avoid dealings with this company).
    *How long in total did you wait for payment? (Dates)
    I sent them the invoice on September 3rd. Their payment time was 45 days. They should have paid by Oct 15th but didn't. They THEN promised to pay by Oct 26th but I received the payment by Oct 30. Their overall business practice sees to be "we pay when you ask for it, not when it's due and we should actually make the payment on our own initiative as contractually obliged".

    *Did you incur late fees? No

    *What made them pay?
    My numerous e-mails, one of which was as follows: 
    "Please answer my last two letters (titled XXX and YYY) by the EOB of Tuesday, 03.09.2013 or I'm forced to file an official complaint to your superiors, detailing your actions (delaying, not sending PO in time, then sending PO with false info and THEN not responding to my queries in a reasonable time frame). However busy you may be, I find it hard to believe that you cannot find 3 minutes to change 2 numbers on a PO and then send it back to me.
    Should my potential complaint to your superiors also yield no results, my displeasure will result in the termination of our agreement and a BlueBoard entry warning other translators not to cooperate with your company. Your superiors will also be notified.

    I have been nothing but professional in my dealings with your company and I expect the same professional attitude from you.
    Kindly live up to the professional standards of the industry, please.
    I truly hope we can still salvage this situation."

    *Did they apologise?
    Well yes but when someone says they're sorry but doesn't actually make any changes to go along with that, what's the use? 
    *How many times did you have to ask for your money and for how many tasks? > 2 tasks, about 6-7 times
    All the best, Kaspar M., English-Estonian translator

    VeraLanguage International (non payer)

    Email 28/01/2015 
    "This "agency" owes me $2000 for work done almost a year ago.
    They promised to pay but never did. Didn't even pay the collection agency I hired to recuperate my hard earned money.
    Avoid at all costs."



    VERITAS (now Planet Veritas, check under P) translations (nasty business practices, won't pay)

    Linked In conversation on Veritas language solutions
    "Anyone else have experience with this company? I did some jobs for them last year that took months (and numerous emails) to be paid. Now they are back with machine translations that they want me to proofread. "
    4/11/14: Just an update on this company. I have done a company check, and they are now trading as PLANET VERITAS, and have moved offices, a different unit in the same block, Unit 15, J-sheds, The Waterfront, Swansea SA1 They owe a lot of translators a lot of money. There are many legal actions pending against them, and their policy seems to be only pay translators when they really have to. I have received many complaints about them. CCJ's outstanding against the company.


    I will be taking legal action against Planet Veritas. They used to trade as Veritas Language Solutions, but they are the same scammers. 

    They owe me over £1,500. I asked them to pay (first time after 2 months from invoice) and then I gave them another 2 months to pay, after a bunch of lies from their account department... When I asked them again, they got "offended", I should have not asked them for my payment.... They were doing "everything" to pay me (they never paid me a single penny... great help!) And therefore they were not going to pay me... tough luck!

    I didn't sue them because I was very busy, to be honest. I don't even care if I win or not, but I will try to give them a lot of grief.... everytime they will go to their solicitor, s/he will make them pay a lot of money, then they will have to go to court, which is far from them....that's pure grief. After that I will write a really lovely article about them. I know of another lucky interpreter, who is owed thousands of pounds. 

    This must end. Our legal system allows these disgusting companies to take the money from translators and interpreters who have worked hard for it. The interpreters do an amazing job, the end clients are very happy and they pay for the service provided, but in the middle we have these fraudsters who never wanted to pay us. They take our credit and our money, when they don't want to pay, they simply go in administration and create a new company. Is this our "justice" system, this is our criminalised system. Don't work for them."



    Viewglobally (insulting rates) 

    Found on LinkedIn. Now I've seen offers like this before, but this PM is very optimistic to hope that a native norwegian is ever going to take on that job. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world and the rates of native translators are amongt the highest in the industry. Is this company extremely ignorant about their own business or just pretending to be and chancing it? This is a truly insane offer.
    "Hi there,
    Hope you are doing well. We have engaged into ongoing project, for which we need more assistance with. We are translating a large document, subject is travel.
    Fairly easy text that has to be translated into Norwegian. Since this is really large project the rate is not the greatest, but with high expectations to continue for over next 6 months.
    Let me know if you could agree with the rate of 0.045 USD per word for this project and whether you are able to perform a test (which will be paid for if it passes).
    Looking forward to your prompt reply. Best Regards,
    Project Manager
    22 Sv. Stepono street, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Tel +370.656.42541"


    VISTATEC (Late or non payers, low rates)

    VISTATEC - scandalous payment policy
    "For those of you who are approached by VistaTec in Ireland to carry out review work, I would strongly advise CAUTION.
    This company employs hundreds of reviewers to do work on various accounts (for numerous mainstream software companies and providers).
    Reminders to pay invoices are ignored by their accounts payable department for weeks on end (sometimes for several months) and payment is ONLY received after you threaten to stop work or call in the services of a collection agency. Account managers can do very little to help you, as they claim. The same account managers will send you new work even though payments of invoices are still outstanding. "
    Other email received (october 2012):
    "I just saw your post on Linked In and wanted to add one of our problem payers. Vistatec. They request a 45 day payment term, and I agreed.  My payment terms 7 days.  However I was not expecting that I would need to hound them to pay. They have paid some of my invoices 90+ days for most. I am still waiting on payment and many others.
    Here is a spreadsheet that is about 2 weeks old listing # of outstanding days. Their rates are shocking. I will never accept a job from them again." I confirm that most of the contractors on the list have oustanding invoices dating from more than 3 months, list available upon request:


    VOCABRIDGE (Formerly: The Language Team Ltd ) (suspicious lack of reputation, no info available)


    VOXORBIS (ridiculous rates)

    Voxorbis - crazy offer for subtitling
    "Just got this e-mail from Voxorbis. The rate is offensive but obviously they don't even know what they're dealing with as they are expecting an output of 100 minutes a day!! Yikes!"
    "Dear Translator,
    We have a subtitling project of about 4,000 minutes from English
    into Norwegian to be split between several translators. The videos
    are already transcribed into English. The topic is entertainment
    from regular TV shows.

    1. It is extremely important that the translators are native in
    2. We offer USD 2.00 per VIDEO MINUTE for translation and

    3. The videos are already transcribed into English. You will be
    working on a platform “Amara”. It is very user-friendly and we
    will give you some instructions on how to use it.
    4. You will do BOTH the translation and proofreading.
    5. The deadline of this project is 12:00pm (PDT) March 29, 2013.
    We are expecting the translators to translate 100 video minutes
    every day.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Your prompt reply is much appreciated.
    Thank you!"
    WHAT the Hell? 
    1/Norwegians have a high standard of living, this rate is ludicrous for anyone in Europe, especially them.
    2/One person cannot be both the translator and the proofreader of their own work!!!
    3/Expecting 100 min per day is asking for the moon, even if this video is baby talk (from what I know, the average is 40 min per day).
    4/This shows total incompetence and ignorance about subtitling. Obviously, this person needs to be educated about their own business.


    WEBGROND BV- ANNE DIJKSTRA- (Very Low rates)

      (Bad practises, pressure on lowering rates : 1 cent a word) Type of emails they send :
      "You can look at it this way, we can only pay you 3 cents a word, but each month our customers send us 1.500.000 words, so we can send you work multiple times a week" /"The text is very simple. We understand that there are a lot of highly qualified translators available at We do not need those services here. This is a 1,000,000 word job and this has to be done on a certain low budget. We will have a lot more translation work from this particular customer in the near future so if done correctly we will give that to you as well.We pay within 7 days of finishing the job. $0.01 USD to $0.02 USD per word Further payment details: Cheap, but a lot of work. And its simple. "
      WEBGROND BV- ANNE DIJKSTRA- Netherlands: Translation of gaming website - 50,000 words - 18 languages for a whooping $0.01

    Webflakes (Shameful practices, expecting free work from non-pros)

    These people should be closed down, read this article, it's infuriating!


  (spam material, bottom feeder)

    Email 14/03/14, R.P:
    I want to ask you to blacklist the following associated agencies: and

    Full article can be found here:
    Reasons for listing:
    - a Translator fee of £0.03/$0.05/€0.035 per word exclusive of Value Added Tax (if applicable).
    - imposing the requirement of an Insurance Policy, paid by the translator.

    Thanks T.E., by R.P.

  (Ha. Apparently yes, they're for real)


    Wilson, Evan (Non-payer)

    "I have worked for Evan Wilson: He is a translator who gave me a job 2 years back. He still hasn't paid. Recently I contacted him again and he asked me for one week's time, now 8 days later, he still hasn't bothered to pay. I wrote again, and he says he hasn't received funds from clients and he would pay as soon as he receives funds! His phone doesn't work either... I have now made Blue Board comment at" (LinkedIn thread)

    Win All Translation & Language Solutions Co. Ltd. (ask for rush translations and don't pay)

    Website name /

    Translator's report : They asked him for urgent translations of medical certificates and never paid, it's been two months.
    "Ils m'ont demandé une traduction urgent de trois certificats médicaux et passés deux mois ils ne m'ont pas payé.

    Salutations amicales, P. R"


    Win and Winnow (late and low pay)

    Email 09/02/2015 :
    My name is Romina and I am writing to you in order to tell you my experience with the translation agency Win and Winnow (Argentina).  (
    I worked for that agency for a few months, and I was paid 0,13 cents of Argentinian pesos per new word. As if that were not enough, you get paid in three months because you can send the bill one month after the translation was delivered. And two months after that date, you get paid. 
    I would like this to be known, as it is quite a large agency. They have a lot of work and many translators working in such conditions.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards
    Romina Herrlein



    Wiz Corporation (fishy, fake information, strange/low offers+non payers: accused of fraud)

    "When I searched the IP address I discovered it's from Romania. It was sent from email address ''. Here's the email:"
    "Dear X,
    I am Alain Dubois, project manager of WizCorporation, a
    translation agency specialised on technical field, but we
    translate as well other types of files (marketing, legal,
    medical etc.) As we continue to expand our business we search for new translators that would like to collaborate with us on long
    term.We pay 8 Euros per folder (1500 characters) and can ensure
    payments on time, 30 days via Paypal. Please let me know if you are interested in our proposal and available for a collaboration.
    I look forward to your feedback.
    Are you available for a translation job today?
    Best regards,
    Alain Dubois"
    LinkedIn discussion
    Report: "This agency still owes me 200 euros for the translation I did for them in July and now they ignore all my emails. Beware!"
    Report: "Dear All I have some information about,,,, ..... I'll explain to you who is under they translation agency This domain is registered under the name of Mihaela Visan who is the girlfriend of Mr Marian Vlad. He is a very ambiguous man who has many translation agencies around the world. one of them is Wikitrado in Cyprus, another is Team Translation, another is Transitus Group in Italy... another is Eurotranslation in Seychelles... Vlas'd father has anothet agency calles Ideal Data Studio in Romania.... the other people involved are Emanuele Anzuini and Cristina di Somma (Vlad's Shareholders in Tranistus group).
    Vlad, Di Somma and Anzuini have been calles by the Fiscal Autorities "Guardia di Finanza in Perugia" because they did not pay taxes, tax fraud, false invoices etc.etc... for at least 1.7 million of euros. if you look for Marian Vlad you will find the history of what he did.... interesting look at translator cafe too!!!!
    Now it seems that there could be another Traslation agency ( very strange...), in Romania (IP located close to Rupea in Romania) .......check also the blog "segno di" and search for Marian Vlad!"


    Wolfestone translation UK (machine translation and insulting rates)

    Email 10/12/14 
    "Good evening,
    Below is an "opportunity" I received a couple of months ago from Wolfestone Translation (UK), which is encouraging translators to "post-edit" machine translations for GBP 0.015 per word. 
    This agency previously told me its standard rate for French-English translations is £40 per 1,000 source words. At that point I asked it to remove my contact details from its database, but apparently it has not done so, so I will share the "opportunity" with readers of your board.
     Date: Friday, 3 October, 2014, 14:42
     "Hi all, 
     First of all,
     apologies for the bulk e-mail, but we wanted to offer the
     opportunity to as many of you as possible. 
     We’ve recently received several requests to offer post-edited machine
     translation, and were wondering if you were familiar with it or interested in offering it as a service. As a guide for rates, we’re looking at 0.015p/word as a basic rate, depending on the type of
     document, TAT, etc. 
     We are looking for light editing only, if you’re not sure what to do,
     this article offers some great insight:
     Please let me know whether or not you’re interested and I’ll send you more details. 


    Word Converters - Hazel Underwood, UK/ Proz mentorship: exploitative student crowdsourcing

    Email 27/07/14:
    "Hazel Underwood (aka Word Converters): advertises own rates on ProZ as 0.10 eur/word, however her main activity is being one of said forum's more prolific mentors to novice translators.
    New translators are provided with work and - most importantly for them - feedback and advice. In return, they are expected to work for a rate of just £0.03/word (sometimes even weighted)...
    I have heard from a couple of people who have confirmed that no feedback whatsoever is forthcoming, and instead turnaround times are generally extremely short/hours unsociable/no extra payment for intricate formatting/etc. The fact that there would appear to be almost 60 people on their books could explain the lack of feedback - sub(sub)contracting takes time..!
    Agencies are perfectly entitled to offer ridiculously low rates, just as translators are free to decide what they accept. What is disturbing/unfair in this case is that it targets novice translators, and the rate is justified by the 'support' angle, which is untrue. ProZ don't seem to care very much about the quality of their programme, which on paper is a great idea, either."
    Further details (no official website but company info):



    Wordans, Montreal (unprofessional, disrespectful) 

    Excerpt from Ripoff report:

    Report from a translator : "I asked him if he needed me to finish them at all, as I was uncertain of if he still wanted the translation, to which he finally admitted that no, he did not. Throughout all of this I was a student at school, and I wasted a number of possible studying hours completing this translation. I have recieved no financial compensation, and at the very least I would have hoped that the CEO of the company could have gotten himself together and notified me that he did not want the job completed I am highly unimpressed, and I feel cheated. ", 5605 avenue de Gaspé, Suite 604 Montreal, Quebec Canada


    Words Voice (bottom feeders with no clue)

    "Hey there, 
    I wanted to let you know about a situation with an agency. 
    A person named Fatma Merwan contacted me directly via email asking me for my updated CV and "best rates" (this is where things began to get suspicious). I replied, not with my CV but with my rates, and they replied the following: 
    "Dear Virginia,
    Thanks a lot for your email, hope everything is okay.
    About the rate our company provide 0.02 _ 0.03 USD per word for Spanish
    into English and vice versa  translation.
    If this is okay with you please inform me.

    ​The email came from 
    ​ . 

    Their website seems to be, and they are 

    based in Italy (or so they say. I doubt they have the nerve of offering 2 cents to anyone, much less if they are based in Europe). "



    Workplace translation, Leeds, UK. (low rates and slow payer)

    Email 29/06/2014 from F
    "Never paid on time, always needed a reminder, until they had "cash flow problems" and paid half on my invoice a month late and the second half another month later. Wanted me to do more work for them, but when I refused to take any more work until my invoice was paid in full, they said, and I quote, "Your late invoice is now back to the bottom of the list". Two of my colleagues had the same problems with them."



    Worldbank LLC India (dodgy, low rates, NDA)



    WorldOne, Puebla

      "Caution may be advised. According to Payment Practices, there were recent reports of late and non-payment on unidentified WorldOne office (17 offices world-wide) posted to WPPF and Trad Online.  On the other hand, direct responses from 2004-2006 were mostly positive."
      Details available at 


    Wolfestone / Eco Trans (Low rates)  

      LinkedIn discussion on Wolfestone Translations / Eco Trans:
       "A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with Eco Trans, a company based in Wales, as I am particularly interested in environmental issues as a specialist area (as well as legal and financial). The people at Eco Trans told me they were owned by Wolfestone Translations, a much bigger outfit. I applied to them, and they sent me an email with a test translation attached. They said however that they saw that my rates were "quite high" and that they normally offered bet. 0,045 GBP and 0,05 GPB p/w. for my combination (GER > ENG). In other words, £45 - 50 per thousand words. I wrote back and said "thanks but no thanks!"


    WordDoc (USA) (Non-payers)

      WordDoc (US company)
      " These people don't pay their bills, even after 10 reminders. I've been trying to get payment from them for 5 months now and my e-mails are just ignored. If they do send a reply,..."


    WordEdge, India (bottom feeders)

    "Look at this stuff from Word Edge: My answer was: please expect to receive millions of greatings from me. For free!

    We are discussing a very potential project for translation from
    English to Italian. Our Client is a leading enterprise in the
    automotive industry. We are expecting to receive millions of
    automotive diagnostic products and software related documents for
    translation in to Italian. Based on the volume our current rate for translation is
    LinkedIn discussion



    Wordminds (Decreasing/insulting rates: 0.02 E p w!!)

    "Hi there!
    There is a new job we would like to propose to you:
    Required service: Translation
    Source-target language: German - French
    Field: General
    Words: 7676
    Rate per word:0.040 EUR
    Total amount: 307.040 EUR
    Deadline: 11-05-2014 08:00:00 (Central European Time)
    Let us know if you are interested to work on it.
    Thank you!
    PS: You should never start the translation without our final confirmation.
    If you don’t want to receive such emails, please let us know

    Here is my answer:

    Hi there too!

    I can do the job!
    Would you agree to lower the rate? I can do it for 0.030 EUR...

    Kind regards,

    And guess what: I had no reply from them yet ;)"
    Rest of thread on LinkedIn
    June 2014 : down to 2 cents
    See this thread



    World Services Dublin (bottom feeder)

    Email 03/01/15:
    "I would like to submit the following name for the list:
    World Services Dublin
    Their representative, Mr. Walid Tefal, was asking me to translate 3 documents for them from Romanian language into English language for 0.02 USD. I replied immediately and told him the lowest rate I can offer is 0.06 USD and he replied quickly saying he already confirmed with another translator for 0.02 USD. 
    I asked them to delete my name from their database but he is still sending me an email from time to time."



    Traducciones Zenoni, Peru (tries to pay 1 eurocent a word with impossible deadlines, and then threatens translators who reports her practices to the community) 

    My tip to Ms. Giuletta Zenoni: when you choose to be a bottom-feeder, expect pros to identify you as one.

    Email 27/07/14: 
    "Hello! I recently got in touch with Traducciones Zenoni after seeing their post on Forotraducción, a Facebook page, in which they stated to be looking for an EN to ES translator for a 13,000 word contract (see original screenshot of FB post & see emails below). After contacting Ms. Zenoni last Monday, she proposed a Wednesday deadline (yes,  for a 13,000 word contract) and a payment of 150 USD.  I replied saying that this is not only unethical, but that as the head of a translation company I expected more from her. I also told her to visit the No Peanuts webpage, to help her understand why a qualified and experienced translator would of course reject such an offer. I also reported the post to the FB group, and it was deleted. After my reply, she sent me several threatening messages, which I promptly ignored.

    Nevertheless, I feel that I should warn fellow translators about this company and their business ethics. 

    Please let me know if you would like further information in order to support my case for this agency being blacklisted."



    Yamada Tarou / Yamada International Ltd.: Non-payer

    "I've completed a rush job for (him? them?) back in August, for over $1700. Agreed payment terms 30 days. First it was... oh so sorry, it was an oversight. We will pay you shortly. Then it was... can't pay you by Paypal as agreed, need your bank info. Then it was.. paying today.. Needless to say, no payment, and I have just found out that another colleague of mine is owed about the same amount of money from him/them as well. When I accepted the work, there was no Blue Board entry on ProZ, but 4 positive comments from people Yamada worked with in the past. I have since asked ProZ to create and entry, and posted my experience there.
    In my 20+ years in the this field of work, this is by far the largest job that I got scammed on. I am pretty sure I will never see the money, but just in case I could spare somebody else out there from this, I wanted to post it here as well. After all, this is a small world." (LinkedIn)



    Zamenhof translation (Low rates)


    ZOO Digital / Richard Lewis (bottom feeder +late(non)-payer)

    "They offered $5 a minute and thought that $450 for a 90-minute feature was a good deal. Rather sheepishly, they admitted that it wasn't very much but at least - IF they liked you - you'd have a lot of work."
    office 310 220 3939 | facsimile 310 220 3958
    2201 Park Place, Suite 100 | El Segundo, CA 90245
    Email 08/09/14:
    "Thanks for the service you are doing.
     Please add to your list of warnings that ZOO Digital owes many of its translators A LOT of money.
    They haven't paid for the last three months or so, saying that either ALL the financial department is out sick or a client hasn't paid them which is why they can't pay their translators.
    While stiffing their regular translators they are currently hiring and looking for new translators!!!!
    Anyway, KEEP AWAY!"
    Email 25/11/14: 
    Message sent by Zoo:

    "In order to retain our contracts with clients, a rate decrease will affect ZOO and all our translators from the beginning of June onwards. This is of course a source of regret for us, but in order to remain competitive the greatest rate of pay we will be able to offer in the future is US$3.00 per video minute.

    We recognise that this is below your current rate. We will continue to receive work at previously quoted rates from some clients, but these assignments have become less frequent and therefore we have been unable to supply you with work since you were added to our pool of translators. We would also like to make clear for you, if this information causes you to reconsider our offered rates, that all our rates are for the translation of subtitle templates only. Spotting and time-cueing are not required.

    For those translators who accept the new rate, we hope to be able to supply you with regular assignments. For those translators who cannot accept the new rate, we will keep you in our database at your current rates, or other rates that you wish, and contact you when we receive work at higher rates of pay, but we must ask you to be aware that such projects will be rare in future." Richard Lewis, Zoo
    Email 25/12/14: 
    "First of all, thank you so much for your free blacklist of translation agencies. As if it wasn’t all so complicated already, we can’t even protect ourselves from the “bad guys” unless we purchase high fee memberships on portals.
    I’m having a problem with Zoo Digital Productions, listed in your blacklist. One invoice of 2000$ is already 40 days overdue, and every time I call the responsible person is away (at dinner even if it’s 4 pm) and their client hasn’t paid them. On top of the bullshi**ing, hat’s why I work with an agency in the first place — they take care of any problems with THEIR client and they pay me agreed upon since they are MY client."


    Please note that this black list gets longer every week. Your contribution to validate a peer's report or to add a new name is very welcome. Please write to: 

    This list is protected work (creative commons) so please do NOT copy or print it, but instead, subscribe to it and consult it on a weekly basis. More importantly, share it to help make this information more visible and public.

    The aim of this blog is to inform young translators, buyers and clients about the translation industry, and to name and shame non-payers and unprofessional behaviour.


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